[AAR] Wolf of The West - Retribution of An Unknown Heir

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Summer 5, 1084


Here I am, entirely overwhelmed by what I've been going through recently, decided to write down my future journeys.

My name is Aethelbrecht, at least I thought it was. Being 22 years old, I've been dealing with commerce to this very day. I was told that I was an orphan until being adopted by my father Stamar, who dedicated his life to tutor me. We were running a shop together here in Pravend. We sold various items mostly to notable wandering traders. No matter how old I was, he was always finding something to teach me. I remember this specific story he told me when I was a kid. I still hear his voice in my head...

"My child, let me tell you a story while you sleep."
"Once upon a time, there was a Khuzait chieftain. He led his men to victory in the furthest edges of the steppe, expanded the eastern border of the Khaganate."
"He was the symbol of the Khuzait pride. He proved everyone that Khuzaits could win battles against mighty kingdoms of the Far East, when Khuzaits were actually losing the war decisively."
"... when the time for peace came, the Khuzait Khagan had to compromise. And all of the far eastern kings had one term in common: Ishbara Bek of the clan Yarligit should be banished from their border. Khagan accepted this term in order to make more territorial gains, strengthening his throne."
"Ishbara Bek was deployed to Calradia, the Western border of Khuzaits. He won many battles here, too. But the most importantly, he found his love in this continent, and she was from our nation! Lady Nelda, she was a lady-in-waiting of a Vlandian noblewoman."
"By Monchug Khan's order, he stormed through the Southern Desert. The Khan ordered him to lay a siege on Shibal Zumr castle, but Ishbara Bek captured the fortress instead. He then marched south, razed Tamnuh, Lamesa and Kuqa."
"Everyone, including Khuzaits, were thinking that he would besiege Tamnuh Castle. That's why Emir Adram Banu Sarran left Husn Fulq to encircle him. But Ishbara Bek did what everyone couldn't even imagine. He went around the mountains with his horse archers and besieged Husn Fulq!"
"So, that's how Khuzaits annexed the territory between Erzenur and Erzenur Castle. The Khuzait had no intention in capturing Husn Fulq, but the Sultan Unqid Banu Hulyan of Aserai couldn't risk it and had to give up their claims on Erzenur."
"But this war was a total humiliation for Emir Adram. He couldn't sleep a night without thinking how Ishbara Bek outsmarted him and forced Sultan to let Khuzaits take Erzenur."
"Ishbara Bek was simply too successful and this brought controversies. Some Khuzait clans were not fond of him, but they weren't to do something so openly because of certain reasons. Emir Adram planned Ishbara Bek's demise, and he just had to announce it to the right people."
"And that night... Aserai assassins sneaked into the steppes, went through the lands where the clans Oburit and Harfit were supposed to protect..."

In that part, his eyes always filled with tears and he stopped telling the story when he thought I was sleeping. When I wanted him to continue, he finished it with a good ending.

Two days ago, he suddenly fainted.

The surgeon said he was poisoned, and he lived only a few hours after that. But before he passed away, he told me something.

"Aethelbrecht, my son! Do you remember Ishbara Bek?" he said slowly, coughing.
"Y-Yes, father." I replied while crying, confused about the relevance of the story with any of this.
"That story is real, Aethelbrecht! And you are Ishbara Bek's son!" he then pointed his finger weakly to the drawer next to me.
I was shocked. I am still shocked. "Are you serious?" I replied trembling.
"Your name is Bughatai, you are the only heir of Yarligit. Oh, my son, if only we had time to talk all of this while I wasn't dying. You look so much like your mother. She was beautiful. But your eyes, I can't look at your eyes. They remind me of your father. And you always proved that you were your father's son. You are brave, Bughatai. You are strong like your father, my child. It was an honor to serve him until my death."

These were his last words before he couldn't talk anymore. He passed out shortly after that.

When I opened the drawer he pointed; I found a lot of journals and documents. And, there was a folded banner.
When I unfolded it, it was like this:

And a piece of paper with Stamar's cursive on it:
"The line at the bottom resembles the steppes. The red circle is the sun, smiling on the steppes and encouraging Khuzait people. These symbols were added after we were transported to Calradia. They mean that even though we are here in the West, we have an eye on the East and our bow just waits for the time to be released."

Right now, I need some time to think about what happened and what will I do. I will start by reading Stamar's journals and documents.

- Aethelbrecht

(( Hello everyone. I am Tulparus and I am super excited about this series of after action reports! It's been my goal for a long time, even before this game was released. (Waiting Simulator 2012 :') ). Any feedback will be much appreciated. As you have perhaps seen, English is not my native language, so feel free to correct my grammar mistakes via a direct message.

I play the game on Bannerlord difficulty, with Ironman mode enabled. No cheating or anything. I only have a mod to Ctrl+V the banner pattern. I tried to mod the game to add some banners to the battlefield, make night battles more exciting and cosmetics like that, but I ended up destroying the game so I decided to keep it as simple as possible. Thus, I am willing to play the vanilla game, but I am open for suggestions.

My game version is 1.7.2.

I was inspired by Timurid and Karamanid flags while designing the banner above. I think it looks sick :smile:

I hope you guys will like it. I will be posting here!))


Summer 7, 1084

Dear Diary,


I have finally finished reading what Stamar left me. Although my mind refuses to agree with that, it seems I truly am an heir of a slaughtered clan. Banu Sarran assassins killed my entire family, and Stamar, my mother's servant and our clan's steward, couldn't do anything more than getting me out of that massacre. I do not know if Stamar's death has anything to do with my past, or if some other rival merchants killed him.

Before preparing to leave, I headed towards the tavern district to pay the old tavern keeper a visit. When I finished my brief talk with him, a lady standing right behind me drew my attention. That's how I met Abagai, Abagai the Swift. After talking a bit, I've learned that she was a decent warrior who did not want to marry someone and stay in the home. She would rather fight and be a guard instead.

When she told me that she was from the eastern steppes, I knew I should get her to ride with me. I did not know anything much about the Khuzait Culture, and I knew that I should learn to think, act, live like a Khuzait if I wanted to reclaim my father's legacy. But, she would like to borrow nearly three thousand coins from me before we left, so I had to get that money first.

So, I started doing what I've been doing most of my life: Trading. I walked on the beautiful streets of Pravend. While I was in front of the stables, I decided to get myself a sumpter horse and four mules to carry more goods. After that, I went to the marketplace, buying as much grain as I could carry. Finally, my journey towards Jaculan began. However, I realized that I alone was not sufficent in order to take care of five animals and goods they carried. While I was passing near Rulund, I asked locals if any of them would like to assist me. Luckily, two young men agreed to tend the animals and help me out in exchange of a fair wage.

Unfortunately, this journey wouldn't end without any trouble. Whilst I was only a few hours away from Jaculan, I had to advance through a valley, which was apparently infested by some groups of bandits. We were ambushed by four of them. Refusing to pay the "fee" they requested, I wasn't given any options but to resist them.

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