AAR: The Chronicles Of Talera


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This AAR is my own personal thingy to show my gratitude to the makers of this mod. Secretly I hope to inspire them to continue making this module. If you have any comments, any ideas for what i should add. Pls do tell me but note that the story is an aar: after action report, so I will just try and write as good as my english gets about Aslyms adventures in this new land. (playing at 112% difficulty)

Note: Story starts right after the beggining tekst, so people can still be amazed by the beginning option.

PART 1: The awakening (litteraly)

We soon left to find some place safer than the open wilds. It was only me and those 5 adventurers.
Their names where Dycan, Rufus, Zenit, Mardek and the one I came to like the most, Lavitz. He was the oldest of the group and apparantly enjoyed to talk with me. I didn't have much to tell yet since most of my memories where nothing more than a shade but I seemed to have learned to judge wise over certain issues. He learned me a lot about Talera, and gave me this book containing a part of his history. He also advised me that If i were to survive in this country, I should visit the Feron lands. The others laughed at him. " The Feron? Do you want him to get eaten alive or what?" But I believed him.

Back to the point, we had to find a place to stay. Pretty soon we stumbled upon a small open field in the middle of the dense Woods. There was this man, he never told us his name, now I think of it... He was a trainer. We asked him if we could stay on which he answered, ofcourse, if you can entertain me. I have 12 bored warriors here, if you can beat 3 of them in a row 4 times, you may stay here. Consider it as some training, he grinned.

The adventurers laughed, especially Mardek, "those guys are to easy for us, you go and take them on Aslym"

So I did! Tough especially his last 3 warriors were very strong fighters, my skill with weapons was enough to take them down. If only I remember who taught me all those things...

Rested and confident about my skills I was assigned leader of our party. Lavitz gave me a map and we started traveling, against most of my companions will, towards the feron tribes.

We made a small stop in an Planelords town which name I have forgotten. To be honest, i'm glad I can still remember my companions names! In this town I participated in a small arena brawl. The prize money was about 250 gold coins! So I joined the fray and closely came out victorious!

We continued towards the Feron tribes. On the way, we came by some Feron villages, in which I recruited some feron tribesmen. Thinking "having some of their own men in my party will reduce the chance of being eaten and might make finding their lands easyer."
In one of the villages Ayie to be exact, we arrived at night. Everyone was sitting at a campfire with the village elder while I was going to take a little walk.
Not my best plans it seems... Suddenly I was being ambushed, by 2 heavily armored guardians of sevrathar! I myself am unarmored, got a blunt sword and a little crosbow... A CROSSBOW!!! I tought to myself! They had no helmets on and where shooting at me with arrows, so I hid myself behind a wall and came out to shoot.
One of the 2 realised what I was doing so he took his quarter staf and charged towards me. I quickly tried to reload, and luckely, was in time to fire! He was 2 steps away from me when my bolt pierced his face. I must admit it was not a pretty sight...
The second one got pretty scared of my performance, but also a bit mad at me, scared to come closer he continued shooting. I hid behind the wall again, reloaded and shot him in the head once more!

I checked their purses and found 100 gold pieces. I really wondered what crimes I had done to get those guys after me...

We then continued towards Ferontar, the Feron Tribes Capital.

Arriving here I was amazed and suprised at the same time. The capital was mostly something that looked like a tent camp. It looked kind of cosy tough, nothing savage like my other companions had told me. All of us were hapily suprised by the kindness with which they welcomed us. Even tough I was human, they treated me like one of their own.

They told me to go speek to their warchief, Krug, so I did. I was suprised to see he was black, unlike the other Ferons. I greeted him like one should great a man with a royal status and he spoke kindly to me. His first words to me where that he was looking for good men, tough when I offered my sword to him, he said I hadn't proven myself worthy yet. Then he said something that made me think about my other companions said: You dont have enough smell of blood on you yet.

Now that I think of it, i cant remember why I answered this, but I replied to him with the words: "Not yet"


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Part 2: Learning of the Land

We stepped out of Ferontar and headed into the lands surrounding it. Its quite a nice place, I must add. Except it is filled, and I mean FILLED with ridler valley bandits.

I was still thinking about the reply I gave to the warchief. "Not yet"... It was like being in his presence made this all sound normal to me... As if... I don't know... I guess I just wanted to impress him...

Suddenly Zenit came towards me. He was one of thos Taleran adventurers who came to help me at the start of my adventure. "Aslym, i'm sorry to tell you but.. we have no money left... you gave all recruiting those feron tribesman..." Suddenly I was back to the real world. Money... Where do I get it, and I need it fast, my men will be demoralised when I'm unaible to pay for their wages, few as it may be for the moment... First I tought about the arena, I got 250 coins from it once, I could do it again... Then the memory of Krugs words came to me: "not enough scent of blood on my clothes". Blood + Ridler valley bandits = doing a good thing for both my moral, my purse and for the warchief! I grinned, "thanks for letting me know Zenit, its time we go milk some cows!"

Not far from Ferontar we found some ridley valley bandits Riding by. Me and the 5 adventurers went to stand upon a hill and started to taunt them. The moment they saw us they started laughing. They were 16 men strong, all hill. I grinned to Dycan for his excelent tactic. The moment they charged at us we started to "run" of the mountain away from them. The bandits started to laugh and shout even harder, until the moment they passed the top of the hill and I shooted "CHARGE!!!" They suddenly had 25 armed men charging towards them, even tough none on a horse, all of the feron tribesmen had long, sharp, wooden sticks. And believe me they excel at poking!

Together we made short work of them. Lesson to us all, never be overconfident and ofcourse never charge 5 men on a hill ^^.
I myself got wounded by a lost arrow but I recovered pretty swiftly under Rufus his care. We then buried the feron tribesman who was trampled by one of the horses who tried to escape the fray. Now the good side of the battle: the loot. In coins they gave us about 178 gold, which was not bad at all! And in loot, they provided me with a horse, some silly head protection and a bow I could use as soon as I found me some arrows. The rest we shared and I sold my part for another 150 coins! Now I had enough money to pay the men!

Lavitz later came to me with the idea of joining tournaments. They can bring good money and some renown to a man with enough skill to last all 6 rounds. I asked him where can I find one at this time? He replied "the Western Wing Of Shalador" an ancient Gladeborn town... or atleast the western part of it... The rest of it lays in ruin and is ocupied by the blighted plague...

We traveled onwards, crossing a small stroke of land that separates the ocean and a great lake. While crossing this we saw in the distance something that seemed to be a great city. Gaint towers, higher than anyone of us had ever seen. Suddenly Lavitz began to talk once more. We slowed our march as everyone was listening to him.

"That which you see used to be a great city. A city, none of us can imagine to exist. Those towers where minor parts of huge castles, huge castles with everburning fires, huge castles who gave shelter, to mages."

Some of the feron recruits where like "ooooh"

Lavitz cleared his troath and continued: " These mages practiced all possible kinds of magic, from black to white from aiding to destructive from reviving to necromancy. They had huge gardens with all kinds of plants. The most powerfull mages. Until one day... the world was black for a night. No one knows what happened this night. All that remains are the arcane fires fueled by the magic that still lingers, some of those topling towers and one old archmage. Who does nothing more these days then selling items to try and keep himself alive."

By the time he finished talking we had halted our march. When it was clear for everyone that the story was over we continued our march, unspeaking all knowing we would go explore the ruins.

Arriving there we got shrouded by a thick mist. Most of us didnt want to enter. So I went to check first to see if it was safe. It was weird, scary and close to creepy. The arcane fires, were indeed still burning, did not shed any heat. Maybe it was the chill of death that took it away... After walking around for a while I talked to the arch mage. Who looked nothing like I would have expected him to. He only talked about trading so I left shortly thereafter.

Disappointed we continued our journey towards the western wing of shalador. Traveling is not as interesting as many people say except for the funny stories those fenron seem to tell. What I did notice was some disputes between Lavitz and Mardek. But it never went out of hand, so I tought it would solve itself.

Something very bad I can tell about myself is that I think alot. A leader should constantly be aware of his surroundings! Suddenly we were being chased by Barbarians of Elsgard. Not the nicest man to cross on your path and they usually travel in packs of 150! Even with Dycan excelent tactics we wouldn't stand a chance, so we ran!

Finally coming close to the western wing of shalador we saw an army of the blighted plague. All of us became quiet and hided as if I just yelled the command. Headless horsemen, Fallen heroes, Revived corpses, Blighted ones...

A bit later we arrived in the western wing of shalador wich was, tough only half of its former glory still a city worth seeing
I signed in for the tourney and took quite a risk. I betted all of my money (which was quite safe since it was only 170 after paying the wages)
In the sixth round I had to fight a Sword Sister. She is most peoples favorite warrior and really not easy to beat. We both got horses, bow and arrows. When we both charged in she hit my left leg with an (luckely blunt) arrow. I realized that she is to accurate to face head on. So i kept riding right behind her in her death spot, showering arrows, missing most of them, at her. After a while I drove her into a corner and finished her with a head shot. Boy was I happy that it wasn't in her face, imagine what it could have done to such a pretty young lady!

After wining this tourney the tournament master told me about an other tournament being held nearby. In a blighted plague town... I said no! I wont risk my mens lives for a tournament! The tournament master laughed, "indeed you are an excellent leader good sir, but there is something, or better said, someone of interest there for you" "Tell me more" I replied. This man, if you can call him a man is Lotsalz. He is what people call blighted, but for some reason, he still has a normal mind. He is human, but looks like a blighted one. Now you might want to ask, what can he offer me? Everything! He knows ALL about the blighted plague, and as you and I know, the blighted plague is enemy to all living!"

We departed the day after resting in the pleasant tavern of the western wing of shalador. Arriving at the blighted city I ordered my men to hide in a small but dense forest. It will be easyer to sneak in on my own.

I got to the tavern succesfully, and I found Lotsalz right away. For a small fee he wanted to join my party on one condition, If i could beat him in the tournament. Luckely for me he underestimated me and charged head first into battle. I blocked his first blow with my shield and kept my wooden sword un his chin waiting for him to surrender. He smiled and replied "Let's leave whenever you are ready"

A small view of myself and party

Right before leaving the town, a peasant came running to me. A living peasant? i tought to myself He begged me to save his village of marauding bandits. Ofcourse I said yes. I can imagine those blight lords not caring for their peasants being killed when being able to revive them as mindless slaves...

I gathered my (small) army and rushed to the town. Arriving there, we were immedeatly charged by the barbarians of Elsgard raiding the village. Luckely for us they where only 16 men strong. After a simple tactical spearrow we took down their horses, and the rest simple got overrun by the horde of peasants following us into battle. Together we stood victorious!

We had a drink with the villagers And started to ride. Where we were going? To where the roads would take us.


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thanks ^^ I got 2 new parts ready i'l upload them as soon as i'm back in my kot (students residence? how do you say it in english?)


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PART 3: Where the road took us.

Nearby the village we saved from those barbarians there was the biggest mountain of Talera. Lavitz told me that on this mountain, near the top lies the shrine of Ulator, the god of leadership. He advised me to go thank him for my gift. "What gift?" I asked him. Grinning he replied "The gift of who you are, Aslym. A leader."

After a tiring walk we arived at the shrine. Suddenly we all were surrounded by music, making us feel little, meaningless and powerless. The shrine itself was sober but there was something in the air that not only made the shrine feel like an holy place, but also made us believe it with all our hearts.

By the time we came out, everyone was quiet. The holy atmosphere disappeared only to have us silenced by an other miracle, beauty.

The amazing landscape we saw attracted us like a sea raider to a skull full of beer. We couldn't wait to travel onwards and explore it.
We started traveling towards the crossing. Not only because it was the fastest way but also because it was were Zenits hometown was located. As we started to come closer to Everwatch he started to tell tales about its magnificence and its former glory. Now the town is in constant strugle against the nearby blighted plague. He told us that the blighted plague doesn't only plunder caravans or companies, but slaughters them all. And when they have enough pieces, they reanimate them into abominations. Huge horrid creatures that mock the human being. "I'm a brave man, but I would run facing one of those!" Was the last thing he said before we all started gazing at the beauty of the city of Everwatch.

To rest, we all went into the tavern. Here I met Gorni. An undead tracking expert. (he even got inffected himself) He offered me his services for a small fee, nothing compared to his skills, or thats what he told me. We didnt stay very long because of the grim feeling we got. All the people in the streets seemed depressed, "the blight caused this" Zenit said it silently, hoping not to cause any trouble. Blight was a forbidden word in here.

Traveling onward while dodging a blighted fortress we arrived at the forest. From close it was as pretty as from afar. But beauty can be deceiving. I warned all my men to be extra weary in this forest. I myself still remember the assasination attempt on my by guardians from Serrintar.

Lavitz told me about the great elven city Sentinel. He told me that it was almost impossible to find for anyone other than the elves and the druids. Then suddenly Gorni came closer. "I know how to find it, the Ranger lord once hired me and he told me to meet him in Sentinel." So far so good, I tought, our tracker is having its use.
Half a day later we almost arrived at Sentinel...
Almost... We were trapped by guardians of serrintar... again. And this time not 2 but 16 heavily armored bowmen. I ordered my men to hide behind a rock. The good old suprise strategy must show its power once more. While I stood ready, deflecting arrows with my little wooden shield I waited for them to come close. Then I shooted "CHARGE!!!" Me and my 27 men charged into combat. I shooted once more "AIM FOR THEIR HEADS!!!" because their armor was thick, but for good shooting purposes, they dont wear helmets. It was a tough battle... I lost many men... I lost... Mardek...

Mardek died... not heriocally, he died... in a way a berserker would apreciatte. Not that he was one.. well he might have been in his way of fighting but... Anyway When I ordered the men to charge a blind arrow got marnids upper leg. He went into a frenzy, I tried to stop him but he knocked me to the ground. He dashed by and started hamering on the guardian who hit him. The guardian wept, please please! stop I surrender. Mardek threw away his sword, I tought good he calmed down. But suddenly he started hammering on the face of the guardian with his bare hands. I Ordered him to stop but the moment he turned around... an other guardian coming to the aid of his companion had swiftly chopped of his head...  Mardek fell down. Angry I felt I had to take revenge for him. Stupid, I know thats how Mardek died... And thats how I got knocked unconcious...

After the battle, there was no time to rest, we rushed to the city. We were chased by other guardians and to weakened to cary the bodies of our death... I still feel horribel... Mardek... Why did you do it Mardek!

We rested for a day or two to regain our strenght. Sentinel was surrounded by forest. Actually it was part of the forest... It was a beautifull sight. One evening I was quietly drinking in the tavern, when someone was moaning. He saw me looking and asked for my help, asked if I could release him from his curse.

I spoke to him asking what was wrong. He told me the story of his sword.

I accepted the blade promising to be a crusader. Of what? that is something we still need to decide...
I found myself a piece of ground to train on. The sword was amazing. It made my strikes more powerfull and swiftly... I felt like.. I felt like... I could take revenge on those blasted guardians!!! The moment I tought this I felt ashamed... What is this bloodthirst in me... I'm not like that... Wait... I felt like this before... In the presence of Warchief Krug! I needed time to think this trough. If I will become a leader of men, it will not be a bloodthirsty one!

The next morning Zenit came towards me. He was the one that told me about our money problems last time. "I want to talk about money" He said, I grinned "what are we out of it already?" "No no, but how about we make a little investment? If I heard your talk with Lavitz correctly, we will be going to Ferontar soon? Wel then I advise you to buy some spice here, and sell it there. We will make 300 denars EACH!!" I grinned once more. "Zenit if you weren't so ugly I would kiss you!"

What I remember mostly from the travel back to Ferontar was the battle against some Keepers of the Scroll. My archery still looked like childsplay but my swordmanship was... Overwhelming... I sliced trough them like a knife trough butter. Me and Areln practiced every evening with the sword. Every night he was able to learn me something new. Everynight I was able to master it.
On the way we recruited some new feron tribesman. Some of the old were dead... Some of the old had grown. The strongest even being Feron Raiders now.

Knowing the world a little bit better now I will find me an army and find out what those blasted guardians are guarding!


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Part 4: Serathar

Me and my men were relaxing one last time before traveling back into elven lands, back to that magnificent forest... back to those blasted guardians of Serathar who killed Mardek...

As usual Zenit bought some goods in the local market. Amazing as it is those Feron "savages" make beautifull and cheap pieces of linen. "Those elves will pay A LOT for this" Zenit grinned. I smiled, it was fun to see how excited he got when he was shopping. Bendis tried to teach me how to use a crosbow but i failed at it. The aim was completely different than with arrows and the reload time just took me way to long. He convinced me to duel him, so he could show me crosbows are better. He shot once, he missed me by a fingernail. I shot, I missed, but before he was fully reloaded I was able to shoot again, and hit, then everytime he was reloading an arrow of me struck him, until the moment he couldn't take no more and surrendered. He smiled "Why did I even try it against you..."

The next morning we left. Back to Sentinel, and from there to whatever the guardians lead us to. Pretty soon we stumbled into those Guardians of the scrolls again. 6 of them. Lotsalz came to me with a challenge: "Defeat them all and I will train every recruit or tribesman every day, free of charge" I agreed. I felt pretty invincible with my new sword skills. And if that would become to dangerous I am on a horse and I have a bow. They have no shield, only a sword.

I fought them, on a style that isn't comonly used in Talera, I circled around them firing arrows, frustrated them with their slowness. Then when I felt the time was right, I sliced past them with my sword Athu Ilar.

We checked what the loot was and we found this scroll, named... Serathar. I grinned at my men, we all laughed. Lavitz grinned, "Ulator smiles on you Aslym". This battle got me quite some experience. At this time I was looking like this:

We traveled onwards, trough the forest where we had to fight some outlaws, nothing big. We were able to dodge the Crusaders of the Dawn and made it to Sentinel with only 3 losses. (compared to the 14 last time we went there) In sentinel, Zenit sold his linen, he made more than 100 gold profit for each!! We were sitting on a nice sum right now.
Suddenly we saw farmers running away from guardians of Serathar, we rushed towards them, hoping we could help but the farmers where elven, they were able to dissapear without a trace. Suddenly the guardians of Serathar started to run away, an army of a feron lord came towards us, Everywhere we saw guardians runing away trough the forest, fearing the might of those warriors. He greeted me and asked my name. I told him who we where and what we were doing. He grinned "I like you, I would have done the same for my friends. I'll keep those guardians of your back for a while, but hurry they can't be kept away for long"

We used this occasion to get past the guardians, while my new friends army was scaring them away. The scroll gave me this small riddle:

"To find the place of death, honour the life and go the right way"

We went to the shore to find a safe spot to camp and think. We were past the guardians. Now we needed to find their treasure. Dycan told me that he knew a shrine nearby. A shrine dedicated to Erethal, the goddes of life. I grinned "Nice Dycan, I didn't know you knew this land so well!" We quickly went to the shrine. Tough the shrine was less impresive than Ulator's shrine it was still a magnificent place. Being there we all felt revitalized and in the best state of our lives.

Suddenly I had an idea. "and go the right way" the riddle says, the right, GO TO THE RIGHT! we all looked to each others and smiled, we went on the move again, scouted the shores to the right of us... And suddenly, it was there. A huge tower booming up out of nowhere, like it was magically concealed to keep visitords from finding it.
We came closer and entered the haunted place

Once again, I entered alone. I didnt wan't to risk anyone elses life, and I didnt want to get shot in the back by those guardians. So leaving everyone at the entrance seemed to best choice. I stood before the tower and was astounded. The towers at the ancient magi city where... small compared to this... it was unbelievable...
But then I realised again the horrors that took place here, and I was back on my guard. Not that I believed in lingering ghosts or anything, but there might be some guardians in here as well.

I went trough some door which led me to a place that creeped me out. It was filled with decaying corpses... but beneath a few corpses, I recognized... A chest... the look rusted away. I came closer, looking everywhere being aware that it might be a trap. I pushed of the corpses, quickly took a step back, took a deep breath and opened the chest. The chest was... empty except for 1 sword, it didn't look so impresive. It had a name carved upon it "Wrath of Serathos". I quickly took it out of the chest, and rushed outside to show my men what I got. They weren't impressed. Only lavitz seemed to believe this was a powerfull weapon. He asked me to try it out. I agreed and suddenly everyone became quiet. The sword made my slashing so fast, and the sword seemed to increase in lenght on the moment of swinging it. It was a light weapon so it could be used both in one hand, and because of its length also as a 2 handed weapon. Suddenly, we all were amazed.

Having plundered those blasted guardians treasure we all felt we had done all we could to revenge Mardek.

This are the most important members of my party. Some I might have already told of, some I might not have mentioned yet, but who will surely make their presence known in future events.

I decided it was time for me to get my hands bloody and earn Warchief Krugs respect. Tough I would rather do it with mashed tomatoes, only the renown I would get from battles would suffise to get me on his good side...


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I try to keep this subforum alive to catch the attention of the makers but so far haven't really had much succes


You have my attention :razz:. I simply don't have the time to finish this... I have released the source though, so anyone wishing to take a crack at it, or make little tweaks to it are more than welcome!


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:p thanks for the attention. If i was a capable modder I would but i'm nothing even close to it ^^

i just hope one day you will have no real life and ... :p


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Part 5: Becoming Feron.

Returning home from Serathar, we had to travel trough the thick forest one last time. I wondered to myself, this might be the last time that we pas trough here while not at war with these people...

That tought soon got out of my mind when I saw all of the trees surrounding me and my men. It was a stunning sight... I felt like magic, maybe there was something magic...

We continued and finaly came back to the feron capital. I went directly to the castle. The guards first wouldn't let me pas but for some reason when they saw my sword, they gave me acces. Was this sword that know? I know Areln tought of it as doomed but...

I walked straight up to the Warchief. He looked at me and I saw a shine in his eyes when he saw my sword. "That is Athu Ilar!" Then he looked at Bendis and saw him carrying the wrath of Senatar and his smile became even broader. He started to speak in full sentences:

"So who might you be who brings before me the mighty sword of Athu Ilar and the wrath of Senatar? Both relics of Talera's grand and warlike past?"

I introduced myself and my companions, he looked at everyone, but his eye stayed on Areln a bit longer then on the rest. Could he see Arelns incapability to carry this sword?

Later in the conversation I asked him to become a vasal of him. I had gained enough renown by clearing the forest of the guardians of serathar and fighting keepers of the scrolls. He replied doubting:

I replied only what I tought would please him the most. And I was right. He granted me my first fiefdom and made me a lord of his kingdom.

When I came to my village, i was rather angry at him. Tough at the same time I understood his choice to give me this desolate place, I find he could have given me a bit of a warning. I ran to the village elder and gave him some money to start building a mill. If anything, I would make this village prosper again. I would make these peoples live a good life.

A few days later I returned to the warchief. Ready to increase my status in this kingdom. He smiled when I came back and was happy with my village process.

Then he said "Aslym, I see you are concerned with the ferons well being. This is why you, of all people, get this task. You will hunt down ridlevar valley bandits. The most annoying horse riding thugs you have ever seen!"

Getting rid of the ridlevar bandits is a rather tiring and boring task. They are indeed horseriders. But no one is a match for me and my men. We sliced a few bandit parties apart. The bandits started to know who we were and starting running instead of attacking us. We chased one of them all the way back to the village Uslur and vanquished them on the mountain side. I remember Lavitz saying, "Meh, baking there horses is a harder effort than slaying there riders."

On the way back to Ferontar we saw an enemy warband. Dycan went ahead and scouted a bit for us, he came back pretty soon reporting that it was a warband under command of Lord Staminar. He also reported that our warband would be no match for him and his trained warriors but that a friendly warband under the lead of Chief Swingoth was nearby and might be able to come to our aid.

We entered the battlefield together with Swingoth and charged, as ferons do best, into the fray.

Most of the enemies were absolutely no match for our 2 warbands combined, the corsairs and footmen fell like leaves. The crusaders and lord Staminar gave a tougher fight tough. Lord staminar lost his horse while trying to charge on chief Swingoth, but misjudged the lenght of swingoths halberd and got his horse killed.

A ground duel between the two warleaders began, the Feron giving their loudest war cry while cheering for their lord. Everyone stood back while the two giants men began their duel. Swingoth seemed to be having the upper hand in the battle, when suddenly a illorian crusader rushed trough the circle of feron and hit swingoth from the back. He fel down on one knie and used his halberd to stop himself from falling. Using this short moment, Staminar came closer and Landed a blow on swingoths left arm, Swingoth cried out like a beast and fainted, the blood coming out of the wound was insane. Suddenly all of the feron charged forward all looking to place their axe into those basterds faces.

Ironically Bendis sword "Wrath of Serathar" was the one who struck down lord Staminar. We then all gave chase to the few remaining crusaders until they all were dead or unconscious.

After the battle we took swift care of Swingoths wounds. He had lost much blood but with the help of good bandages and the Feron berserks's battle cry he regained his health and was able to walk again. Strong people, these ferons.

At this time I was getting a little reknowned in the land and was a proud vassal of the Feron Tribes.

Before I end my writing in todays diary, I would like to leave this last note. Last evening When I was walking my daily walk trough my village, I was ambushed by guardians of Serathar. Seems that they will keep haunting me for all my days in Talera... Blegh I don't mind my arrows seem to like their heads.

Sidenote: I found my last writing rather weird... Am I really getting that blood thirsty...? Maybe Areln was right about his old sword...

edit: berserker cry heals, not the songworty song


An interesting read, topped off by your wonderfully inappropriate signature :lol:


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lol :grin: you just gota love Baloo :grin:. Its been quite a while since I played my save on cot, have an other 2 parts ready tough :grin: Its getting kind of fun again :p


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I was enjoying the AAR till you stopped doing it.  What gives???  Just kidding!!  I suppose I have no room to complain since I'm the grinch who never finished this mod.  Ha.

Anyway, I decided to stop in and see how things were going in the community at large and was surprised to see that a few people had been enjoying the mod even long after I had personally abandoned it.  I see that there are a lot more mods available now then there were at the time I was coding/developing it as well.  That being said, it is gratifying to know that my work has been chosen by a few of you, amongst a wide variety of not only mods but games in general, to consume a few hours of your time.  Thanks for taking the time to write up the AAR and show your appreciation.  You should know it is appreciated on this end.