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Chapter 23: Vassals wanted
19 September 1258

Dear Diary,

I knew it had to come to this. Even though my relation with king Harlaus had been pretty good, my opinion of him was deteriorating. Feasts while his vassals were bleeding in the field, not knowing where his army was and, most of all, not caring, waging war just for the fun of it: it had to stop. The last straw was his unthoughtful assigning of Sungetche castle: it left me no option than to go against him, to declare my independence on 17 August 1258, 513 days after I had arrived in Calradia. It was much sooner than I had anticipated.

My first priority was to establish order in the chaos that would erupt after this bold move. For the low peasants it wouldn't matter much if they paid their tax to one lord or another, as long as they could life in peace. Among the nobles, on the other hand, there would be much confusion and dissatisfaction. If one lord could declare himself independent, why couldn't someone else do that too? And another? First I would need to ease the higher class people in the capital of my newly found kingdom: Khudan. But at the same time I needed to go out. So I appointed Ymira to minister everything back home while I would go out. As a daughter of a rich merchant she knows the ways of not only the nigher class citizens and lower nobility, but also the merchants who would have to finance my army in the end. In Sungetche castle I spoke with her, and she gladly accepted. The way of the roaming warrior had broken her up, and she was glad to get a more bureaucratic job.


After I had decided to split off from Swadia, I appointed Ymira as chief minister.

Just before I moved out of the castle to ride back to the city of Khudan, to set people in place and lay down the foundation of my kingdom, Sanjar khan came riding by, with an army of over three hundred soldiers. I feared for a first clash of arms as sovereign lord, but the contrary happened: given my recent victories against all odds, and my renunciation of king Harlaus, he said that we shouldn't be at war. That's a good start: no more war with the Khergit neighbours. I feared that king Harlaus wouldn't be so supportive: a war between him and me was inevitable. I was glad the Khergit warmachine was standing between us.

I left most of the men that conquered the castle over there, and added some more from Khudan, until I had a defence of 40 Swadian sergeants and 60 Swadian sharpshooters. I didn't assign any of my current holdings to someone yet, not even myself: I knew that the prospect of land would lure counts to my cause, and vassals was something I'd need pretty soon. Another good side: without assigning the city and castles to myself, I also hadn't had to pay the wages of the men in there. Even though I wouldn't collect any taxes, it would still be profitable, since I was losing money pretty hard before. My declaration of independence already had a positive financial side. I waited till the 19th of August, when I had to pay the wages of my men in my party, before I set out: Until that day, I had kept everyone except my companions in the city, so I wouldn't have to pay their wages. After the payment, I took some heavy cavalry and rode out to seek friends and support.

My first stop was in Curaw. The city had been besieged by quite some Swadian soldiers, led by five different Swadian lords. I tried to speak to them all in private, but none had the time for that due to the siege. No fighting erupted, on the contrary: counts Klargus, Delinard and Despin even congratulated me, and were impressed by my swift and decisive support to count Grainwad. Of course my old enemy count Meltor didn't like me, but he also didn't want to pick a fight, especially with so much support for me going around the camp. And finally I spoke to count Devlian. We haven't been on good terms for quite a while now, but still he asked me to lend him my best surgeon, Jeremus. Of course I did that: it was the honourable thing to do. I hoped this first encounter would be representative for the rest of Swadia: it would make it a lot easier to establish a new order, and even let lords join my cause.


Even though we were on the opposing sides of the battlefield, we still were honourable.

After my meeting at Curaw, I rode straight on to Praven. I hoped to find king Harlaus there: I wanted to bring the news of my declaration of independence personally, and see if we could handle this manner with dignity. Unfortunately he wasn't home, but luckily I could sneak in undetected and ask lady Gaeta: too bad she had no clue either. But just as I was about to leave, the king arrived. I met him a little outside Praven. He was also very pleased that I saved count Grainwad. When I brought the news, he erupted in a mad tirade. There would be no peace: only war. He actually wanted to slay me where I stood, but I asked him to honour our former friendship - he owed me one - which he agreed to, grumbling. A lord breaking away was something unheard of, and couldn't go unpunished. Too bad he didn't want to talk it out: now there would be war between our two countries, although I wonder what kind of war if none would actually fight.

When I rode to Suno, I met count Rochabarth, and spoke with him about his standing in Swadia. I promised him to uphold his ancient rights as a noble if he were to join me, but also gave him some time to think about it. Still he wanted to fight me, but using my tactics from the Khergit passes, I managed to defeat him with no losses while half his army was wiped out. This fight would be the only battle for weeks: I travelled through the now seven kingdoms and traded: I also spoke with as many lords as I could meet, but none seemed to want to join my side yet. Until I returned home on 7 September. In the great hall Ymira had a surprise for me: lord Frainchin had been indicted for treason by the Nords, and was seeking his fortune in my domain. The first lord who wanted to join my side! Of course I couldn't refuse him: I even gave him Emirin as fief, the farthest village in my possession. I didn't want to give him more yet: he was, after all, edicted for treason already.


Lord Fraichin comes to my court to pledge his loyalty to me.

I decided that Uhhun Castle should have an equal garrison as Sungetche castle, so I moved there along with a quite a few archers and infantry. When I arrived there, I heard that count Delinard had raided the village of Emirin. I wanted to check it out, but then I heard that lord Belir had renounced his allegiance to the Rhodoks, and had decided to join my side. A second vassal! I immediately rode back to Khudan to meet him. He wasn't my best friend, but well, at this stage I could use anyone. So I sent him to patrol around Uhhun castle, and sent me a warning if the Swadian army would come in force.

In the meantime I trained the men in Uhhun castle until they were of equal strength as the ones in Sungetche castle: I even trained twice as much, in case I needed to conquer a castle. While I did this, I learned that lord Gastya was waiting for me in Khudan. He had renounced his allegiance to Swadia. I guess my visit to king Harlaus and the adjacent trading had a greater effect than I had deemed possible: now a lord from Rhodoks and one from Swadia had left their liege and wanted to join me. But before I let him at my side, I decided that I should finally assign the city of Khudan: I wanted to keep it for myself, of course, just like the surrounding villages. Both the castles I gave to my two vassals Belir got Uhhun castle and village, and Frainchin got Sungetche castle. The rest of the villages I kept for myself. When assigning this, I noticed that unassigning in the beginning might have looked like a good financial decision, but was haunting me now: my vassals really didn't like me assigning anything to myself.

I really needed money now, so I went to Tulga and Ahmerrad a few times for that efficient trade route. I didn't take any men, to me lighter and faster. In the meantime lord Belir had been taken prisoner by Swadia. Even though he was released a few days later, this didn't do him much good. All three of my vassals were starting to dislike me more and more. While I rode through the Khergit lands for my visit to Tulga, the khan offered me 2700 denars for the release of Akadan noyan and 3700 denars for Urumuda noyan, who were still sitting in my prison tower in Khudan. Of course I accepted that. But the messenger not only brought this offer: he also told me that both Sanjar khan and king Harlaus came to a peace agreement. The khan needed time to recover from the blows I had stricken upon him, while the king needed his hands free to wage war with me. I rode as fast as I could back home, to prepare for a confrontation with the Swadian army.


Gameplay notes
Since Floris' stats haven't changed, I decided to show you all my soldiers in Khudan:

After my declaration of independence, the Khergit surprised the Swadian by taking Halmar, and breaking the siege of Curaw. Now there is peace, and the Khergit are back.


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Chapter 24: Breaking the enemy
8 October 1258

Dear Diary,

Declaring independence is easy. Getting the recognition from the other lords, that's the hard part. After I had returned to Khudan, I send Lezalit on a mission to sultan Hakim of the Sarranid empire. They were fondest of me of all six other kingdoms, so I hoped they would first recognise me. Unfortunately he returned a few days later with the grave news that Hakim didn't see me as a separate kingdom, but still as rebels form Swadia, even though he sympathised.

When I walked in Khudan, I saw a lot of starving people. The economy had totally been ruined by all the recent events, and the harsh winter eather it was lying in. So I went to the nearby villages, to see how they were doing. I started construction of schools in a few, and a mill in Tismirr. It drained my funds almost entirely, but these are things that just had to be build. When I returned from my trip to my villages, I heard that Emirin, the village closest to the Swadians, was being raided. I gathered a hardened cavalry army and rode towards the town, to find the main Swadian army there. The first lord I spoke was count Devlian, who didn't like me and in fact insulted me where I stood. So I gathered my men and charged an army almost nine times bigger than mine.

The battle was one against all odds. I had taken 62 Sarranid Mamlukes, 12 Swadian knights and 7 Khergit veteran horse archers. Together with my eight remaining companions, we were with only 89 men. The enemy not only had eight different lords, but also an army of 773 men. The moment our armies were within visual range, and the real clash would emerge, I ordered my men to follow me all the time. I repeated this order throughout the fighting on many occasions. The main difference between our armies was that theirs consisted of mainly simple infantry, a few skirmishers and at best some men at arms as cavalry. That wouldn't safe them: like an arrow I came thundering down, riding along their main forces and hitting them in the back, where their vulnerable archers were. Unfortunately my horse fell down, but I quickly found another one and rode once again through their main lines. A lot of Swadian soldiers fell, trambled or slain, but even more ran for it. In the end only 5 of my men were killed and 10 wounded, while 315 enemies were killed, 16 wounded and 442 routed. Most of the counts managed to escape, although marshall Haringoth and count Deglan were brought before me. Knowing I would need them, and the quarrel was between the king and I, I set them free.


My first confrontation with the Swadian main army goes surprisingly well.

After this battle, I returned home, where I found lord Plais waiting for me, ready to join my kingdom as a vassal. Of course I accepted. Now the main Swadian army was knocked out, I could do what I wanted. But for a siege I needed more infantry: I had stationed most of them in the castles before I had given them to my vassals, and they were needed if I wanted to storm more. So I decided to train more men before I would strike against Swadia. Maybe peace would be a solution in the meantime?

But before I could train more men, I needed more money. The constructions in the villages had drained my treasury severely, so I went to Tulga and Ahmerrad to ride the trade route once again. During this trip, Lezalit joined me, bringing me the grave news of the Sarranid refusal to recognise me. From that moment on I started to have nightmares. In my dreams a dark voice came booming to me, saying incomprehensible words like 'Script error on opcode'. It drove me mad, and I was even hearing it while I was wide awake! Was it the stress of running a kingdom? Each moment this voice boomed more and more, my relation with my vassals deteriorated, so I decided to search for them and gather them in Khudan. The moment I had spoken them all and given them the task to go to my capital, all stabilized and the voice disappeared. Then I talked to my loyal minister Ymira. She was still conducting state business in battle armor, so I wanted her to rejoin my party so I could buy a fancy dress for her. She said she'd be there, but I couldn't see her. Apparently she was lost, and I set out to find her.


The nightmare worsened, and I was having it in broad daylight.

The dream had distracted me form my financial problems. The moment the dream disappeared, on 2 October, I started to ride the Khergit-Sarranid trade route again. When I was riding between Tulga and Ahmerrad, I heard that Rhodoks declared war on Swadia. That's great news, since king Harlaus would now be distracted, and more open to peace. In the meantime the relation with my vassals continued to deteriorate. What to do? Count Gastya was already my worst enemy, even worse than count Meltor! And Gastya was even my own vassal! How could this happen?

Luckily there was good news too. On 5 October, only a few days after the war between Rhodoks and Swadia had broken out, king Harlaus offered me a peace. Of course I accepted. This was great news: finally I would be officially an independent kingdom, no more rebel faction from Swadia. Three days later, as I rode back to Khudan to celebrate this fact, another messenger came to me: looking at his warm winter cloths, he was clearly Vaegir. My declaration of independence wasn't unnoticed by king Yaroglek. His kingdom had been battered quite a lot the past year, and had shrunken from a mighty snow nation to a small band. They were even so small, that they saw me as a thread. On 8 October the Vaegir declared war on me.


After the peace with Swadia, the Vaegirs declared war.

I recon they won't be too hard. I have single handily defeated both the main armies from Khergit and Swadia. No, these might be the last days of the kingdom of Vaegir: I will let them regret their decision to go to war. Their cities will fall before my mighty army. I'm preparing my men, and soon I'll ride out to conquer my neighbour. If I succeed, I'll be large enough to be a major player.


Gameplay notes
The errors I got were quite irritating: I got them every 5 till 10 seconds, sometimes every second. This is a known bug, and will be fixed in the next patch (hopefully). Until then, the temporary solution is to find all your vassals, and order them to one place (in my case Khudan). It took me a few days to track them all down and talk to them, and I'm lucky that I haven't got too many vassals yet... Anyway, it's over now.
Since I'm still level 22 and the map hasn't changed either, I'll show you some of the reports:

Now, let us all cheer because I'm king of an independent kingdom, and at war with the weakest faction besides me who is actually neighbouring me: Vaegir.


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Chapter 25: War and love
14 November 1258

Dear Diary,

It's war. I was barely three days at peace when my neighbour, king Yaroglek of the Vaegirs, decided to try to usurp me. Hadn't he heard about my recent victories over the Swadian and Khergit armies? Or didn't he believe the reports? Anyway, I was ready for him. He was just a minor irritation. There were larger problems a bay: my vassals all started to hate me for no apparent reason, and I still had financial problems. That last one I could easily solve by trading more, but the first... Before I could work on either, I heard about a Vaegir noble nearing my village of Tismirr, so I gathered many men, mainly mamlukes, and rode over there. I met boyar Doru heads up, and even though he had a larger army, I charged him immediately. Using my proven tactic to ride through their flanks, I easily defeated him and killed two third of his army, while the other part ran away. Even though Doru escaped, another victim followed him soon: boyar Beranz came in his footsteps, something that he lived to regret. I captured him, but let him go, as it was the most honourable thing to do. And to conclude the row, I fought against boyar Harish, whom I also captured, but let also go.

After I sold my prisoners in the city to some ransom broker, and had sold the loot of the dead bodies, gaining enough money to get through another week, I heard that king Yaroglek himself was on his way to my capital, along with quite a few of his nobles. After the three battles I needed to tend to my wounds, so I waited for them to come to me. I waited till he had looted Tismirr, right under my nose. But as near dead as I was, I just couldn't ride out yet. Lord Gastya accused me of being a coward, solely on this event. The next day I saw that boyar Rudin had wandered off from the main army. Feeling better, I rode to him and was just in time to save some villagers, who were very gratefull for my action. I let the boyar go, who was also very pleased with me. This was apparently a sign for the Vaegir army to disband, since also boyar Khavel rode separately away. I caught up with him, but we actually had a good chat. I lend him my surgeon Jeremus, he told me all about his feelings towards king Yaroglek. We parted in better understanding of each other. Then I met king Yaroglek all alone, with his army of 310 men. He was confident, and didn't want to talk much: only to fight. So we fought. My 93 men cavalry were far better skilled than his army, and the outcome was even far better than I had estimated it would. Only four deadly victims at my side, while king Yaroglek had to see 235 of his men slain. Even though he escaped, I had brought him a severe blow.


As I crossed the river, I came to the aid of several villagers. As you can see, I now always ride with two steel shields: one in my hand, and one protecting my back. It has saved me on several occasions, so I'm slowly buying more of these shields and giving them to my companions.

After these victories, I knew I had to push further ahead. I had gathered from the loot and from selling prisoners enough money to get through this weeks wages, so I could do something more bold: I gathered my siege army, told Rolf to sent messengers to all my vassals to join me in this new campaign and rode to Rivacheg. They had brought the fight to me, and lost. Now it's time to strike back.

I reached the city unhindered - although I saw that I would have to clear the land of many bandits in the near future - and started a siege. Immediately I started to build a siege tower, which took me 48 hours. After I started the preparations, boyar Doru and three other lords rode out to attack me. I had 92 men ready for battle, while they had 382. Hadn't I fought with even worse odds? But this time I had not only cavalry, but also quite a few crossbowmen who I had to protect. In the end 20 of my men were killed and 48 wounded - good that this happened early on, so they could heal during the construction of the siege tower - while 181 of the enemy were killed, 10 wounded and 191 had ran away. The tactic of riding to their flanks worked once again. I managed to capture boyar Vlan, but let him go. I won't change my honourable course now.

While I continued to construct my siege tower, some sea raiders though we were an easy prey. They soon learned to regret that thought. It seemed all the bandits from the land wanted me to stop this siege: first the Vaegir nobles, now six waves of sea raiders. It exhausted my men, hindred the construction of the siege tower and pretty soon - even though I defeated them all - I was forced to abandon the siege, due to the fact that I had ran out of food. And without food, my men would soon starve or leave the perimeter.


All of my personal villages had been raided: I simply wasn't able to maintain the siege much longer.

Upon my return to Khudan, I saw two of my vassals, count Plais and count Gastya, under attack by boyar Druli. Of course I came to their rescue: together we defeated the Vaegir lord. Even though the common people of Holland cheered for me, both lords were still unsatisfied. So I decided to go away for a while, riding to Suno and other faraway cities, to gather suplies for my starving city and of course to make a huge profit. When I arrived in Suno, I of course visited lady Nelda. Her rich family and of course great influence were really appealing, especially now in my times of trouble. So I decided I should marry her. She was overly happy when I asked her on 16 October about our future: she proposed to me, instead of the other way around! All I now had to do was ask her father, count Klargus. He found it a splendid idea, but he demanded that we both would bring in a dower. Once I could pay 18,000 denars, she would be mine. That's a huge sum of money in these times, so I really needed to raise more money! And fast, since lady Nelda gave me 30 days to complete the deal. Trade routes, here I come.


Count Klargus thought it was a splendid idea for me to get married to his daughter, but I needed to raise 18,000 denars.

I continued to Praven, to get some ale. When I got to that city, I met with count Montewar, an old friend from my time as count of Swadia. I promised him I should deal with all men fairly, which was the last straw to convince him to join my cause. Finally I managed to convince someone to join my kingdom, and be a vassal of Holland, instead of taking every man that came flying by. He's currently also the only vassal who likes me.

As I rode on, going from city to city to raise money for the dower, I heard a plea from lady Bernatys: her husband, count Mirchaud, was taken prisoner in Ergelon castle, and she'd liked me to rescue him. I rode over there, and asked some nearby villagers to make a fire. This drew the attention from the guards away, and made it easier for me to ride in, kill the guard, steal his keys and free the count. It was easier than I had thought, and count Mirchaud was very pleased with me, as were the people of Swadia.

A lot less pleased was lord Gastya. On 10 November he really hated me, and left my kingdom. He swore vassalage to the Khergit khanate. Good for him: he was a traitor anyway. I should have never let him join my side. And if things continue as they are, Plais will soon follow his steps, and Fraichin and Belir will do the same one day. I just can;t trust them anymore. Luckily I've got count Montewar now, who stays faithfully at my side.

It was a lot harder to get that 18,000 denars than I had thought. The wages for my men back home were high, and my villages looted: every week I lost 4,000 denars. And these events didn't speed things up. Maybe I was careless in the beginning, buying steel shields for my companions and improving my men. I shouldn't have done that, not with this speed limit. In the end I was really troubled: there were only a few days left, and I had by far not enough money to pay the dower. I was fearing the loss of lady Nelda, until I arrived in Praven, where a tournament was held. The past time I had practiced a lot with the lance, the speciality in this city. I bet heavily, and won a lot of money. But still it wasn't enough.


I think I killed that poor horse... What an insane amount of damage I did there in the arena of Praven!

The next day, the last one of the month I had gotten to bring the dower, I was able to participate in the second day of the tournament in Praven. Another chance to win money. And although the odds weren't as good as they were, due to my recent victory, I was still able to get the last bits of money, and ride like hell to the city of Suno. Now I'm officially bethrodded, and will soon marry to lady Nelda.


Gameplay notes
I have really no idea why my relation with my old vassals just keeps on deteriorating. It's going down pretty fast: -4 every few days. The moment lord Gastya left, my relation with him was -72! Maybe it's related to the bug? All the lords I had during this bug are deteriorating, while lord Montewar is even more pleased with me. Aw well, those irritating lords will leave me soon anyway, so I can concentrate on convincing friends to join my side.
Here is a picture of Floris' current stats. By the way, I've got an insanely high right to rule. I arrived one and a half year ago in Calradia and now everyone recognises me as the emperor incarnated!

Even though I didn't conquer anything this month, there were some changes. Swadia had been at war with Rhodoks, Nord and Khergit at the same time, which they obviously lost. The surprise lies in the fact that they lost so few of their territories in such a war.


Congratulations on the bethrothal.  :razz:
Hope things will be looking up for your kingdom soon.


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Verbeek: Thanks :smile:. I hope things will look up too, hehe.

Slayton: Floris IV was a real person (wiki). The introduction of this AAR was based on his life story. But on wikipedia I couldn't see his face:


Count Floris IV of Holland, picture from Wikipedia.

So I based his looks on those of Willem I, count of Holland and father of Floris IV:


Count Willem I of Holland, picture from Wikipedia.


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Chapter 26: The wedding
21 November 1258

Dear Diary,

Only one week has passed, but it feels like a much longer time. So much has happened. Both on the international and personal level. One week ago I finally managed to get the needed dower, and count Klargus started to make preparations for the wedding. He couldn't tell me how long it would take, but I would be notified when the time was due. It took him one week. Not bad, absolutely not bad. My first wedding had taken a much longer preparation. Ow, my dear Machteld, and our six children. Sometimes I wonder how they fared, how they've been. My little Willem should be thirty by now. Anyway, I'm here in Calradia with my new wife, and they are back in my old Holland. This time I'm wed to a much younger lady instead a ten year older one. Now I'm the one with experience.

After I had paid the dower, I needed to raise more money again. The wages were due, and I spend all on the finances of my new wife. While I rode off to trade in both Tulga and Ahmerrad, I paid once again a visit to Kelredan castle, where lady Elys was still waiting for me. I told her personally of my upcoming wedding, but instead of getting mad at me, she hugged me and said, with a lustfull glee in her eyes, 'At least you'll be staying in the family.' This is true, and maybe I'll have a few bastards the coming years. It all runs in the family, so to say.


Some painters caught me and lady Elys the week before I got married, but after I offered them to make the wedding paintings, they didn't make a fuzz about it.

While I rode through the lands and across the mountains of the Khergit, I heard both good and bad news on the international level. The good was a responsible decision from king Harlaus. One of the few ones, I dare say. Some farmers from Emirin had been bugging Swadians, claiming they were better off under my rule. Sure, but why did they had to brawl over it? The people of Swadia were crying out for a renewal of the conflict between our two nations, but the king couldn't afford that. He had just been beaten in wars against almost all his neighbours, and was still fighting against the Khergit. No way he could face another war, especially with one of the important families in his kingdom preparing for wedding one of their daughters to me.

The bad thing came also from the war between Swadia and Khergit. Sanjar khan managed to conquer Senuzgda castle, and claimed the nearby village: Emirin. But that was mine! Even though it was pretty far away from the rest, it was still my property, and I had not been at war with them. Oh my God, they claimed Emirin! The bastards! But there was nothing I could do at the moment. Declare war upon them? While I was still fighting the Vaegir, with most of my nobles going astray? No, I had to swallow my loss for now, but not forget it: I'll be back.

Two days ago, on the 19th, I received a message stating that all the preparations for the wedding were ready, and they awaited my arrival back in Suno. So I turned around, and rode towards Klargus' city. On the way I passed through Dhirim, where I fought in the tournament. Even though I was knocked out in the final round, I was still proud of getting this far, and dedicated my progress to Hild, wife of jarl Tulya and lady of Dhirim. While I enjoyed the twinkle in her eyes, I heard some farmers trying to plea to their lord, but not getting any response. So I walked towards them, and heard about some bandits plundering the village of Ushkuru. Of course I had to come to the rescue, and rode out to help those poor souls out. It wasn't that difficult, so after a short fight I continued my journey to Suno.


As can be seen in the Polygoon Newsreel at the Dhirim cinema, I saved the village of Ushkuru from troublesome bandits.

Today, on the 21th of November 1258, I got wed. When I rode in, people were already cheering. Count Klargus had organised, in honour of the wedding, a grand tournament, in which I was asked to participate. Of course I couldn't refuse, and knowing of my recent victories in Praven and great success in Dhirim, the people cheered my name all along the ride. As I walked under the roof of the great arena, I pulled my sword and swayed it at all the opponents that dared come close to me. They were full of fear, or was it politeness for the groom? Anyway, I easily beat them all, and ended victorious.

From the field I walked to the castle, where a large gathering of nobles awaited me. I spotted Rafard, Regas, Alagur and Rochabard, four Swadian nobles who came especially for this wedding. But also nobles from pretty far away had come here. COGlory, Bratislav, mobotium and Slayton were the loudest, but many more were standing in the front rows. As I walked to the altar, some ladies in waiting burst into tears. How jealous they were of Nelda! And how glad she glowed with pride of our upcoming marriage. Count Klargus was leading the ceremony himself. I never knew he was a priest too, but apparently he was. Calradia is often still strange to me.

The ceremony itself was quick, after which the party started. In the beginning it all was a little dull, but things started to lighten up when Arwa the Pearled One entered the hall. She's the pretender to the Sarranid throne, and even though I don't want to strain my relation with sultan Hakim right now, she was really welcome in Suno. The party really turned wild when she started to show both her pearls, making clear how she got her nickname. No wonder everyone wanted to dance with her. As a present she gave me a strange flower she called 'lâleh', although she nicknamed it also as 'tülbend', after the turbans the emirs have on their heads, which it resembled. It's a beautiful flower, and I'm sure it will get the attention of many Hollandic merchants.


Thanks to the polaroid parchment painters I can cherish the great moments of my wedding with lady Nelda.

At the wedding I asked count Klargus where his son, brother of my wife Nelda, was. Beranz had joined the Vaegir, I knew that much. But still he wouldn't come to the wedding of his own sister, because it was in a city of his former liege, the king of Swadia. Instead he was besieging Sungetche castle, the one lying on the pass between the Khergit and Holland. A battle has erupted right now, so I'll have to leave. Consuming the wedding night has to be done under way, on the horse. That will be a hard ride. But before I go out, Klargus came to me and asked if I could lend him Rolf for a week. He didn't want to tell me what it was for yet, but gaining the trust of my new father-in-law was very important, so I decided he could have him for that time. But now I'll have to go, back to the kingdom of Holland.


Gameplay notes
Since Floris' stats haven't changed in a week, I'll show you the overview of the kingdom of Holland:

The past week Senuzgda castle had been conquered by the Khergit, and my village of Emirin befallen to them. This effectively isolated Unuzdaq castle from the rest of the main Swadian country. Swadia is now a smaller player. How things can change in half a year time.


This is the most enjoyable AAR I've read since the Yogi's 'Where the Iron Crosses Grow' in the paradox forums (for hearts of iron 1 for those interested).

Keep it up!


Master Knight
Chapter 27: Join my side
28 December 1258

Dear Diary,

The past month has been an exciting one. My wedding with lady Nelda became pretty famous among all the nobles of Calradia, and lady Arwa couldn't stay long in any court anymore because of the ideas people were starting to get. But it had also set quite some things in motion. For example, people now really recognise me as the next emperor. No-one can contest that claim, while I'm just a little less than two years in these lands, while I never heard of it before I arrived shipwrecked. No matter: people can all be easily fooled.

After the party, I had to hurry home, because Nelda's brother, Beranz, was laying siege to Sungetche castle. He had joined the Vaegirs a little while ago, and was having his own party at my expense. It didn't matter how fast I rode: I came too late. It was all over by the time I got back to Khudan, to deliver my wife to the court. I made her the new chief minister, and took Lezalit with me. There was still no trace of Ymira: she has been missing for quite a while now.

I gathered a siege army, and rode back to the castle. I had done this before, and knew I could do it again. Especially after lord Montewar joined me in the battle. The fighting was fierce, but of course I managed to overcome the defenders and claim the place once again as my own. I rewarded Montewar by giving the castle as a fief, while of course I kept the nearby village of Bhulaban. I even met Beranz outside. Seeing that his new gainings were lost once again, I proposed him to join my side. Of course I gave him some time to think about it: even though he switched sides before, it's not something you'd do hastily.


As can be seen in the Dhirim Polygoon Cinema (DPC), the recapturing of Sungetche castle went pretty good, although some Polaroid Parchment Painters (PPP) reported grim humane results.

The wedding and this siege had usurped not only much of my treasury, but also of my time: I couldn't raise money while this all happened, and had made quite a few debts with the wages. My first priority thus was to trade like hell, repaying my debts and getting a reserve. So I rode out to make some wide round along Tulga, Ahmerrad, Jelkala and Suno, and of course every other city on the route. These were the most profit worthy cities, making this an ideal round to make. I also found out that buying grain in Veluca and selling it in Uxkhal can be a small, but good profitable business.

While riding through the lands with horses loaded with many goods, I visited many nobles, and asked them if I could help them out. Especially people whom I was at good footing with: they were potential friends, and thus potential vassals. In that fashion I met count Delinard at a party in Suno. He looked quite sad: his brother Deglan had been taken prisoner by the Khergit, who were treating him badly. So I promised to set him free.

The moment I set foot outside the city of Suno, word reached me that Sungetche castle had fallen once again to the Vaegir. But this time I didn't rush immediately to the rescue: my funds weren't sufficient yet. Instead I set out to Malayurg castle, where the Khergit kept count Deglan prisoner. On the way I passed through Dhirim, a Nord city where count Klargus, my father-in-law, was held prisoner. I rode to the nearby village of Ushkuru and arranged for a large, distracting fire. With the guards of guard, it was easier to overcome them and free Klargus. This was good practising for a few days later, when I repeated the same trick to free count Deglan. Both were very glad I did this, but most of all count Delinard was relieved that his brother returned safely.


Business conducted in the dark, leading to a distracting fire. Twice Floris used this trick to free Swadian nobles. Now shown in the DPC.

When I rode the trade routes again, to build up more reserve, I arrived again in Suno, where I spoke with the freed count Klargus. He finally returned Rolf to me, but didn't want to tell me what he had done with him. Rolf was not that talkable too. When I asked further, I still couldn't get more info. Maybe it had something to do with the war between Swadia and Khergit? I suppose so, since count Klargus asked me to deliver a letter as soon as possible to the Khergit noyan Tredian. Tredian then asked me to deliver another letter to the Swadian count Regas. Am I an errand boy? Apparently, since I'm still doing it. Maybe I'll find out what this is all about when I deliver this letter to Regas.

While I rode hence and forth, I made quite a few friends. I of course didn't forget to visit old ones too. I met count Grainwad, an old friend from my time as margrave of Swadia. I told him of my recent successes, my marriage and my victories in battle. He was impressed, and when I asked him to join my side, he gladly accepted the honour. A little later I met with count Delinard, whose brother I had freed. This had made such an impression on him, that he also joined Holland. But he brought also the city of Uxkhal and three nearby villages with him. My territory expanded much more by smooth talk than it had done through force. This was going pretty well. My tongue is of gold. I noticed that when I returned to Khudan: Berenz was waiting for me there. He had fought for the Vaegir for a while, but all his attempts for glory had gone astray. My proposal to join my kingdom had appealed more to him than he had realised before, so he came to me to join my ranks. Of course I couldn't refuse it.


Pictures of all the nobles that joined Floris' side. Courtesy of the PPP.

After my talk to lord Berenz, I still had to conduct some unresolved business: the recapture of Sungetche castle. Again. I rode out, and having experience with this particular battle, I won gloriously. This time I put quite a few men - even though they were just peasants - as a guard before assigning it again to lord Montewar. The moment I left the place again, two Vaegir boyars already came in to recapture it. I rode out with quite a few mamlukes, and made such an impression on them, that boyar Ralcha fled the scene and Marmun decided to join me! The past month has been good: I got financial reserves again, got new vassals and got a whole new city to join my kingdom. It's time to push forward, to show the real power of Holland.


Gameplay notes
I have installed both the More Horses as the More Warhorses mods, which in total makes more 53 horses available in game. So maybe you'll see some strange horses soon.
Here is a picture of Floris' current stats:

There have been many changes the past month. After count Delinard joins my side, I get his lands - the city of Uxkhal and surrounding villages - too. But there has also been some hammering on Swadia. While half a year ago they were superior, dominating everyone with their massive army and fast lands, they have been diminished now to the size of the Vaegirs. The Nord and Khergit are dividing their lands, while the Rhodoks once in a while take a little bit too.


Master Knight
Thanks for all three compliments!

Shall we keep the posts in here in English? My Romanian isn't that well, and google translate couldn't translate half of it. I also guess not every reader will understand Dutch, or Medieval Dutch (Floris' language) for example :smile:.


Master Knight
Chapter 28: The last of the Vaegirs
24 January 1259

Dear Diary,

By the end of last year, I had convinced several lords to join me. Lord Delinard even brought the city of Uxkhal and the three surrounding villages with him. The kingdom of Holland was much stronger now, and the hammering the Vaegirs had been doing the past time on my villages, was now turned around. My vassals rode along the Vaegir cities, and plundered them constantly. Even the Khergit were waging war with them. With my holdings save for a while, I decided to make one more trade run to accumulate sufficient funds, and then to go once again in the attack.

While I rode to the south, going from Tulga to Ahmerrad and Shariz, to Jelkala and Suno and once again to Tulga and Ahmerrad, several Vaegir messengers approached me. Last year I had send on several occasions an offer for peace to them, but king Yaroglek had refused every time. Now the roles were reversed: I didn't accept any of the offers for a peaceful solution they gave me. Six times in two weeks, but still I let my vassals hammer on them. In this time I also convinced emir Stamar to join my side, while lord Frainchin betrayed me and went to the Khergit. After this time I got over 25,000 denars, and was I ready to make another attempt on Rivacheg. Reyvadin had already fallen to the Khergit, so I had to hurry.


While I rode form city to city, I occasionally had to fight my way to the market against ordinary robbers. Sometimes they were scared and hard to find. 'Robbers at the market' is now shown in DPC.

Before I could start my attack run on the last Vaegir city, I needed to gather my vassals. Together we're stronger, and it was most likely for the Vaegir boyars to gather in their last main holdout. I had to travel to Uxkhal and back to get hold most of them. I already gathered my siege army - fifty of my best archers, including many Swadian and Rhodoks sharpshooters, my best infantry and even some Swadian knights and Sarranid mamlukes - and set out to order my vassals to join me. I couldn't send word out to meet me here, since the campaign I had set out several months ago was still going on.

It took me four days to gather five of my eight lords: Plais, Delinard, Grainwad, Stamar and Marmun. Especially lord Delinard wasn't moving very fast, slowing the entire army down. But I'd need his 148 men, so he'd be forgiven. Together we marched through half Calradia, since I had met most of them around the city of Uxkhal. On 20 January we finally arrived at Rivacheg, the city I had attempted before to capture. Now I was stronger and with more men: now we'd beat them. Before the gates the main Vaegir army had gathered, but fled into the city at the sight of mine (even though they had more men). Boyar Doru even fled the scene! Once again I would attempt to besiege the place, but this time they'd had to face the main Hollandic army instead of just me.


The main Vaegir army had gathered before the city of Rivacheg.

While boyar Doru hung around the mountains near the city, not daring to approach the scene, I laid siege and started to build a siege tower. Once again it took me 48 hours. In the meantime the main Vaegir army was shivering within the city walls, not daring to come out and face me head-on. While I was building the tower, I heard that the Nords declared war on the diminishing kingdom of Swadia. I wonder how long there will be a Swadia left. Last year they were ruling supreme, and now they are almost wiped out.

On 22 January, at the start of the evening, the siege tower was finally finished. I ordered and lead the attack. First we started with a bombardment of arrows, while a few brave men rode the tower towards the wall. While the tower was ridden, I already ran towards the top, and started to shoot with my crossbow many bolt towards the defenders. Their walls hindred me much less from above. When the tower reached the walls, many men stormed up and began attacking the defenders, who fenced off fiercely. It was a slaughter, but from the back of the siege tower I managed to tip the balance in our favour. I shot many of their archers before they could do too many damage. At a certain moment I ran out of bolts, and followed my men onto the walls, and ran down the stairs. From the ground within the city I shot many enemy forces down who were clogging up with my men. After the main force was beaten, we had to sweep the streets and finish off all resistance fighters hiding in alleys before we could reach the keep safely. Once we passed this obstacle, we stormed the gates and broke into the heart of Rivacheg. We eliminated the last soldiers in the throne room. The last Vaegir city was mine.


The battle of Rivacheg was a fierce one, but in the end my men managed to overcome the defenders and conquer the place. Courtesy of the PPP.

There was only one place left where the Vaegir were holding out: Bulughy castle. After my victory in Rivacheg, I immediately took lord Delinard and Plais, and marched towards the place. On the way I fought and defeated boyar Doru, even though he managed to escape. When I arrived, I immediately began a siege, and started preparing ladders to storm the walls. It only took 4 hours to build them, so the battle took place event he same day. Together with lord Delinard and Grainward I fought the last of the Vaegirs, and managed to conquer their last holding by first letting the archers fire a lot of rounds on the enemy, and then storm the place. once their last holding was mine, I was finally ready to accept a peace with the nobles that were left. The entire Vaegir faction had been destroyed. I rode back home to Khudan.


The Vaegirs have been eliminated.


Gameplay notes
As you might have noticed, I now have a custom banner for Floris. It's the real flag of Holland, which of course suits him best (the previous one came pretty close though!).The initial design comes from wikipedia. I also installed the Better Banners Mod along the process of adding it.
Another sidenote: when I fought the battle of Rivacheg, the game crashed at a moment victory seemed certain. So I loaded it up again, and there was once again a crash. After the third time the game stopped, I lowered the battle size to 150 instead of 1000, but the game kept on crashing at a moment victory seemed certain. I tried to load it without any mods, but the savegame wouldn't let me. Then I went back to all the mods, but kept the battle size at 150. Suddenly it didn't crash, and I was able to conquer the city. I don't know why or how this all happeed, but after this incident I set the battle size back to 1000.
Since Floris' stats haven't changed this month, I'll show you an overview of the kingdom of Holland (including the new banner!):

The Vaegirs have been eliminated, as you can see. Their lands have been usurped by both the Khergit and Holland.


No, mândră poveste, tăt aşa-ncontinuare! = Nice story, keep on (carry on)!

There is nothing offensive.

My respect!


Master Knight
Chapter 29: Peacefull trading
20 March 1259

Dear Diary,

There has been a time of peace and prosperity in Holland. No war, no villages that have been looted, no fields that have been ruined. It all stopped the moment the Vaegirs had been eliminated as a faction. Wars between other factions of course raged on - there wouldn't be any real lasting peace as long as Calradia was divided - but I finally had the space and time to reorganise my kingdom. My first action was to bring all my elite forces to Bulugha Castle, which I hadn't assigned yet. As long as they were there, I wouldn't have to pay for their wages. I also started to recruit Khergit tribesmen, to station in the cities of Rivacheg and Khudan, and also in Bulugha castle. I'd do that before assigning these fiefs to anyone, because I knew from previous events around Sungethche castle that I couldn't trust my vassals to supply the places adequately with men. It would take a lot of time for me to fill it up, but well, I had the time as long as there was peace.

At all times I kept 25 Sarranid Mamlukes alongside me: together with my close companions they were enough to fence off most attackers. The road between Khudan and Rivacheg was invested with bandits and raiders. While I rode hence and forth with my men, I fought against many, trying to make my country a safer place. With my elite troops in the party, those common bandits didn't pose a great threat. It was also a great training ground for the less experienced men which I wanted to train to full-blown elite martial artists. While I was hunting raiders and bandits, and went out to the Khergit Khanate to recruit more men, I kept, besides the 25 mamlukes, also 25 men I wanted to train: When my party grew sufficient large enough, I brought the new elite troops to the castle and spread the khergit tribesmen out over the three different holdings.


There were quite a few bandits roaming between the cities of Rivacheg and Khudan. DPC now shows 'Pirates of the Vaegirs: curse of the Pearled One.'

On the 12th of February, I found tucked away in the royal hall of Bulughu castle a parchment with a trade route along most of the cities of Calradia, discovered by a merchant named Vantard and written down by his scribe Galdus. It started in the city of Wercheg, which was actually not too far from this castle, and rode along all the outer cities in a circle across the land. So I set out to ride this newly discovered trade route. It took me twelve days to visit every city on the route, and to buy and sell all the goods that were profitable. Not all went as planned: some of the named goods weren't available, or were overpriced, but still I managed to make a profit of 13,500 denars, which wasn't that bad at all. 1125 denars per day.


The trade route I found, going past most of the city, displayed on the original map of Calradia. Thanks to Vantard and Galdus.

After I was finished, I decided to make another trade run, but this time with some slight alterations. Let me give an overview of this new route:

To buy under X
To sell above X

1. Ruvar, a village near Wercheg: Buy: Salt 150
2. Wercheg: Buy: Salt 150, Hides 90 (although not too much of them)
3. Curaw: Buy: Iron 150, Tools 380, Sell: Salt 270
4. Ismarala, a village near Curaw: Buy: Iron 150
5. Fenada, a village near Sargoth: Buy: Flax 100
6. Sargoth: Sell: Salt 270
7. Tihr: Sell: Iron 300, Tools 450
8. Kwynn, a village near Sargoth: Buy: Flax 100
9. Sargoth: Buy: All of the Flax 100 and Linen 220, Wool 70
10. Uxkhal: Sell: Hides 100, Wool 120
11. Suno: Buy: Oil 320, Wine 200
12. Shariz: Buy: Date Fruits 70, Sell: Linen 350, Wine 300
13. Durquba: Sell: Flax 150
14. Ahmerrad: Buy: Iron 150, Wool 70, Sell: Wine 300
15. Bariyye: Buy: Date Fruit 70, Iron 150, Salt 150, Tools 380, Sell: Linen 350, Wine 300, Wool 120
16. Iqbal, a village near Bariyye: Buy: Salt 150, Date Fruit 70
17. Fishara, a village near Bariyye: Buy: Salt 150, Date Fruit 70
18. Uzgha, a village near Ahmerrad: Buy: Iron 150
19. Tulga: Buy: Spice 600, Salt 150, Sell: Iron 300, Date Fruits 120
20. Ahmerrad: Buy: Iron 150, Sell: Spice 800
21. Durquba: Sell: Spice 800
22. Jelkala: Buy: Velvet 700, Fish 30, Hides 90, Sell: Iron 300, Salt 270, Tools 450
23. Veluca: Buy: Grain 30, Hides 90, Sell: Fish 90, Velvet 950
24. Uxkhal: Sell: Grain 50, Hides 100, Salt 270
25. Suno: Buy: Oil 320, Wine 150, Sell: Grain 50, Hides 100, Salt 270
26. Praven: Buy: Wool 70, Sell: Oil 450, Salt 270
27. Yalen: Buy: Wine 200, Wool 70, Sell: Salt 270
28. Jelkala: Buy: Fish 30, Velvet
29. Shariz: Buy: Date Fruit 70, Sell: Fish 100, Wine 300
30. Dhirim: Buy: Iron 150, Sell: Velvet 1000
31. Tulga: Buy: Spice 600, Sell: Iron 300, Wool 120
32. Bariyye: Buy: Iron 150, Sell: Velvet 1000
33. Ahmerrad: Buy: Iron 150, Wool Cloth 200, Sell: Spice 800
34. Durquba: Sell: Spice 800
35. Halmar: Buy: Salt 150
36. Dhirim: Buy: Iron 150, Sell: Wool Cloth 270
37. Reyvadin: Sell: Iron 300
38. Khudan: Sell: Iron 300
39. Rivacheg: Sell: Iron 300

This new route is more complicated and longer, but despite that more profitable. It took me 22 days to finish the entire route, and made a profit of 45100 denars from it. That's 2050 denars per day!


A new and complicated route, with great profits.

While I rode along all these cities and villages, I started to improve the equipment of my companions. One time I bought stuff in this city, then I that:I visited them all, and was able to choose only the best of the best. I decided that all my companions should have equal equipment, except for Marnid and Borcha, who'd have a slight alteration. I'm still busy equipping them to the best I can, but these are the gear they should have in the end:

- Winged Great Helmet (+55 head armor)
- Plate Armor (+55 body armor, +17 leg armor)
- Plate boots or (+33 leg armor)
- Gauntlets (+6 body armor)
- A Warhorse (armor 58, speed 39, maneuver 44, charge 32, hit points 165)
- Two Steel Shields (Hit points 700, resistance 17, size 79, speed rating 61)
- Balanced Jousting Lance (Polearm, thrust 20b, speed rating 64, reach 240)
- Tempered Bastard Sword (One-/Two-Handed, swing 39c, thrust 30p, speed rating 98, weapon reach 101)

Marnid and Borcha have instead of one of the shields and the lance:
- Masterwork Light Crossbow (damage 49p, accuracy 99, speed rating 46: This crossbow can be used on horseback)
- Steel Bolts (+2 to damage)

Some of my companions still have some training ahead of them, like Nizar, who keeps on falling from the warhorses, but I'm sure they'll get there in the end. For myself I'll buy the same gear, but then the Lordly variant. It will take me many more months before we'll fully equipped, but then we'll be the hardest and best warband Calradia has ever seen: the Winged Warriors.


Here I present Firentis, the first of my companions to be fully equipped, both standing on his feet and sitting on his horse. My companions will be recognisable by the different cloths their warhorses carry.

The past two months have been very quiet, for which I am gratefull. It allowed me to start arming and preparing for the future. If the other factions can leave me alone for just a little longer, they won't know what will hit them.Their constant arguing isn't working: it's surprising that none of them has had the vision to raise one enormous army and conquer the entire empire. Well, then I'll just do it bit by bit.


Gameplay notes
I'm using now the Reworked Armors Mini Mod, which gives better detailed armor.
Here is a picture of Floris' current stats:

During February, the Sarranid were doing pretty well. They were winning their war with the Khergit. But then, at the dawn of March, the Rhodoks decided to meddle in their business and declared war too. Fighting a two front war was too much for the Sarranid, and they were driven back. Now they made peace with the Khergit, and have only to fight the Rhodoks.


Master Knight
Chapter 30: Fiefs and lords
16 April 1259

Dear Diary,

Today I made an important decision. An act of aggressiveness, unheard of in the past. But it was necessary for the greater good of Calradia, and my ascention to emperor one day. It all began a month ago, when I started another trade round. The past time I had begun to equip my close companions, and myself, with the best armor I could find. This took some time, and costed quite a lot of money. There were some very profitable trade routes I exploited more than once. After the elimination of the Vaegir most other factions didn't dare to touch me, so I could ride and buy in peace. And so I did. I travelled through the lands of the Nord, visited Swadia and rode to Rhodoks' cities. But when I arrived in Yalen, I noticed that the war between Swadia and the Nords was going too well for the Nords. They had recently conquered the royal city of Praven, leaving Swadia with just Suno under their guidance, along with Kelredan castle and Telvarin castle. I had to do something, or else all of Swadia would fall into Nord hands.

So instead of continuing to make the full trade round I had started, I shortened it to get as quickly as possible back to my troops station in Bulugha castle. I brought all of my elite forces to my capital, Khudan, and then selected a few that would accompany me. Of course I kept my 25 loyal Sarranid mamlukes, but I also gathered 50 Swadian sharpshooters and 30 Swadian sergeants. With this siege army I went to Khudan, to let my wife sent my declaration of war to king Harlaus of Swadia. When I entered the great hall, I saw a crowd: a lot of people had heard of the wonder that is called 'Holland', and had decided that they wanted to join my side. I had to elbow my way through them all to find my wife, to conduct some state business.


A lot of people were drawn to Holland: around the corner even more men were standing around my wife. Go to DPC to see them.

when I finally reached my wife Nelda, she pointed out to me that lord Grainwad and lord Taisa had a major difference of opinion: that several of my lords were torn between choosing sides, and that their quarrel was hitting the stability of my country. That had to stop, but unfortunately Grainwad wasn't present in Khudan. Lord Taisa was, and I told him he needed to tone down on my good friend Grainwad. He would, but I would have to talk to him too. And so I would: this problem had to be resolved. But first I needed to do some state business.

Lords Plais, Stamar and Taisa all hadn't had any fiefs and my relation with them deteriorated fast. To put a stop to that, I decided to give them some responsibility. I assigned Rivacheg to Plais and the castle of Bulugha to Stamar, while giving the village of Udiniad to Taisa. Also I promised myself I wouldn't take in any more vassals without the means to reward them: else their relation would deteriorate endlessly. While I was at it, I assigned the villages of Shapeshte, Vezin and Fisdnar to myself. With my kingdom well divided among my vassals, and more waiting to be taken under my wings, it was time for action. It was time to gather forces and claim the last pieces of a dying kingdom: it was time to declare war on Swadia, to fight them instead of the other way around. And so I did today, the 16th of April.


I declared war on Swadia.

My declaration of war is my first real act of aggression, and quite a lot of my companions and vassals were surprised by it. But if I won't do it, the Nords will conquer Suno before me. Having Praven is a good step to launch a campaign against the Rhodoks, but with Suno it really can't be avoided. And once they conquer the Rhodoks, nothing can stop them. I have to halt their advancement now. Because. This. Is. Holland!


Gameplay notes
Now I'm using the Historic Castles Project - the British Isles, in which six castles have been replaced by very good replicas of old British castles.
Here is a picture of Floris' current stats:

The fall of Praven has opened the southern lands to the Nords, something I can't allow to extend to Suno.

Malik Faris

King Harlaus: THIS IS MADNESS!
King Floris: THIS. IS. HOLLAND!
*King Floris kicks King Harlaus into the bottomless pit of death*

dude i love this, it totally makes me want to play M&B while i read this.

also, epic win:
From that moment on I started to have nightmares. In my dreams a dark voice came booming to me, saying incomprehensible words like 'Script error on opcode'. It drove me mad, and I was even hearing it while I was wide awake! Was it the stress of running a kingdom?

you roleplayed a game error flawlessly.


Master Knight
Chapter 31: End of Swadia
19 May 1259

Dear Diary,

Last month I declared war on the kingdom of Swadia, in order to annex their last holdings, including the city of Suno. But in order to do that, I needed quite some forces. I rode around and managed to get lord Plais behind me. My first encounter with Swadian forces was actually pretty close to Rivacheg: I met count Mirchaud, who I charged. I defeated him stunningly, and managed to capture him. Of course I let him go: he became a true friend by doing this. Then I moved on to the city of Uxkhal, from which I would lead my campaign against Swadia. Just before I reached the place, I heard the kingdoms of Swadia and Nords made peace. Good: now there was no danger anymore of Nord nobles stealing Suno away from me.

At Uxkhal I met count Grainwad, whom I pledged my support in the dispute between him and Taisa. Of course my relation with Taisa was hurt really much by this, but Grainwad was following me more loyally than ever. I urged him then to sent word to all nobles to assemble at Uxkhal: my campaign needed to start from there, since it was my main base of operations against Swadia. Thus Grainwad and Delinard joined me in my quest for Suno.

On 21 April I arrived with quite an army at the gates of Suno, where king Harlaus himself had taken seat. I ordered Artimenner and his team of skillfull engineers to construct the siege ladders, and stormed the place after the four hours of construction. The fighting was fierce, especially around those ladders: bodies were spread all around. Many men died during the storming, many more got wounded. 322 defenders died, against 67 of my allies and 31 of my men. But in the end we overcame the walls, and breached the city. Just like with Rivacheg I met resistance in the cities, which Firentis and I quickly oppressed. But when we ran enthusiastic into the throne room, the men hiding behind the throne surprised us. Luckily my men were capable and together we quickly slayed them. Suno, and the two surrounding villages of Iyindah and Ruluns, was mine now.


A short extract from the show in DPC displaying the siege of Suno.

After the city had been captured, I ordered both Plais and Grainwad to stay behind while I rode back to Khudan. Not only to replenish my men, but also to assign my newly conquered fiefs to new vassals. Three fiefs, three new vassals. They were waiting for me in the hall of my capital. I assigned Suno to lord Doru, the person in my hall with the highest reputation, Ruluns to lord Naldera and Iyindah to lord Alagur. After this state business, I returned with a fresh army to the field: Kelredan castle awaited to be conquered by my troops.

On the road I met four lords, who joined me in my quest for this castle. Together we arrived at the place, where the Swadian lords were licking their wounds. Artimenner immediately started to work on a siege tower, and after 48 hours we finally stormed the place. It was a lot easier than the city of Suno, due to that tower. Together we ran up the walls, and took over the towers, from which we shot the defenders down on the square. The moment none of the enemy was standing anymore, I entered with the lords the great hall, where we were ambushed. Many sharpshooters were waiting us there, and before I was able to pull down my shield, they had taken me down. My companions dragged me away, and we had to start the siege all over again. The tower was taken down too and had to be build again. After 48 hours we stormed once again the walls. Using the same tactics, we overcame the few defenders left. This time there was no-one waiting for us in the throne room.


My men were ready to push the siege tower towards Kelredan castle. Courtesy of DPC and the PPP.

The only places left under Swadian control, were Tevarin castle and the neighbouring village of Balanli. Before I would exterminate Harlaus and his loyal subjects, I needed to replenish my men once again and recruit two more nobles for the recently conquered castle and village. So I rode hence and forth to Khudan, and returned to Suno with a fresh siege army. I gave Kelredan castle to lord Kumipa and the village of Chide to lord Urubay. After I returned to Suno, I rode immediately to the last Swadian outpost.

At Suno I had gathered my lords Grainwad, Montewar, Beranz and Delinard to accompany me towards that castle. When we approached the place, all Swadian lords fled in every direction, some even towards us, like count Ryis and Khavel. Of course I met them in the field, and crushed their small armies. I captured count Ryis, but let him go. Then I laid siege to Tevarin castle. In four hours the ladders were prepared, and we stormed the place. In hindsight we didn't need those ladders, since the gates were wide open. But still we had to climb countless stairs until we finally reached the enemy. In this old mote castle we fought and overwhelmed the defenders. The last Swadian outpost had fallen.


The army marches forward to take Tevarin castle, as is now shown in DPC.

The last free nobles of Swadia roamed the woods, hunted down by my forces. I didn't find them all, although some of them decided to go to my capital in order to join my faction. I did fight against Mirchaud, and helped Delinard out defeating count Klargus. The last stroke I made was against king Harlaus himself: hunted like an animal he fled through the woods, but I was able to catch up. All those nobles had fought bravely, but now it was time for them to move on. Back in Khudan I had expected more of them to see in my throne room than I did. I rewarded Tevarin castle to lord Grainwad, who had quite a lot of support among the nobles, and the village of Balanli to lord Vuldrat. After this I rode out and both recruited new men while trading some goods around the Khergit khanate and Sarranid sultanate, making a short round ending up once again in my capital Khudan.


The kingdom of Swadia has been eliminated.


Gameplay notes
Here is a picture of Floris' current stats:

The kingdom of Swadia has been absorbed by the kingdom of Holland, but in the meantime the Khergit Khanate took over Dhirim and surrounding lands form the Nords, effectively connecting all their holdings.
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