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Me, Floris
A 'Mount & Blade: Warband' AAR


Welcome to this After Action Report, or in short: AAR. I couldn't find a special subsection for AARs, so therefor I post it over here.

An AAR is, like the name suggest, a report from a game. It can be written in many different formats, like gameplay (with many in-game screenshots to show what is going on in the game) or narrative (A story written around a game, screenshots are not necessary). It's basically a story based on the game. In this case, it's Mount & Blade: Warband, the single player campaign. I'm trying to find a nice balance between gameplay and narrative, although my initial goal was to just display what was going on in the game.

I started this AAR on the Paradox forum. This is a mirror posting of the original: I asked permission to the admins before doing this. It will take me maybe a few days or weeks, but I intent to synchronise the posting of chapters on both forums. If you can't wait for me to post all finished chapters, you can already start reading over here. After chapter 31 everything is synchronized, and there's a true mirror posting.

I'm fairly new to the MBW series, so count on me to make a lot of in-game mistakes. But maybe that will make this AAR more interesting. In this spirit I'll play with the option 'save when quit', so there will be no turning back once I totally screw things up. To keep things interesting and fair, I set the the following options:
Damage to Player: Normal
Damage to Friends: Normal
Combat AI: Good
Campaign AI: Good
Combat Speed: Normal
Battle Size: 150
This gives me a difficult rating of 102%. Well, I'll have to see how far I'll get with this.

I started native, without any mods. Later I used the following:
- Since chapter 18 I use the Battle Size Changer to set the maximum battle size to 1000. This raises the difficulty to 203%.
- Since chapter 21 I use the Arena Overhaul mod to make the arena's more interesting.
- Since chapter 27 I use both the More Horses as the More Warhorses mods, to have, like the name says, more types of horses in the game.
- Since chapter 28 I use the Better Banners Mod, along with a custom banner for displaying the true flag of Holland.
- Since chapter 29 I use the Reworked Armors Mini Mod to make some armor more detailed.
- Since chapter 30 I use the Historic Castles Project - the British Isles, in which six castles have been replaced by very good replicas of old British castles.
- Since chapter 32 I use Diplomacy 1.10beta, a mod which gives you not only a wide variety of diplomatic options, but also better ways to manage your kingdom.
- From chapter 33 till 38 I used the Epic Heraldry Mini-mod for Warband 0.65, in which the troops wear the banners of their lords on their cloths and shields.
- Since chapter 35 I use the More Metal Sound Mod V2.1, where the battle sounds are enriched with more metal sounds.
- Since chapter 39 I updated the game to version 1.125, and updated all the mods along with it.
- Since chapter 42 I replaced the town signs with King Floris signs.
- Since Chapter 47 I updated the game to version 1.127, updated the mods along with it, and added the following ones too:
* Faction Arms Coloured v1.0 A minimod where the black and transparent faction arms are coloured.
* Magus Mod v1.7 Restyles and expands the troop trees.
* The Chocolate Box v1.01 Adds a total of 61 new items to the game.
* Utrehd's Castle Pack v.0.32 Quite some castles and cities have been replaced by new models. Unfortunately the download url didn't work anymore, so I took these from El Arte de la Guerra v1.6.
* Utrehd's Music Pack v.0.8 Adds a lot of new and cool music to the game.
* OSP Warband Item Variants v1.6 Adds a total of 529 new items to the game.
- Since chapter 48 I updated the game to version 1.131, and I use the Floris Expanded Mod Pack instead of the other mods. Of course still with the Battle Sizer active.
- Since chapter 49 I updated the game to version 1.134, and I use the Floris Expanded Mod Pack version 2.3.
- Since chapter 51 I use the Floris Expanded Mod Pack version 2.4.
- Since chapter 56 I didn't use the game anymore (I lost the modded game, unfortunately), and just wrote the story.

Here is a list with chapters:
Introduction, 3 March 1257
Roaming Free
Chapter 1: The merchant, 25 March 1257
Chapter 2: The criminal, 30 March 1257
Chapter 3: The letter, 12 April 1257
Chapter 4: World trade tour, 5 May 1257
Chapter 5: The feast, 20 May 1257
Chapter 6: The spy, 26 June 1257
Count of Swadia
Chapter 7: Peace?, 11 July 1257
Chapter 8: Caravans and a maiden, 1 August 1257
Chapter 9: Relations with Dhirim, 24 August 1257
Chapter 10: Cattle and Caravan, 10 September 1257
Chapter 11: The Rhodoks War, 26 September 1257
Chapter 12: People come and go, 1 November 1257
Chapter 13: A claim has been made, 30 November 1257
Chapter 14: Defensive and offensive, 15 December 1257
Chapter 15: Halmar under attack, 1 January 1258
Chapter 16: Matheld and the wool, 26 January 1258
Margrave of Swadia
Chapter 17: Building support, 1 March 1258
Chapter 18: The sieges, 3 April 1258
Chapter 19: Looking for my companions, 26 April 1258
Chapter 20: Swadia burning, 9 July 1258
Chapter 21: Floris' harem, 21 July 1258
Chapter 22: Sungetche castle, 17 August 1258
King of Holland
War with Swadia
Chapter 23: Vassals wanted, 19 September 1258
Chapter 24: Breaking the enemy, 8 October 1258
War with the Vaegirs
Chapter 25: War and love, 14 November 1258
Chapter 26: The wedding, 21 November 1258
Chapter 27: Join my side, 28 December 1258
Chapter 28: The last of the Vaegirs, 24 January 1259
Chapter 29: Peacefull trading, 20 March 1259
Chapter 30: Fiefs and lords, 16 April 1259
War with Swadia
Chapter 31: End of Swadia, 19 May 1259
Chapter 32: Bureaucratic revolution, 10 June 1259
War with the Khergit
Chapter 33: The feast of war, 14 July 1259
Chapter 34: Expansion, 23 July 1259
Chapter 35: I want Radoghir castle, 19 August 1259
Chapter 36: The feasts of Khudan, 10 November 1259
Chapter 37: Blitzkrieg, 15 November 1259
Chapter 38: For pork and chicken, 25 November 1259
Chapter 39: The last march, 2 December 1259
Chapter 40: Mr. Smith, 10 December 1259
Chapter 41: Industrial Revolution, 12 April 1260
Chapter 42: Meet the Masters, 31 May 1260
Chapter 43: A forebode to war, 8 June 1260
War with the Nord
Chapter 44: Conquering a peninsula, 11 June 1260
Chapter 45: The face of war changed, 14 June 1260
Chapter 46: Last remnants of the army, 20 June 1260
Chapter 47: Change during the truce, 9 July 1260
Hakim's move
Chapter 48: Hakim's peace, 15 September 1260
Chapter 49: Dreams made of snow, 27 December 1260
Chapter 50: Hakim's move, 13 March 1261
The day the world changed
Chapter 51: The training fields, 26 November 1263, 5 AM
Chapter 52: The mystery of the women, 26 November 1263, 7 AM
Chapter 53: Impending crisis, 26 November 1263, almost noon
Chapter 54: The speech, 26 November 1263, 2 PM
Chapter 55: Ride to the Rhodoks, 26 November 1263, 9 PM
The final countdown
Chapter 56: The gathering storm, 5 December 1263
Chapter 57: A deserted kingdom, 12 December 1263
Chapter 58: Conquest of Yalen, 14 December 1263
Chapter 59: Downfall, 15 December 1263
Chapter 60: Rebirth, 16 December 1263
Roaming Free
Epilogue, 3 March 1264

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Winner of the third quarter 2010 ACA, open category.
Character writer of the week on 24 September 2011.


Master Knight
3 March 1257

Dear Diary,

For almost 23 years I've travelled the world, sailed the seas and seen strange lands. But for the past few months I've been really lost. I've sailed with several different ships, which have all sunken in different storms. Five times I've been rescued from certain death while clinging to remainders of the ship's debree. I have no clue where these storms have led me. The sun still rises, and the sea is still blue, but the stars all look different. The old constellations I have learned to trust have all disappeared, and new ones blink in the night. I don't know how this is possible: all I know is that I'm very far away from my home.

Home... I haven't been there in 23 years. My dear Holland. For all I know my children and everyone I love must think I'm dead. I don't know if I ever can go back, so it is easier to forget my past and move on to what lies ahead of me. But even after more than two decades, it still hurts how it all ended. My name is Floris IV, former count of Holland. I was born on 24 June 1210 in The Hague, and got count when my father Willem I died on 4 February 1222. Two years later, when I was 14, I married Machteld of Brabant. We got six beautiful children, who must be married adults by now. How I long to see them, and how torn I am knowing that I can't.

My rule ended suddenly at that stupid tournament in Corbie, France, in 1234. I did pretty well, which made quite an impression on Mathildis II of Boulogne. She even wrote me a love letter! That was quite a stupid thing for her to do, since both she and I were both married. I even dined with her husband, Philippe Hurepel de Clermont, when I received that letter. Both he and I were honour bound to duel over this, which we of course did. Unfortunately it all ended up pretty badly. We both got hit: Philippe died on the spot, and I dragged myself out of there. Even though I had won the duel, I couldn't face the rest of the participants of the tournament. So fled. Unfortunately, when I passed through Zeeland, almost home, a storm set up and drove me away. I never saw my home again.

But now things are about to change. I heard from the sailors that we will soon be some kind of land, Calradia, with six kingdoms. Since there is no way I can get back to Holland, I'll have to make the best out of it in this land. I don't know what lies ahead of me, but it can't be much different from what I know back home, can it? I'll be curious to the town the sailors will drop me: it's called Praven, the capital of the kingdom of Swadia. I'll write more when I get there.


Gameplay notes
I made the following choices creating the character of Floris:
Gender: Male
His father was: An impoverished noble
In his early life he was: A page at a nobleman's court
As a young adult he became: A squire
He left because of: Wanderlust
Here is a picture of Floris' starting stats:


Master Knight
Chapter 1: The merchant
25 March 1257

Dear Diary,

Finally I arrived on 23 March in Praven. What a welcome I got... First the cold steel from a bandit, who knocked me out: then a warm drink in the local tavern from a merchant. After I regained my conscious and thanked the man for his intervention, he offered me a job. While I was a count back home, I'm nothing over here. I'll have to start from scratch, so I accepted to gather some farmers and head out to save his brother form some bandits. To start out, he gave me 100 denars, apparently the local currency.


The local merchant of Praven

I travelled the countryside, and discovered that the kingdom isn't that densely populated. I spotted only a few villages, and even less cities. I first travelled to Azgad, where no-one wanted to join me, then to Lyindah, where I found five people to fight for me, and finally to Veidar, where one person wanted to walk besides me. Together we tracked down the bandits that had taken the merchant's brother, and after a short interrogation we headed for their secret lair.


I rode through the surroundings of Praven

Their secret hideout was hidden near the village of Elbern. On the road towards there more men joined my cause, so I could enter with a small band of farmers around me. I can't call them soldiers yet, although some start to learn. Maybe I'll be able to raise an army in this strange kingdom, and be a count again. Anyway, the next day, on the 24th, I attacked their lair. It was located in a valley: I first cleared the high ground before daring to enter the valley itself. From up there we had quite a good advantage, and managed to eliminate all the kidnappers. The long lost brother was finally free.


From the higher ground I managed to defeat the bandits.

I immediately returned to Praven, where I arrived the next day. When I collected my reward, the merchant told me that the bandits had help from within the walls: the captain of the watch was corrupt and had let them in. There were still bandits in town, and innocent victims would be kidnapped again unless something was done about it. So he asked if I would lead a small army against these villians, which I gladly accepted. In the middle of the night we stroke, and managed to overpower the unsuspecting bandits. During the day I followed some escaped looters, but in the end all villians were stricken down. The merchant would explain this situation to the king. These were some exciting first three days.


Gameplay notes
Here is a picture of Floris' current stats:


Master Knight
Chapter 2: The criminal
30 March 1257

Dear Diary,

After I had conducted my business with the merchant, I paid king Harlaus himself a visit. My name had indeed not been mentioned, since I wasn't immediately thrown into jail. As a former count, I knew the ways of the court, and managed to get an audience, event though I was an unknown beggar in his eyes. We got to talk a little and finally he told me that the lawless villain Raurque the Fearless had murdered one of his best captains. This was the perfect opportunity to get myself into a good light, so I offered to track that criminal down and bring him to justice. He was last seen in the town of Yaragar, so I decided that I should go there first.


King Harlaus asks me to track down a dangerous criminal.

Underway I came by the city of Suna, where I bought some oil. I had heard that it could be sold with much profit in the foreign cities of Jelkala and Ichamur: Jelkala was just down the road from Yaragar, so it would be the perfect combination with my mission from the king. As a poverised noble without earthly possessions I knew that there was only one feasible way to make much money around here: by trade. If I'm to survive the coming weeks, I'll need to find a source of income. This can be it: buying stuff in one city, and riding it to the next.

On the 26th I rode into Yaragar, a small village in the middle of Swadia. I looked around, until I saw a very suspicious man standing around their mill. He kept a close watch on me and my horse, which immediately drew my attention. When I asked him about Raurque, he immediately started to deny the accusations, even before I had uttered them. I didn't need any more proof of his guild, and executed the punishment quickly. It felt like the power I had back home, in Holland. For a moment I was a count again. Unfortunately the villagers weren't that happy about a neighbour being killed in their backyard. I quickly rode on to the kingdom of Rhodoks, where I went to the city of Jelkala.


I approach the mill with the nervous looking man.

In Jelkala I was just in time to enter the tournament. I was a bit wary, since the last time I had participated in one, my life drastically changed. But well, the worst thing possible had happened: I couldn't think of anything worse happening now than just losing it, which was exactly what happened. In the first round I was knocked out before I could take anyone with me. Since no-one knew me in this kingdom, I couldn't join the feast. How disappointing: I then rode back to Swadia, to report back to king Harlaus.

While on the road, I passed through the city of Uxkhal: a tournament was also held over here, although without the festivities that had accompanied it in Jelkala. I first spoke with count Deliard, and promised him to help him with those forest bandits that troubled the roads lately. Back home I had heard stories about some bandits terrorizing the woods of Nothingham in England: This seemed to be a similar case. but before I went, I participated in the tournament. Even though I was knocked out again in the first round, I took someone with me this time. Recognizing my valour, they allowed me to participate in the second round, where I was hopelessly beaten.


King Harlaus rewards me for my help.

During the night I rode away, and in the wake of the morning of the 30th of March, I encountered king Harlaus in the field. Immediately I reported my success with the murderer, which pleased him, obviously. I started to gain his trust, since he asked me next if I could deliver a letter to count Haringoth. If I want to gain a title here in this land, I'll need to favour the king as much as possible. Even though it's not the way of a noble to be an errand boy, I accepted the letter. For great justice. But before I rode off to find count Haringoth, I went back to the royal capital of Praven.


Gameplay notes
Here is a picture of Floris' current stats:


Master Knight
Chapter 3: The letter
12 April 1257

Dear Diary,

The same day I received that letter, I started to ride towards Dhirim, where count Haringoth was last seen. It was a trip that took me two days. Not only due to the long travelling distance, but also because I fought some looters on the road, and dealt in some wine. Once I arrived in the city, the count was long gone. I asked lady Auberina, present and a little reluctant to receive me, where he could be, but all she could do was point me to some directions. So I went down to the bar to order some drinks, when I met a young lady named Ymira. She had run away from her family to avoid a diplomatic family marriage. How absurd from that lady to renounce her father's will, but better for me. She's quite handy in medical procedures, so I asked her if she could join my small growing army to take care of my men. After she said yes, I of course gave her some more practical clothes than her fancy dress. I'm not hiring her to be a court lady, but to be a field doctor.


My army grows steady: Ymira is a fine medical addition to the team.

I followed lady Auberina's directions, but count Haringoth was of course not there. Once again I was close to the city of Uxkhal, where I asked for directions. This mission to deliver a letter could become more difficult than I had originally thought. Everytime I would go where this count was supposed to be, he would of course be gone. This depressed me deeply, so I went down to the local tavern. But even there my misfortune wouldn't go away: I was immediately attacked by some drunken guy. I did win, but it seemed like a sign that hope was lost. But in this time of trouble, lady Bela came to me, whispering words of wisdom: 'Listen to me, listen to me.' She pointed out that count Haringoth has his own castle, Haringoth castle: he would probably be there.

I rode all day, but when it became dark, and I could see the castle already in front of me, some local bandits tried to rob me. That was a mistake they wouldn't make twice. Even though the fighting attracted even more bandits, four waves in total, I easily overcame them. But thanks to this delay, count Haringoth was already gone when I entered the castle. Lady Constansis said that he was patrolling the woods, in the direction of Lyindah, so I continued my roadtrip in that direction. On the road I met king Harlaus again. I asked him what he was doing here, in the woods, and he enlightened me:

'Floris,' he said, 'as a king I must be out in the field once in a while. Since my marshal is out on a campaign, it's up to me to secure the land surrounding my capital, Praven.'
'My liege, why don't you let one of your counts patrol the woods and lead your army yourself into victory?'
'To be honest,' the king said a little shy, 'I have no idea where our main army is. I just can't seem to find it. And how can I lead an army I can't find?'


King Harlaus admits he loses important things sometimes.

This revelation shocked me. How can a king lose his own army? And I mean not by getting it crushed by a superior foe, but because he's unable to find it. This clearly demonstrates that the king is an idiot, and needs to be replaced. I should save the poor people of Swadia from this madman, I should lead them. But I must be careful: if I want to replace the king, I'll need to act cautiously and make friends along the way. Ow, and count Haringoth wasn't around the small village of Lyindah: the king informed me that the count was currently in the city of Suno.

While moving towards Suno, count Regas walked towards me. After some greetings, he told me that the king had given him the mission to find able men for the war against the Khergit Khanate, and seeing my leadership and my skill against the bandits in the woods, he would really like me to join the kingdom. Of course I accepted: this was the opening I was looking for. But he also wanted me to bring him some prisoners of war: knowing that my current army wasn't of sufficient strength to counter a real trained foe instead of some men in the forest, I had to refuse. Then I moved on towards Suno, even though Regas told me count Haringoth was now near Vyincourd Castle: I had to relinquish myself from all the loot I had taken from all those bandits I had killed.


One of the many battles against the bandits roaming the woods.

Before I reached the city of Suno, I met count Klargus, lord of Suno. We got to talk, and he came up with an interesting proposal: since he had been unable to collect the Suno taxes for quite a while, he asked me to do so. In exchange I was allowed to keep one fifth of the amount. Twenty percent of the taxes from a large city? That would be really a lot. A chance I really should take. So I accepted, and rode the last few miles to Suno, demanding the people to pay up. It took me three days to collect them all. In the meantime I had to deal with unhappy citizens demanding less taxes. They said it was unfairly much. But how else could we finance the kingdom both in times of peace and war? War seems to be the status quo all around these parts, even more than in my home of the Holy Roman Empire. During the tax collecting the kingdom of Nord even declared war on Swadia, and a few days later the Vaegirs followed. In the end I collected 7523 denars, which I immediately used to buy an enormous supply of wine.

As soon as I loaded all the wine on some carts, I left for Dhirim. I had heard that I could sell it with a lot of profit over there. Since I had all those taxes available, I could pay for those many gallons of red delight. I would pay Klargus his taxes after I'd made some profit from it. But I had bought so many wine, that even the combined funds from the market, the horse trader, the arms dealer and the armor shop weren't sufficient to buy it all from me. But before I left to sell the stock that was left in some other city, I participated in the local tournament. Unfortunately I was eliminated pretty quickly in the first round.


I participated in the Dhirim tournament on 8 April 1257.

But I still had to deliver the letter to count Haringoth. So I asked around and learned that he was now out of the country. So I asked where count Klergus was, whom I should deliver the taxes too: in Suno, his city. So I decided to go to Suno, but not after making a detour through the kingdom of Rhodoks: I had heard that there would be really great business opportunities over there, ones I should certainly abide with the funds currently in my possession. I first travelled to Veluca, a city greatly praised by my loyal medic Ymira: there I sold the remainder of my wine stock. Then I continued to Jelkala, a city renown for its velvet. And that was exactly what I bought. Cheap velvet is something everyone should invest in. Also, I bought some smoked fish and wool cloth.

Immediately I travelled back to Suno, where I sold everything except the velvet. How disappointing was the offer they made over there. But I asked around, again, and learned that the count was back in his castle. So for the second time I travelled over there, where I finally met him, and could finally deliver the letter I was carrying for almost two weeks. Now I'd needed to bring those taxes to count Klergus. but I wouldn't do that before a world trade tour.


Gameplay notes
Here is a picture of Floris' current stats:


Master Knight
Chapter 4: World trade tour
5 May 1257

Dear Diary,

On behalf of count Klargus I had collected taxes, 7523 denars in total, from the city of Suno. But instead of directly bringing it to the count, I had used it to a small extend for my own profit. Does that make myself evil, or just smart? The Lord will decide that when it's my time to go to heaven. But for now I'm using it to gain much wealth. I had discovered the velvet market of Jelkala, and wanted to discover similar spots in the kingdoms beyond. So I decided to go to the Sarranid sultanate and the Khergit khanate, to see what exotic merchandise they have to offer.

From Praven, I rode to Suno and Uxkhal, after which I entered Rhodoks territory and rode to Veluca. From there I crossed the mountains to Jelkala, to get more velvet. Then I followed the coast until I got to the Sarranid Sultanate. I rode to Shariz and headed into the desert, passing Durquba, to end up in Ahmerrad. This entire trip took four days. My oh my, never I've seen such a strange city before in my life. It is completely unlike anything I have seen both back in Holland, France or the Holy Roman Empire, and also unlike any city in Swadia and Rhodoks. I sold my wine, rode to Bariyye and bought really a lot of iron and salt, which was on sale over there.


Ahmerrad is a city unlike any I've seen before.

After conducting my business, I decided to ride back to the kingdom of Rhodoks, to sell that salt. The trip took quite a while, but wasn't as long as the one I made from Holland to France. Unfortunately, I was attacked by desert bandits just outside of Durquba. My men easily won, that was not the big deal, but my loyal horse was killed. I'm glad that it happened not that far from the city: I'd rather not walk that distance back.

I rode further, and passed through Jelkala, where I bought more cheap velvet. I still hadn't found a good market for them: all over the world people suddenly seemed to lower the velvet prices. But I'm not worrying: the prices will go up again, and then I'll make a huge profit out of it. Also, there was another tournament in Jelkala, in which I participated and couldn't advance any further than round one. Then, on 22 April, I arrived in Yalen and sold the salt and most of the iron with much profit, and headed back for Swadia, only to continue to the Khergit Khanate.

As I rode through the Swadian kingdom again, I made deals in every city I encountered, from Praven till Dhirim. If I hadn't been of noble blood, I would have probably been a merchant: profit seems to be my middle name. In the meantime king Harlaus gave the command of his armies to count Klargus. With this might to the count's disposal, I really should pay his taxes back when I return from the mountains. Upon passing Dhirim, I was very carefull: the city had been conquered by the Vaegirs. No wonder with a king that couldn't find his own army! When I entered the Khergit Khanate, I immediately rode to the city of Halmar. There I met Rolf, from the house of Rolf. I think this self proclaimed 'Baron' is actually a mere peasant with too much attitude, but despite that I can certainly use him: he has quite some tactical insight, which I might need in future campaigns. It's always good to have a general, and in this strange land I can't afford to be picky yet.


Baron Rolf, from the house of Rolf.

My trade tour went from Halmar to Narra, where I was unfortunately robbed of 382 denars. I wasn't able to slow those bandits down. I sold my ale there, and quickly moved on to Tulga. Spice and Salt were the main export products of this town. Spice was something really new for me: I hadn't seen that on my previous travels before. It's really addictive and strange. Even though the Khergit people normally have brown eyes, they turn blue after eating this substance. Blue in blue, to be exact. I think I should be carefull with it, and sell it as soon as possible.

Then I moved to Ichamur, where more bandits robbed me from 229 denars. The watch should really do something about this nuisance! I exchanged my salt here for wool cloth, and rode back into the Sarranid sultanate, to visit the city of Durquba for the second time. I had heard that wool cloth and spice would sell pretty well over there. It indeed was: I even bought some nice gauntlets from the profit I made over there.

To get maximal profit, I had to ride back to the Khergit Khanate, or so I thought. This time I travelled along the other side of the mountains, and got to Ahmerrad again, where I bought more iron and wool. I also met Artimenner, a skilled engineer. Not only can he help me construct war machines in times of a siege, he also can help me improve the villages that I will one day undoubtedly have under my control. He's a usefull addition to the gang.


Artimenner wants to join me for a small sum of denars.

After Artimenner had joined my small band, I rode to Tulga again, where I bought a nice shield. Then I rode back to Ichamur, but price I would get for my stuff was utterly disappointing, so I didn't sell anything. But surprisingly I did see an enormous army outside the city walls, like the khanate was preparing for war. And indeed: on 3 May I heard about the Khergit invasion of Vaegirs.

On my way back to Swadia I was robbed for a third time, now in Narra, for 281 denars. Disorientated I moved on to Halmar, where I bought a crude Vaegirs mask. Even though it wasn't as refined as it could be, it was one of the better masks I could find on the market, for a really good price: only 1419 denars. Each city I visit, I start to feel more and more like a real count again. I shred those unappetidal protection I was wearing from me, to be dressed like a real noble again. Maybe that's the reason I was invited to the feast when I arrived in Praven once again. I'll now get dressed and enjoy the first noble party I'll attend in years.


Gameplay notes
Floris' stats haven't changed since he didn't went up a level. So I'll now show you his equipment:


Master Knight
I'll arrange for something better in the morning. It's indeed too ugly. But it surely gives a great contrast with the gloves and helmet.

And thanks for liking the AAR :grin:!


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monnikje said:
I'll arrange for something better in the morning. It's indeed too ugly. But it surely gives a great contrast with the gloves and helmet.

And thanks for liking the AAR :grin:!
haha yeah, it is funny  :grin:
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Hope u get some lordly full plate armor tommorow :grin:


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That's pretty expensive! It will be a very long time before I can afford that. Although it would be nice to have one day.


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maybe you could go for harcore char, save and quit, and when you fall in battle it is over :grin:
It is probably too hard for you if u are new to m and b :smile:


I am reading your AAR on the other forum that you have and now i can comment! YAAAAAY! now i know what happens hehehe


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Bratislav: Floris is already a hardcore character (see my first post of this AAR). It's indeed not easy!

Slayton: Yay :wink:. Just don't spoil the fun for the people who are just reading over here. If all goes well, both should be synchronised during the coming week.


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monnikje said:
Bratislav: Floris is already a hardcore character (see my first post of this AAR). It's indeed not easy!

Slayton: Yay :wink:. Just don't spoil the fun for the people who are just reading over here. If all goes well, both should be synchronised during the coming week.
i meant hardcore as in, when u die on battlefield, and get captured it is over(altho it is qustionable whetier u can live or survive that). Like in diablo 2 harcore :grin:
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