[AAR LIST] A List Freelancer Inspired stories.

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Inspired by the game some of our talented players have offered you their own After Action Reports (AAR's), Thanks to Vadermath for starting the trend here on the Freelancer Board!

Freelancer AAR's

[AAR] Of Blood And Gold : An Inspiring tale by Vadermath.

[AAR] Land of the Crows : A new tale by DamienTomasi

[AAR] Whispers of Revenge: My stab at an AAR. by Taragoth

[AAR] Tale of a Rhodok
: A brand new Freelancer AAR by Shadow-Seeker

Please enjoy these stories as they unfold and to those who have written or will write then, know that we the devs are flattered that you would write about our little mod. Also enjoy the stories, don't become a spelling / vocab flamer. :razz: (especially on mine)
Not open for further replies.