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[AAR: Gekokujo] Peasant Uprising

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Heya guys, Nuchiha here. This is my first AAR so constructive criticism would be appreciated, it's not my first time role-playing on a board though.

Mod: Gekokujo
What Is Gekokujo?: Well, I recommend you read the topic to learn it fully. It is in it's simplest, a modification that is pre-Sengoku Jidai, and you can meet famous characters such as the future Tokugawa Ieyasu and Oda Nobunaga. Although ingame they're simply Lord Tokugawa, and Lord Oda. I recommend everyone to try this simply amazing modification.
Save Preferences: I set it as allow me to quit without saving, why? Well, the mod isn't updated for 1.158, and I'm using 1.158. I'm doing this so if I encounter any glitches or other weird stuff I can go back to a previous save and not have to end the AAR.

My name is Nuchiha.

My father was an Ashigaru foot-soldier, a retainer under the local lord. Campaigns could go far and for long periods of time so poverty was prevalent in his childhood as money was sparse. Although too poor for even a minor education, he did learn reality on the streets, and from his father how to use weapons. Although meagre, it was all good until his father died, being used as cannon fodder due to grace of being an Ashigaru. He did save the life of a Ji-Samurai behind him, but that meant nothing. With no money his mother was unable to take care of him or herself.

He had to grow up as a street urchin, begging, stealing and whatever the sort to survive each day and to help his mother. Damn the law and what it stands for! The very nobles it protects do nothing for the common peasants. Growing out of childhood, his career options were limited. He chose to use his skills to benefit himself and to hurt the nobility, a game poacher in the lord's forests. He hunted the largest game and cut down the valuable, exotic trees right under the warden's own nose. Eventually his mother died due to old age, but she did live her final years in minor luxury.

With no bonds or personal-honour for family holding him back, he decided to get his revenge, on the nobility! Too long have they ignored the mass peasant classes, the true people of Japan!






Prelude: Hataka or Bust!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao-tzu, Chinese Philosopher (604BC to 531 BC)​

23rd of March of 1568AD

My journey begins from an unremarkable cabin near the forests in at Lake Saiko. I decided to sell my possessions to whoever would buy them, and make my way to Kyushu for a new life. A new life where I can someday take my revenge against the noble elite. I made my way to the city of Kiyosu to begin my journey to Kyushu. There I met some farmers, who were willing to sell me some dried fish so I didn't starve on my journey. I gave them more Mon than I should've, but they were less fortunate than me. This journey would be long and grueling, I was travelling from one end of an entire country to the other. That's funny, country, even though all the clans kill each other it's not exactly united.

After perusing the market in Kiyosu, I made my way to the city of Nara. There is a road, but the off-road paththrough the mountains is much faster. Luckily I was able to get to Nara, which was where I saw the Emperor outside of Kyoto. I was seething with anger, it was people like him which caused the peasants to suffer needlessly. He allowed all of the clan wars, and refused to do anything about it. I left Nara as soon as I could.... In an effort to get away from Kyoto, I skipped the cities of Sakai and Himeji, and went straight for Okayama. Exhausted, I checked into the inn there and literally collapsed in the room, and with my luck not on the bed. Waking up on the hardwood floor isn't pleasant, and sleeping on one isn't refreshing.

I wasn't able to cover much ground, and stopped at the village of Kasaoka, nearly just outside of Okayama. There I met the family of a distressed farmer who had been extorted by bandits. I promised to help them with their dilemma, so I made my way to the nearby Takahashi Castle, to inform their lord of the bandit problems. As I expected, I couldn't talk to him or even leave a letter. Sadly, I started to make my journey again to Kyushu, stopping at Hiroshima. There was an ongoing tournament I decided to watch. Of course, it was almost entirely Ji-Samurai and lesser nobles. It would be most desirable to enter one later and beat all of the nobles as a peasant.

I decided that I needed to get there faster, so Hataka or bust! From Hiroshima I didn't stop at any village or town for rest, I wanted to get to Hataka before I was met an untimely demise, whether sickness or bandits. After arriving in the village of Shimonseki I commissioned a fisherman to get me across to the village of Kitakyushu on the island of Kyushu. After arriving in Kitakyushu I made great haste to arrive at Hataka, and after nearly an hour I finally did. Exhausted, much like at Okayama, I hurriedly paid for the night and collapsed in my room.....

(OOC: Sorry if this is a bad prelude, I don't have anything to go by since I'm not actually playing yet.)


Going strictly proletariat are we? Interesting concept, for me at least, good luck with those archer bandits (I forgot how they were called). They can knock you out very quickly without shields and if I recall correctly this mod doesn't have any!


Satrab said:
Going strictly proletariat are we? Interesting concept, for me at least, good luck with those archer bandits (I forgot how they were called). They can knock you out very quickly without shields and if I recall correctly this mod doesn't have any!

There's two of them, Woku Pirates and the Ronin. In previous playthroughs I've had several run-ins with both, I find the Ronin more dangerous as they carry Katanas instead of Tantos (I think). And yeah, there are no shields in the mod entirely, sorta changed my playstyle too. I'm finding myself using bows often (In other saves) against my enemies, and having as much distance as possible.

I'll probably actually post the first chapter today, sadly I forgot to take screenshots very early, but we all know who the merchant is.
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