MP Other A Whiff of Sulphur: A Client-Side Particles Enhancement UPDATE SOON

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Baillie said:
Mod is now fully released and, as far as I can tell with vigorous testing, bug free!

Thank you for your patience, I would say happy smoking, but you might get the wrong message...


Welcome to Baillie's particle enhancement for Napoleonic Wars!

All mod versions work fine with Parrot's Epic Enhancement, but this mod is not affiliated with it.
-New particles for cartridge paper appearing during discharge.
-New particles for sparks at the pan.
-Enhanced and tweaked muzzle and pan flashes.
-New blood effects.
-Enhanced and realistic smoke effects for firearms.
-New texture for projectiles.

-Again, new, softer, musket and pistol smoke effects, designed for realism.
-Reworked flash and spark effects for all firearms.
-Tweaked explosion effects.
-A blueish 'Fog of war' accumulating over the field with every shot.
-New Cannon artillery effects.
-A lingering smoke effect accumulating with every shot.
-Note: This version could lower performance. If you know your computer is not going to be up to this, I recommend the 'Lite' version. This version works fine for my computer however.
This is my personal choice.


-Suggestions for the future are requested. Please post with any suggestions.

Demonstration Video



Thank you's go to:
Jelly: A big help on the PR side of things.
jacobhinds: Providing tips on how to improve the mod.
Madmanyo: Testing the mod alongside others.
JuanTheGreat: Long term support and mod testing.
Thank you to all who wear the signature and all who have posted a response on this thread! It always pleases me to hear people are enjoying my work!

Yes, this is a smoke mod.​


Step 1:Copy all files from the 'textures folder' within whichever version you choose's main folder. EG 'Lite' or 'Full'
Step 2:razz:aste them into your Napoleonic Wars TEXTURES folder
Step 3:Copy all files from the 'resource folder'
Step 4:razz:aste them into your Napoleonic Wars RESOURCE folder
Step 5:Copy all files from the 'text files' folder within
Step 6:razz:aste them into your Napoleonic Wars directory (NOT IN ANY SPECIFIC FOLDER)

You're done! Enjoy, feel free to leave feedback!

[size=14pt]Please give any constructive criticism! Comments welcome!
I will also be more than happy to take suggestions and requests for new particle systems!
(I apologise for my poor forum skills, not used to this!)​

Just a heads up, the reload animations you're using are pretty old. I've re-done them twice since the first version, and they are much more fluid and realistic now.

Might want to check them out:

Major change from the first release, each animation now has it's own SMD file. It's all in the provided in the folder.

BTW, good job on getting them into NW.
Yeah, I've got it :wink: Rusky87 is also my account. Ive already put your new ones into NW, they're perfect! Thank you!
This Enchancement is awesome! :grin: But it takes alot of ressources while more then 10 People are firing, will this be better in Future? just asking
Now that this version has been released, I will work hard to increase the FPS. I will try to lower the number of particles whilst still keeping the realistic, and beautiful, effects. Glad you like the mod. Thanks for leaving feedback!
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