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This post is to warn the NW community about a certain player, ChiefSosa (A.K.A Samuel Hall)

A former member of my Regiment, he seemed a nice guy until around a month ago when he left. Since then, he hopped from regiment to regiment, eventually settling in the 1stCSG, where he is a Lt. Recently, the 25th and 1stCSG had a 1v1; this is when Chief showed his true colours. After the linebattle, Chief decided to ban some of my players from the 1stCSG Linebattle server, as a seeming retaliation for the 25th winning the Linebattle. He was the only 1stCSG who was unsporting; everyone else was fine. I seemed to upset Chief at this point, as I disagreed with his actions: at this point it seemed I had made an "enemy" of him.

This evening, we met on the 77y TeamSpeak, signing up for an event. I poked him with a message along the lines of "pls don't steal my cd key" - this is following accusations of him attempting to scam people out of their cd keys; (at this point I had no evidence so assumed he was innocent) He took this very closely to heart (a guilty conscious?), and proceeded to send me a link with my Facebook account. Note: I have always kept my private life very much away from my NW alias, and the only reason that Chief actually found my Facebook was because I had sent him a gift on Paypal for winning a recruitment contest! This was a clear abuse of trust, and something I consider to be harassment, as he also got other members of his regiment to send me the link to my Facebook page, presumably to intimidate me.

Here is someone in the 1stCSG sending me a link to my Facebook: http://i.imgur.com/jMacsS9.png

Following this, I added Chief on Steam to try and reach some kind of logical conclusion. I was completely willing to apologise for my comment, which I could not back up with any evidence. I apologised to chief, and I assumed we were even and that he would not be harassing me anymore.

[25th] Eazy-E: please just leave me alone
[1stCSG] Chief: hi there
[25th] Eazy-E: I want no beef with you
[1stCSG] Chief: Then dont poke me with this **** <17:50:16> "25th Light (15)/Line if not" pokes you: pls dont steal my game key ty
[25th] Eazy-E: And if I apologise for that lapse of judgement?
[25th] Eazy-E: Will you leave me alone and stop the harassment?
[1stCSG] Chief: of course
[1stCSG] Chief: I never wanted any rivalry

[25th] Eazy-E: then I apologise. I want nothing more to do with you
[1stCSG] Chief: its obvious why your apologising though
[1stCSG] Chief: and we both know why
[1stCSG] Chief: and when someones a **** to me im not a nice guy
[25th] Eazy-E: whatever, it's finished
[1stCSG] Chief is now Online.

-at this point he re-adds me-

[25th] Eazy-E: ?
[1stCSG] Chief: excuse me im not finished
[1stCSG] Chief: I want another 1v1 next week
[1stCSG] Chief: what say you Louis if you dont mind me calling you by your first name
[25th] Eazy-E: I'll be organising that through oxford [the Colonel]
[25th] Eazy-E: not you
[1stCSG] Chief: you seem angered
[1stCSG] Chief: what has made you angry may i ask
[1stCSG] Chief: y u mad

As you can see, he claims that we are at quits, but then adds me again to blackmail me into having another 1v1 with them. I decline. I then add the 1stCSG Colonel on Steam to ask him to stop Chief from harassing me. He tells me that Chief will stop. I believe him. http://i.imgur.com/hRdnnJG.png

However, it seems that not only has Chief broken his word to me, but also to his Colonel, as he went and spread my Facebook profile anyway, regardless of my request for him to stop, and the fact that this is obviously harassment.

Since my disagreement with Chief, I have found evidence of him attempting to steal CD keys, in this case from a member of the 73rd:

Shaverma_Warrior: [1stCSG] Chief: Hello
Shaverma_Warrior: hi
[1stCSG] Chief: can i ask you a question?
Shaverma_Warrior: yes
[1stCSG] Chief: what is your napoleonic wars CD key number?
Shaverma_Warrior: why you asking?
[1stCSG] Chief: its a survey

As I hope this thread has shown, ChiefSosa is not a player to be trusted. Do not give him rank in your Regiment. Don't let him in at all, actually. Stay away from him, unless you want him to abuse your trust, lie to you, and continually harass you. Oh, and steal your copy of NW.


New bit of evidence to add, but I think by this point we're all in conclusive agreement that Chief is a prick.

Praetorian: [Retired] Chief: 30 seconds to tell me what you want before I block you.
Praetorian: Can I ask you a question?
[Retired] Chief: Go ahead
Praetorian: What is your NW cd key?
Praetorian: IT's for a survey
[Retired] Chief: Unless you want me to release your real life information I suggest you never try to contact me in the future.


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You provoked him there, and besides didn't he leave the community? Let it rest...
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