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A Twist of Fate is a mod rooted in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. View Westeros through a twisted lens as if the traitor Robert Baratheon had been slain at the Trident by the royal prince Rhaegar Targaryen. The branch in the timeline avoids spoilers for the show and books, as well as opens the world to creative licensing and unique takes on events. The mod will mostly work with base models, textures, and otherwise in the game itself and only seek to expand model offerings when core content is completed. Lore-wise this mod will differentiate from other takes on the ASOIAF content by filling in missing gaps and implementing custom content to make the world feel more complete where appropriate. There will be little to no focus on magic in the world, and instead the focus will remain on the conflicts within the Seven Kingdoms and the distinct cultures of each of them, as well as troop trees with troops that have unique flair to them that will make each faction feel unique to play.

As of A1.0.7 the North and Stormlands are both ingame and playable.



All banners subject to change and are quick placeholders.



All troop information is preliminary and subject to change.

You can find out more at the following places:

Current Release
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Thanks! Hoping to get a playable test out in the next few days. Hitting some roadblocks with ingame settlements at the moment, but I'm sure if I hit my head against the rock enough eventually it'll break and I'll get past it.
First playable beta has been added over on Nexus Mods. It currently replaces Empire Recruits with Northern Recruits. The troop tree is highly preliminary (still deciding gear levels and the like.) and is missing later tiers.

Pushed update A1.0.2

Version A1.0.2
  • Fleshed out noble trees for House Stark, adding Benjen as their lord, Catelyn as his wife, Edwyn as his son, Rodrik Cassel, Jory Cassel, and Maester Luwin
  • Corrected issues with the Northern Culture that were resulting in a crash
  • Winterfell, Winter's Village, and Winter's Other Village now have Northern Culture and allow you to recruit Northern Recruits
  • Removed Northern Recruits from Empire villages
  • Corrected an issue where all Northern Troops were set as basic troops
  • Updated gear on many units
  • Changed Northern faces from Vlandian to Battanian
  • Removed the Northern Watchman and Northern Tracker (6 branches seems to be the maximum width.)
  • Added the Northern Warrior/Veteran/Sworn Sword unit branch
  • Added the Northern Guard/Houseguard/Warden unit branch
  • Added the Northern Spearman/Pikeman/Halberdier unit branch
Looks interesting and good luck!

I'll keep an eye on this and in particular for your eventual take on the Lannisters. :smile:
Pushed update 1.0.3A

Patch Notes (Core)

-Changed nearly all Northern troop armor loadouts
-Rebalanced some troop skill loadouts
-Added Northern Outrider Troop Branch
-Added Northern Spotter Troop Branch
-Added House Umber, House Bolton, House Glover, House Tallhart, and House Manderly
-Updated banners for all houses with placeholder art (they're terrible, enjoy)

Patch Notes (Optional)
-Overrode a series of towns, villages, and castles to belong to the Northern Kingdom and Houses
-Renamed a series of towns to match their owning household

Known Issues

-We're still in Calradia
-House Stark's banner is broken (an issue with current Kingdom Banner settings)
-Everyone looks remarkably like Benjen Stark
-Northern Sworn Sword still looks like a 9ft tall Sylvester Stallone
-Northern shields aren't round enough
-Maester Luwin is armed like he's ready to brawl
-Most non-Recruit units are still set to Sturgian equivalents
-Lords use Battanian default lord gear and Sturgian party templates
-If you do not use the Settlement.xml override, lords will not be where they are supposed to be and will be stuck in water.

-Added Northern units and notables of all kinds (30+) to remove all references to Sturgian units
-Added unique looks to all the current northern lords
-Corrected an issue with the House Stark banner
-Added party templates so all lords will spawn with Northern units
-Corrected a few settlements missing the correct culture

Known issues
-We're still in Calradia
-Northern Sworn Sword still looks like a 9ft tall Sylvester Stallone
-Northern shields aren't round enough
-Maester Luwin is armed like he's ready to brawl
-Lords use Battanian default lord gear
-If you do not use the Settlement.xml override, lords will not be where they are supposed to be and will be stuck in water.

Updated to A1.0.5
  • Replaced Northern unit shields with round shields
  • More Northern unit gear adjustments
  • Added Stark Youth as Elite unit to the North (with upgrades from Tier 2 to Tier 7)

In case you didn't know, lots of cool troop ideas can be pulled from the CMON miniature game:

In case you didn't know, lots of cool troop ideas can be pulled from the CMON miniature game:

Yep! I'm a huge fan of the miniatures game. All the sculpts were apparently approved by GRRM (including their fantasy looks) so I consider them canon references.


Bolton units particularly ended up in here haha. I love the Blackguard/Flayed Men so much aesthetically and I hope eventually with a "build it and they will come" attitude towards this I can bring in some modelers later to give them the bulk they deserve. The Cuttthroat/Blackguard are direct, and the Dreadguard will be Flayed Men effectively.
I have no plans to, but further in the project there will be recruitment for the team that may include people to do music and voices.
Some heavy WIPs. The Stormlands is mostly ingame running around causing havoc. There's still some issues I'm ironing out regarding their culture and fleshing out their troop trees (their equipment is super preliminary.) But the lords are running around with their proper banners/clans/kingdom and things are looking great. (Please do not judge the banners harshly, the clan banners will be redone heavily later, for now the focus is gameplay.)

Screenshots taken with Bear My Banners with a 1:3 ratio of banners to men, ignoring types (for my own pleasure.)







Pushed most of my code for 1.0.6 to Github. I'm hitting a terrible bug with settlements that continues to plague me (you can't enter settlements without a crash.) I believe its due to something hardcode in cultures and I've been working with a few other people on it, but it is incredibly frustrating and a sinkhole of development time.

Stormlands will be in soon™
Did you finalise the list of houses that you want to put into the game?

I wanted to try making a Westeros map for a while, partially for my own reasons, but it would be useful for the mod too.

If I knew how many houses will be in game, it would help me to judge the scale. The map would have to be around 3-4 times larger than bannerlord's map if you wanted to make a castle/city for each house like in the game of thrones CK2 mod, so it would have to be cut significantly. The main problem that the North is sparely populated, so it would work well enough, but then you get to the south and there would be castles/holdings on top of each other. I also noticed there's a huge lack of cities in Westeros there's King's landing, White Harbour, Gulltown, Oldtown, Lannisport and MAYBE Hardhome, that's about it, and obviously you could make every capital (Winterfell, Sunspear, etc.) But you would still only have approx. 12 canon cities vs Calradia's 50 or so, So a decision would have to be made about which houses get upgraded to cities, and which ones will only gain castles.

For gameplay purposes it would be best to keep the map very evenly populated just like in bannerlord.

Obiously it can't be modded into the game until mod tools are released, but it would be great to have something ready for when the time comes.

Also, any reason you aren't joining the other game of thrones mod team? Don't take it the wrong way, but the idea of alternate history of event's don't justify a whole new project, you would all accomplish more together and faster. The alternate history bit could easily be an option, or a sub-mod for a bigger project.
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