A suggestion for a minor mod.

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I don't think that this would be all that hard to develop, it's just one detail.
It would be cool if someone would add a little more detail to horse riding, specifically the harness and the position of the riders hands.

Basically, if possible it would be cool if the rider would not have his hands just at the edge of the mane of the horse, but higher up, gripping a harness that could be animated in.

I'm not sure at all how this would be done, but if i'm riding a horse that's really all that is missing imo.

(This could be something for that one animation mod, just sayin)


Isnt it really an unneccesary luxury ? Because it is just eye candy, and in game i never really seem to look at the player holding the onto the horse... Just my opinion :smile:


You're right, it's just esthetic really :grin:
But whenever i hold down the § key and look at myself riding i just can't get over how there is no harness and the position of the riders hands, it just bugs me :razz:
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