A story about Calradia

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Ok so I’m going to start writing a story about Calradia.  I have the subject and all that, but I need some of your guy’s character names and info on them, like this
Name: Sir William
Allegiance to: Vaegirs
Weapons: Lance, heavy bastard sword, and thick Knightly heter shield
Armor: Plate armor with Great Helm
Mount: Charger
Ok fighter good tactician
It can be you first/favorite/best character it’s up to you.
Any way the first 14 people to post their character info will be in the story, if you don’t mind of course :grin: .

So this is part one.

                                                                                                And thus they came…
“Open the gates!  I bear a message for King Ragnar!”  The drawbridge dropped with a muted thud into the muddy and rain slick earth. King Ragnar was seated in an ornately carved chair at the end of a long table.  In his hand he held a half empty drinking horn.  To his left stood Ugoras, his long time friend and adviser.  The door into the great hall swung open slowly, and two men interred.  The first man was a herald, and the second… “King Ragnar, you have a man is here to see you, he says his name is Boris.  Do you kno…” “Yes yes! Boris come here come here.  What news from Wercheg?” 

Boris seated himself in a chair not far from the King.  “Well, a great mist came ‘bout a fortnight ago, covered hundreds of miles west of Wercheg,” He pulled a flagon from beneath his cloak.  “When it lifted, an army stood encamped along the shore.”  Ragnar looked at him with a mixture of shock and indignation.  “And what banner does this army fly?”  Boris took a long gulp from his flagon.  “None.” He stated bluntly.  Ragnar stared into his drinking horn, lost in thought.  “Ugoras, take some of your men and look to this matter.  Don’t let anyone know on what errand you leave, and leave as soon as possible.”  “Yes my lord.”

Ugoras pushed the door aside barking orders to his men as he entered.”Bjorn, look to the horses, Sigi gather supplies, and Rolf ready forty of the men.”  Rolf gave him an inquisitive glance, “On what business do we leave?” “King Ragnar wishes me to look into a matter at Wercheg.”  Bjorn and Sigi left the room; Rolf was about to follow but then turning back asked, “Is there a prospect of fighting?”  “I don’t know Rolf, but my gut’s telling me to go well armed.”  Rolf laughed, “I will trust you gut, it has saved my life more than once.”  Ugoras smiled, thinking of past battles.  “Aye, that it has, that it has.”

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Name:Leif Grundwald
Allegiance: Nords/Swadia
Weapons: Bardiche, Knightly Kite Shield, Throwing Axes, Bastard Sword
Armour: Either Plate or Heraldic Mail with a Great Winged Helmet
Mount: Charger/Warhorse

Mix of Norse-German ancestry, reflected in his equipment and name.

If you put him with Swadia, substitute the throwing axes for a lance, if in Nords, substitute bastard sword for a 1-handed axe.


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Name: Boris  'Disgruntled' Dwork

Allegiance: Nords, himself.

Weapons: Great axe / Bardiche /  fists / the severed limbs of his defeated foes :grin:

Armour: Nothing (if you would prefer, very light cloth armour, agility over armour)

Mount: None. He eats horses. A saddle horse if necessary.

He is not uninteligent, but he just prefers to solve all his problems by smashing them to little peices.
stupid or brave? debatable- its a fine line.
His pure savagery strikes fear into his opponents hearts-  he does not care for honour in combat- he will use the bodies of his fallen comrades as a shield, he will kick people whilst they are down, throw dirt in their eyes and kick them in the balls.


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Name: Chuck Norris

Allegiance to: He doesn't serve anyone, but all serve him.

Weapons: Round kick, fists

Armor: None. No one is stupid enough to attack him

Mount: Lady Isolla of Suno
Why doesn't Chuck Norris get a heart attack?
- His heart isn't stupid to attack him.

Mars is lifeless, because Chuck Norris was there

Chuck Norris doesn't eat honey, he eats bees.

Chuck Norris once drank whole bottle of sleep tablets, and he blinked - TWICE!!!

Chuck Norris can sneeze with his eyes open.

Chuck Norris threw his knife on Counter Strike.

Chuck Norris killed Mentol in Serious Sam: The first encounter.

Chuck Norris skills in Mount and blade:
- One Handed = 9999999
- Two Handed = 9999999
- Three Handed = 9999999
- Polearms = 9999999
- Fists = 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
- Archery = 9999999
- Crossbows = 9999999
- Throwing = 9999999
- He is level 65
- He has 11 ironflesh
- He has Masterwork Heavy ChuckNorrised Sword of Killing (999 cutting damage)
- He has Karate suit with black belt (-1 armor)


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Name: Lucrain the Insane
Allegiance to: None, he's a mercenary for hire
Weapons: Balanced WarSword, Balanced Glaive, Masterwork Warbow and Bodkin arrows
Armor: Lammelar armor, plate greaves, leather gloves, bascinet
Mount: Heavy Courser
A man blessed with the skills of tactics, he is strong and fast and deadly with his warbow, he is thought to be insane by his enemies due to his radical and unorthodox tactics and plans and seething anger on the battlefield. He suffered an arrow to the face as a young boy, he bears a scar on his face which only adds to his powerful presence. He is the leader of a band of mercenaries who rob and pillage any who defy him, he has a personal vendetta against King Harlaus for the murder of his father.

Thats my favorite character I've made, obviously the scar and the vendetta thing were things I made up just to add to the story alittle bit seeing as there isnt a main campaign to Mount and Blade or anything  :razz:

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Ok first of LOL chuck Norris FTW  :lol:, love it but wont go with the story that well :roll:
and thanks to all you guys so far,
Also A-Mustang you are probably right but this is about character specs mainly but OK it will be in the Duck and Spackle Tavern before the week is out


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Name : Sir Jacob
Allegiance : Khergit, although he uses all troops.
Weapons : Sword of war, war bow, 2 large bags of khergit arrows
Amor: Plate armor, iron greaves, iron gloves, and flat topped helmet
Mount : Hunter/ Saddle Horse, whichever i use for different situations


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Name: Turin Turambar
Allegiance: Swadian
Weapons: Balanced Tempered Bastard sword, steel shield, balanced lance, Heavy Jarids
Armor: Coat of Plates, Winged Great Helm, iron greaves, iron gauntlets
Mount: Heavy Charger

Personality: Tactician, Warrior, and one filled with wanderlust. He never stays in one place for long, but he can be relyed upon to fight when the need arises. Uses the best troops of all factions, ie, swadian knights, vagier marksmen, rodhok sharp shooters, nord huscarls, and hired blades.


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Name: Bartholomeu Albescu
Allegiance: Vaegirs
Weapons: Balanced Scimitar, Balanced War Hammer, Heater Shield and Javelins
Armor: Lamellar Armor, Splinted Greaves and a Kettle Helm
Mount: Hunter

Uses Javalins and archers to soften enemies until they get close enough for his infantry to clean up what's left. Generally an honorable man.


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Weapons:Great Axe, Longbow, Barbed Arrows X2
Armor:Mail shirt, Mail boots, Nordic Helm, Mail gloves.

Personality: A Commander who leads his men by example, the first in a charge, stands within the shield wall. Is known to go into a berserker rage. He carries around A rather large axe for fighting his foes and may sometimes use a longbow and stands in the lines of his norse archers as they pick off their foes.His prefered troops are nords, but he is known to allow mercenaries into his ranks*includes companions*.


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Name: Sir Ryile of Uxkhall
Allegiance: Swadians
Weapons: Bastard sword, Knightly heater shield, Lance
Armor: Mail surcoat, Splinted greaves, Mail gloves
Mount: Spirited warhorse.

Personality:  He's ussually a cheerfull and freindly guy and tries to live by the code of chivalry, but when the time arises he isn't afraid to break those rules if it means defeat or victory. Also he is the kind of Do now ask questions later kind of person.  He's a Confident commander of troops and arms, but sometimes too overconfident for his own good. He also rarely makes mistakes, but when he does they are often grave ones. In battle he will ussually organise his soldiers first then charge head on into the fight with his lance at the head of the cavalry.

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check this 1

name : Zahara
weapons : she's very good using bows - fine with a sword with small shield
armor : light 1
horse : dont know all the names  :grin:  chose a fast 1

very good at long range ( i used to shoot at heads only with this character ) very good agility kinda low str so not very good
in melee combats


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Name: Count Edmyn Dexion
Allegiance: Swadians
Weapons: Heavy Bastard sword, Knightly kite shield, Great Lance, Arming sword
Armor: Heraldic Mail with Tabard, Plate greaves, Plate gloves, Great helm
Mount: Spirited Charger
Skilled tactician and formidable warrior Count Dexion rarely sees defeat even against impossible odds.
He is honourable and courteous, living each day by the code of chivalry.
He was the son of a guardsman at Uxkahl and thus grew up in close proximity to the nobility of Swadia, serving as a pageboy he waited upon the high lords at their feasts, he acted as Count Grainwad's squire, and was knighted at 20. He was close friends with Lady Sonadel, Count Grainwad's daughter, and he slowly grew a deep love for her, however he was forced to leave Uxkhal due to an incident with the young Count Milchaud. After he left he timed the world gaining renown until he could swear his sword in vassalage to king Harlaus and serve his homeland once again. Once he was a count he married Lady Sonadel, and still holds a deep hatred towards Count Milchaud.
He is well known among the high lords of Swadia as an honourable man and a ruthless commander, most enemies fear his presence on the battlefield.
In battle he favours the use of shock cavalry over infantry or archers, to him there is nothing more destructive than a wall of heavily armoured knights with lances couched as they bear down on the enemy. Needless to say he prefers the heavy cavalry from his homeland of Swadia.
He always leads from the front, the first to strike an enemy down and the first to receive a blow from the enemy.


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Name: Bendlerood Shipsonk
Allegiance to: Rhodian
Weapons: Hunting Crossbow, Chipped spike club, cracked hide covered round shield,
Armor: Tattered blue tunic, felt hat
Mount: Swaybacked sumpter horse
Bendlerood was quite useless at farming.  He was also cursed with amazing bad luck.  When assigned to a task often disaster happens, axles break, hay catches fire, barns start to develop rat infestations and chicken coops are overrun with foxes.  Cattle end up miles away.  He was pretty much ordered by the village chief to leave.  Can be very useful if he's recruited, certainly will bring bad luck to any warband he joins.  Food rots really quickly and half the time you can't even attribute it to him since nobody has such extrasensory perception.  Oh and he is a bloody good shot with his crossbow.  Actually hits at 14.0 difficulty on a regular basis without even trying.