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Since insomniac let the Cat out of the bag over in Warband thread  :evil: I figured I should show it here since it's for the SP of M&B and NOT Warband.

I figured since what I wanted to do was possible and have the work at a point that it doesn't look half bad I'd finally post "Generic Battle 13" for your Viewing pleasure.

This will be a on going side project and as you can see I still have much too do - all the Rigging & Hydraulics  for the Legs, the head,body (with Steam engine on top) and stacks of other stuff.

The main Purpose is having it as a Generic battle scene (with landscaping ) and when finished it will be converted into a quick battle scene where you can fight it out on the head,Body and in the belly (yes it's Hollow) .

I think by now just looking at the Images you will know where it's from


The head is just a Placement and not permanent .