A small trick for CKO war parties

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If you have your own Kingdom and create a well trained/equipped CKO here is a little trick you can do when you are at war with another faction.

- Appoint a martial Marshal to keep enemies busy
- When you see the message that your CKO has created a war party to assist your Kingdom, go and follow them
- CKO war parties can have up to 230 troops with plenty of Knights
- Take with you around 70-80 troops (your CKO Knights/Sergeants) + your companions
- The CKO war party is super aggressive and it will hunt down enemies
- Since you have a small party and move fast you can chase enemy Lords that try to run away and the war party will join you (make sure it is within distance).
- Let the CKO war party take all the rescued prisoners and the captured prisoners
- With a combined force of around ~ 310 CKO troops you can easily go ham vs combined enemy forces of 800-900 troops since Quality > Quantity.
- Eventually the war party will return to the fief it spawned from, disband and unload the captured prisoners to your garrison (profit)
- So in practice you have 2 "marshal forces" moving around the map and inflicting heavy damage to your enemies.

From the actual game in the war vs the Fierdsvain:

The war party after many battles was beefed up to ~ 700 troops acting like a unique spawn :smile:

I captured over 10 lords (Koningur Valdis included + wrecked his mercenary follower) while my Marshal captured 1 town / 3 castles and defeated several Fierdsvain Lords.

This was the devastating blow to the Fierds and allowed me to control 3/4 of the map.


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I had a similar effect once when a bunch of my vassals did not like the marshal I appointed. Most of the lords followed him (Aelfwine) but a sizeable amount of them gathered around the renegade vassal with the highest renown (which was Bjorn Farstrider I think) and he went on a personal campaign with his roughly 10 friends and started conquering castles while Aelfwine and the main host took the cities. It was quite amazing.
Hmm, I suppose you don't even need a CKHO, a regular KHO will do as well.
You don't even need it to be your kingdom, as long as there is a martial Marshall.

Backing up a KHO warparty with Rav Rangers and companions would kick major ass.
Adventurers/Rogue Knights/Rav Mtd Rangers too would be a nice combo to follow a KHO party. It would have to be a mounted one though. As Horse archers lose their edge when they have to wait for infantry.
noosers said:
Try a milita party instead.

Militias are better for defensive duties, when my steward tells me that a merc company has arrived i accept them, take the units and give them to the militia party.

Had a militia party beefed with jatu mercs wrecking havoc on the scumbag enemy lords that tried to raid my villages :smile:

I used those bad boys btw to destroy any Fierdsvain Lords crossing their path.
The main problem with the War Parties is their aggessiveness, they lasted about 5 game days in my test games. If you support them with their quirky AI, they will last longer until they despawn.
The issue I observed was that despite belonging to my faction - owning Javiksholm and Kennet Castle (Marious founded Knights of the Griffon there, bless the Empire, long live Pendor) - both kept their hostility against each other.

So Lady Valkyries from Javiksholm had two loyal knight parties zipping around which became quite inflated due to vanskerries and other scum, finally fielding a few hundred prisoners apiece.

Now there´s one 400+ head strong Knight of the Griffon party around. The main problem with those smaller knight parties - and even milita´s - is that they´re unable to deposit their prisoners.

Especially the milita´s should have an either capped prisoner amount or the option to hand culprits over to their regular overlord (like, me) or drop them at a walled fief if they reach a certain limit of prisoners in case of the various knighthood parties (heading back into their originating castle, dropping prisoners, back out).
Yeah, one of my militia patrols now has less than 100 troops left but is toting around 1000+ prisoners. Any way to attack your own militia patrols to prevent the prisoners being harvested by an enemy?
Na, can´t attack my own milita. And I´m still missing that old " I think we should send out the Sheriff!" button.
And the odd 500 head strong bandit or Singalian Slaver Party is just nice to eat.
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