A small fan patch that adds 12 NPCs and increases the number of people in the squads.

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The files need to be inserted replacing the old files in the mod. But keep the old files in case you want to return everything back. And for the changes to take effect, you will have to start a new game, if these units have not yet appeared on the map in your game, then the changes should take effect, but the new one is more reliable.

I decided to add companions to this mod, but I did it through one place, because I can't do otherwise. Companions do not have special dialogues, but they have unique faces, they can be dressed, downloaded, fought with them in the camp, and they are immortal by themselves. I added 12 captive companions to the 3 quest units. When you defeat the enemy squad, you need to offer the NPC to join your squad, there is a chance that he will refuse, considering the GG unworthy, saying I am a lone wolf, and the GG can go to one place. Therefore, it will be better preserved before the battle, for example, when I fought for Ymira in the first 3 attempts, only 2 out of 4 satellites joined me, and on the 4th attempt, all 4. I also had to throw out some warriors from the quest units so that the prisoners could get in, for example, near Nabar there were 30 pirates and 25 pirate captains, I combined them into 50 pirate captains.

The detachment leading Ymira, also leads Freya, Kvidence, Melty, Avenir. Nabar's detachment is led by Keytir, Asverd, Pich, Katrin. Hel leads Zeri, Hiroshi, Richard, Kventin.

I'll go through the NPC. Freya is a Nord melee fighter who throws spears. Kvidence is an elderly knife thrower who performed at fairs. Melty is one of the three-shot crossbow battle sisters. Avenir is a former dark pilgrim with healing skills. Keytir is a former squad leader with tactics and leadership. Asverd is a Nord melee combatant who also throws axes. Pich the thief, who stole a pistol somewhere, also has a looting skill. Katrin the archer, with conviction. Zeri is a spear thrower with a club. Hiroshi ronin in Japanese outfit. Richard the knight in the appropriate outfit. Kventin is an archer with the skills of a thief and a tracker, a beginner ranger in general (no, not from power rangers, but a classic one).

Reduced the level of NPC by 10, while maintaining the characteristics, so that it is easier to swing into whatever you want. And added weapons to the top Nords, Rodoks and Sisters, from the previous branch. For example, Huscarl of the Nords had a throwing spear, I added it to the paladins of the Nords. And the top sisters received crossbows.

In addition, the number of some units has been increased, I will write their number on average, the minimum and maximum differ. Robbers up to 90 giving them 30 captive peasants, mostly girls. River pirates up to 75, giving them 25 captured refugees. Manhunters up to 90, giving them looters and river pirates 40 in total. Gave 15 captive Manhunters to the brigands.

Increased the number of people in the dark detachments, mainly to strengthen them after the passage of the plot, because they are strongly crushed by the other factions.Also increased the number of forest sisters 2 times. Increased the dark pilgrims 7 times (the detachment with Ymira is unchanged), they are so weak that they can even be scattered solo, dark killer 2 times, dark knights 1.5 times.Regarding the detachments after passing the plot of the dark avengers 4 times, the Hel squad 3 times (quest unchanged), the Fenrir squad 4 times, Jormungand squad 3 times (quest unchanged).
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