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Wendek, try googling it.  I remember reading a thread a long time ago and the guy had all that stuff figured out, but I don't remember much.  I never thought it made that much difference.  What really gives you damage is where and how you place the hit. 
Well, this is a very helpful thread. Perfect for those who are new in playing this amazing game.
Thought I'd mention it here, since it's hard to find much on this.

I just leveled Deshavi and gave her Tracking 6. Before, when she had Tracking 5, tracks notified me if they were from a war party, bandits (and which kind of bandits) and some other party types, but not caravan. Caravan tracks just gave the size and hour. After I gave her Tracking 6 I now see that caravan tracks reveal they were left by a caravan.

I'm pretty sure I remember it was Tracking 5 that gave me the bandit info, and some even lower skill level for war party.

I just put this here because sometimes I've wondered what exactly Tracking does and have found very little information about it.

I should add that I, as the party leader, don't have any points in Tracking, so these are the actual numbers.
Well, I did it and got married to Lady Mereced - what a hottie!  We ran off and eloped from Yalen.  I thought she was supposed to get transferred to my main holding of Narra, but she's still in Yalen.  That's where I have to meet her and plan our parties.  Rather inconvenient, Yalen being off in a corner and such.  Is this a glitch or is there someway to get her to Narra?
After a few game days she did show up in Narra so we promptly planned a few parties.  But the fire's gone out, since now I'm sleeping with a relative.
Now we've got another problem.  Lady Mereced is the new minister of my new kingdom, based in Halmar.  Apparently she is a party animal.  We invited everyone to a feast in Halmar weeks ago.  Invitations went out and a few lords attended (though there seem to be a lot of ladies standing around talking).  The party is still going on weeks later.  I have a fully stocked larder, everyone seems to be having a good time, but I can't organize another feast until this one is over.  And it never seems to be over.  I was always told that house guests, like fish, begin to stink after 3 days.  We're going on 3 weeks with no end in sight.  How can I make them all just go away?
If you're the marshal, either call a new campaign or cease the campaign you're currently on.  Once you have your own kingdom, feasts last indefinitely, and the only thing that stops them is going on campaign or ending one. 

If you're not currently the marshal, you'll have to take the place of whoever is acting as marshal.
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Galdus said:
- Right to rule- Is more sparse to get. You gain that mostly from when your in a faction or in your own and a truce treaty initiates. I think you will get +3 but I am not positive. The other way is to talk to your companions and tell them you aspire to be King,and then send them out for a long mission. You can only do that one at a time, every three days for a +3 boost. If there is other ways to obtain it I forgot or don't know.

You also gain right to rule everytime you succesfully recruit a lord.
2024 Still here just not as extensive. Hope everyone read this manual I am rereading it,and I am blown away by myself sometimes damn what a blast to the past.
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