A (semi) complete list of all cut content I could find in the files

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I decided to compile a list of all the cut content, future content, or legacy content I've found in the files. I say all three because we have no way to know what exactly of this is going to be in. Even if a feature is confirmed in, this code could be deleted and started from scratch. Others almost certainly seem cut, like certain factions TW decided would be too complicated to add.

I have categorized them into the type of content it pertains to as best as I could, and also tried to reference which files you can find these if you care to look. This list is not at all definitive, and is only from a surface look at the game's XML files, the deeper C# code and graphics files likely have a lot more that's not in here, and there's certainly going to be some things I've missed.

This was almost six hours of work and took me till 5 AM, so I hope you all like it! There's deff some stuff I missed, but I think this is a pretty interesting list and might shine some light on the future developments to come and what we may have lost.

Part 1:

  • Deserters were at one point going to be a more large scale faction instead of quest only. Code pertaining to them can be found in the spcultures xml file in SandBoxCore between the implemented Sea Raiders and Looters.
  • A cut character in lords.xml in the SandBox module is an entry for a Deserter Leader
  • There is a non-commented out piece of code in game_menus.xml referencing 'minor faction bases'. this is not hideouts which are referenced elsewhere, and this includes the ability to speak with the leader of the minor faction. Since it is not commented out, it is possible that minor faction interaction was cut quickly for time, and may be added back in. Alongside the quests referenced in the 'Quests' section, it seems likely that at some point (possibly recently), minor factions had a much more interesting role in the game.
  • Commented out lines in world_lore_strings.xml in SandBox refer to each of the Empire factions having disagreement over various laws, several of which hint towards the sexism mechanic and slavery mechanics, both of which no longer exist. They are as follows:
  1. WOMEN CAN JOIN THE SENATE (YES for Rhagaea, NO for Lucon, YES for Gario)
  4. SLAVES SHOULD BE ABLE TO BUY THEIR FREEDOM (NO for Rhagaea, NO for Lucon, YES for Gario)
  5. SENATE SHOULD NOMINATE THE EMPEROR (NO for Rhagaea, YES for Lucon, NO for Gario)
  • The same file also sorts the other kings into various categories: Centralizer, legalist, upstart
  1. Sturgians - Raganvad is centralizer
  2. Battanians - Caladog is upstart
  3. Aserai - Unqid is legalist
  4. Vlandians - Derthert is legalist
  5. Khuzaits - Khan is centralizer
  • Lines in the same file refer to the following laws which are no longer in the game. The way they are described (and several of their names) implies they were far more important than the current laws, and also hint at the former slavery and sexism mechanics (with the latter being much more complicated than the Warband version):
  1. Blood-price (Whether or not you can demand money for someone killing your kin, referenced in quests in game)
  2. Trial by Jury (Partially in game)
  3. Urban Rights
  4. Serfdom
  5. Slavery (more specifically, buying of freedom)
  6. Cosmopolitan (Opinion on foreigners, only negative reactions are listed in the file)
  7. Women's Inheritance
  • spclans.xml in the SandBox module contains several factions and clans which have been commented out of the game. One of them is religious in nature and it seems religion was once supposed to play a larger role in the game. The same faction also mentions several clans being friendly with various minor factions, further hinting that deeper interaction with minor factions, to the point of several clans allying them, seems to have been planned. The file also has some really cool bios on kings and clans that do not appear in game (Did you know Derthert wants to bring equality to the peasants to **** over the nobility because he thinks they're a bag of dicks?) but I don't want to unnecessarily pad out this list:
  1. Guardians of the Hills, Imperial aligned bandit barbarians from the hill tribes. Were removed because their faction had no members and it's possible TW just forgot to give them members and add them back in.
  2. Chosen of the Sky, a Khuzait religious sect
  3. Freemen of the Marshes (currently in game, possible duplicate)
  • minor_faction_conversations.xml contains dialogue for a slave rebellion led by a man named 'Corastos', hinting at a cut slavery mechanic
  • The same file has dialogue speaking of Count Dracula an edgelord the equivalent of the Hashashin named the 'Father of the Night'
  • Both of the above factions are listed as 'TOO COMPLICATED' at the bottom, implying they were cut for obvious reasons
  • The following mercenary companies are named at the bottom of the same file but otherwise not expanded upon, the same log also contains a fourth which is in game (Skolderbrotva):
  1. Company of Catalans (possibly hinting at a Spanish themed region nearby)
  2. Lost Legion (possibly renamed to the Legion of the Betrayed)
  3. Ghulams
  • A second list similarly lists bandit like groups, some of which are also in game (Jawwal Bedouin, Brotherhood of the Woods, Wolfskins):
  1. The Hidden Ones (Wolfskins are also referred to as the Hidden Ones in the same file, however this list puts them seperate)
  2. Khuzait Slave Tribe
  • Finally, a faction named 'Varangian Guard' sits under a 'REDUNDANT?' tag. The Varangian Guard in our timeline were the personal guard of the Byzantine Emperors (or one of their personal guard) and was recruited exclusively from Nordic people's and Anglo-Saxons due to the Byzantine Greeks believing them to be great warriors and because of their inability to speak Greek making it harder to bribe them to assassinate the Emperor. Several of the possible companions in game reference a 'Vaegarian Guard' who were blamed for assassinating the Emperor and then riot and burned down the capital, which is based on some of the antics of the iotl Varangian Guard.
  • A Vlandian arming cap is commented out in the spitems xml file of SandBoxCore.
  • Blunt bolts can be found in the same file. They're understandably garbage, and were possibly original for tournaments or for capture.
  • In the same file is an intermediate shield called a 'bound heater shield'.
  • A Khuzait horse armor in the same file called 'studded steppe barding'.
  • Lines in the world_lore_strings.xml file in SandBox refer to the following items and artifacts, several of which seem to have been inspired by Crusader Kings:
  1. Iron crown of Lombardy
  2. Oriflamme-style banner
  3. Bones of a holy man, in a reliquary
  4. Sword of a king
  5. Book of x
  6. Jewel
  7. Cup
  8. Gyrfalcon chicks on northern crag - Mountain hideout 14
  9. Gems of Golconda wash, picked through for gemstones - Desert hideout 1 10 Ambergris off a beach - Seaside hideout 2 11 Momia, or something else dug out of the sand -
  10. Dragonsblood - sap of a tree, used as dye
  11. Narwhal tusk
  12. Conch
  13. Ostrich plumes
  • item_modifiers.xml is self explanatory and refers to tons of different armor modifiers and horse modifiers, many of which do not appear in Warband. The code all looks functional and only the various horse modifiers (sans lame) are commented out, so it's curious why this feature is not in game.
Should be noted that these are under a comment that says "STEVE: I BELIEVE THE BELOW ARE FOR AN OLD QUEST MODEL" which means it's possible these are deprecated. The same notes also contain lines about currently implemented quests, however, leading me to believe not all of these are cut for good.
  • The file action_strings.xml in SandBox lists out several quest types:
  1. War (the player furthering faction war aims)
  2. Support armory (acting to support an army)
  3. Subversion (laying the ground for a future war)
  4. Anti-bandit
  5. Family feuds
  6. Help minor faction (driving away interlopers, trials by combat)
  7. Retrieve an item for a town/lord
  • Independent War Quests only has the following dialogue line: "Intro: "As you know, we are at war with the ..."
  • There is a line that says "General economic attacks", presumably also a category
  • The following are listed under "HELP MINOR FACTION QUESTS":
  1. Drive away interloper
  2. Drive away bandits from village
  3. Kill a certain amount of bandits in town facility
  • The following are listed under "POLITICAL QUESTS:"
  1. Provide a casus belli, or support a lord in a war council
  2. Support someone to end a war
  • Lines in the game_menus.xml file in SandBox that aren't commented out reference training peasants against bandits like in Warband.
  • The action_strings.xml file in SandBox references a notification (much like the war or vote notifications) about a city revolting against its ruler. This is different than the civil war and faction unrest mechanic spoken of by TW, as this pertains to a rising from the lower classes instead of a civil war by the nobility.
  • Characters originally got engaged before marriage unlike the insta marriage we have now. The comment_on_action_strings.xml file in SandBox contains a line for a lord congratulating you on it: "Congratulations to you and {FIRST_NAME} on your engagement."
  • You used to be able to choose to do different things while waiting in a town as listed in game_menus.xml in SandBox. This includes:
  1. Tell war stories to the locals (increases influence with the town)
  2. Gamble in the tavern (also increases influence with the town)
  3. Meet with the nobles (raises influence with lords)
  4. Go hunting with lords (raises influence with lords)
  5. Train town guards (for whatever reason, lists the consequence as 'Gain Money'
  6. Guard the town (also raises money)
  7. And obviously, a 'go back' button
  • Some lines of code in the same file reference waiting in your camp.
  • In the same file there are references to sneaking into towns like you can now... WITH A GRAPPLING HOOK
  • Numerous lines in the same file referencing reactions to you winning or losing a tournament or parts of it:
  1. "The grand tournament of {TOWN_NAME} reaches its end and the victors' names are chanted by spectators returning to their homes. Even those for whom tournaments don't take a fancy, cannot escape the names of the champions.{EVENTS_AND_WINNERS}"
  2. "The crowds awe at your stunning displays of talent, expertise and physical prowess. Winning every event at a tournament meeting is known as a feat rarely accomplished. Your name will not soon be forgotten in {TOWN_NAME}"
  3. "You have triumphed in the {ROUND_TYPE} and {NEXT_INFO}"
  4. "You have been defeated in the {ROUND_TYPE}. For you, the event is over but this is not the first contest of its kind in Calradia and it will not be the last."
  • Similarly, the file contains references to joining certain events and (unnamed) and also viewing a schedule to see them. Other files reference jousting, so it was likely tournaments were a lot more interesting in former versions.
  • The same section also contains lines for "menu_train_peasants_against_bandits", implying that imprisoned bandits may have been at tournaments for your men to whack for fun.
  • The file contains lines in a not commented out menu asking the player if they'd like to embark or conversely, disembark. Presumably from a boat. As Paradox has always had a bit of a yearning for sea battles and tried it numerous times over M&B and Warbands development, and then fanboyed constantly over the janky ones in Viking Conquest, it's likely that ships were/are a planned feature.
  • The same files contains lines talking about you being captured and then left for dead in the wilderness to look for the survivors from your party.
  • companions.xml references the following skills which are marked as no longer in the game.
  1. Commander (not Tactics, which is listed below it)
  2. Reign
  3. Logistics
  4. CavalryCommand
  5. InfantryCommand
  6. ArcherCommand
  7. Athletics
  8. Siegecraft
  9. Diplomacy
  • The same file also references 'traits' but only on a single companion
  1. WandererEquipment
  2. BalancedFightingSkills
  3. SergeantCommandSkills
  4. Valor
  • spspecialcharacters.xml in SandBox also mentions several traits that do not appear in game. However many of the companions in that file do appear in game, which raises the question over whether any of these are actually hidden skills for NPCs. Many of them also reference the above skills and traits (which that file said no longer exist) (there's also thousands of entries in this file I don't want to comb through so this list is not definitive):
  1. Calculating
  2. Mercy
  3. HopliteFightingSkills
  4. Manager
  5. Politician
  6. ArabianHair
  7. Generosity
  8. RomanHair
  • Lines in conversations.xml in the SandBox module refer to the following shops the player could own. The workshops are stored in spworkshops.xml and only contain all of the ones you can build now and the stable, so it can be assumed these are cut:
  1. Mill
  2. Brewery
  3. Weavery
  4. Ironworks
  5. Velvet Weavery
  6. Linen Weavery
  7. Wine Press
  8. Tannery
  9. Pottery Shop
  10. Stable
  11. Melee Weaponhouse
  12. Ranged Weaponhouse
  13. Shield Armorhouse
  14. Light Armorhouse
  15. Medium Armorhouse
  16. Heavy Armorhouse
  • A line in spworkshops.xml in the SandBox module has incomplete code for building a stable with TODO
  • Dialogue with city mayors in the same file lets you ask them to help you lower unrest in the town (presumably linked to the rebellion mechanic), allowing you to take the following actions:
  1. "Give no tax permission for 1 month. Also pay money. ({MONEY_AMOUNT_NO_TAX} denars."
  2. "Give maximum 5% tax ratio permission for 1 month. Also pay money. ({MONEY_AMOUNT_YES_TAX} denars."
  3. "Give no tax permission for 1 month. Also use influence. ({INFLUENCE_AMOUNT_NO_TAX}."
  4. "Give maximum 5% tax ratio permission for 1 month. Also use influence. ({INFLUENCE_AMOUNT_YES_TAX}."
  • Dialogue in the same file shows an older version of the caravan mechanic when talking to a mayor: "These are good news, there are many different resources in around towns which can bring good money if you trade them. A caravan you formed will do this for you. You need to pay 500 to form a caravan and men will form that caravan will take 100 denars wage weekly"
  • Lines in spprojects.xml in the SandBox module refer to village buildings that reference buildings in villages (not in) and building a village castle (confirmed cut feature). The village projects are as follows:
  1. Light Castle
  2. Light to Medium Castle
  3. Medium to Large castle
  4. Wheat farm
  5. Fisherman
  6. Vineyard
  7. Clay mine
  8. Salt mine
  9. Iron mine
  10. Date farm
  11. Olive trees
  12. Silk plant
  13. Flax plant
  14. Spice plant
  15. Sheep farm
  16. Lumberjack
  17. Cattle ranch
  18. European horse ranch
  19. Steppe horse ranch
  20. Desert horse ranch
  21. Temple
  • animations_combat.xml has commented out lines for various shield bashes
  • The same file has an extra kick animation that was cut for lack of use
  • As well as some extra fist fighting animations
  • And extra 1h guard animations
  • And staff animations
  • And a ton of 2H horseback animations, including ones for an 'unbalanced' weapon
  • And bow animations
  • And pike and polearm animations
  • And various boulder animations
  • And death on ladder animations
  • And various animations for dying and falling over or falling off your horse
  • animations_movement_and_behaviour.xml in Native contains references to many animations related to marriage which are currently commented out and marked with 'Not used'
  • animations_mainmap.ml in Native contains references to animations on the mainmap for the cut ambush mechanic
  • animations_gates.xml contains hundreds of gate animations that are cut from the game, including references to sally doors
  • siegeengines.xml, while not commented out, refers to improved versions of the siege tower and battering ram. It also has flavor descriptions for preparing a siege and building ladders, both of which are automatic in the actual game.
  • lords.xml in SandBox has a cut entry for Penton's wife named Alena
  • The same file h as a cut character with the blurb: " <!-- Clan 7 consort. Charismatic, energetic but easily offended". Clan 7 is Rhagaea's clan
  • This line is in a comment called ANCESTORS at the bottom and is probably in game for a dead character but it's so spicy that I had to add it: " <!-- make Leonipardes' wife in fact his sister, married by Gario who then cheated on her, went back to her brother -->"
  • The file also has a comment to add Steve, a Paradox employee, as a dead hero
Several of these dialogue pieces, such as the sexism comments, are able to appear in game fine if just uncommented out of the file. It is unclear why they are, because while some are Warband copies, the EA release contains Warband dialogue still so that was clearly not an issue.
  • Comments from an unknown party pertaining to you fighting bandits in the comment_on_action_strings.xml file in SandBox.
  1. "I hear you recently tracked down some brigands. Good. The world is better off without such scum" for cruel characters
  2. "I hear you chased down some bandits. I feel sorry for those lads, but I suppose they had it coming" for characters with 'OutlawSympathyTag'
  3. "I hear you recently tracked down some brigands" for anyone not covered previously.
  • Lords commenting on you having taken their city. Likely a holdover from Warband but is also in the comment_on_action_strings.xml file which is almost entirely implemented dialogue. "You have something that belongs to me: {SETTLEMENT_NAME}. I will make you relinquish it."
  • Unknown characters, most likely Lords, commenting on you killing off gangs in their city: "I hear you recently got into a scrap with some CommonArea thugs. I suppose I should have cleaned them out myself at some point, but it sounds like you gave a good account of yourself."
  • Two extra dialogue pieces for lords complaining about other lords trying to steal their girl. There is a third, implemented one, though I'm not sure if you actually ever see it in game.
  • In comment_strings.xml in SandBox, dialogue piece for an 'Amoral' and 'PersonalIronicTag' Aserai lord: "I am {CONVERSATION_CHARACTER.LINK}, an emir of {LIEGE_TITLE}. My lineage is not so famous - but when my deeds are done it will be my name, not that of some ancient forefather who died centuries ago, that my descendants will remember."
  • Introduction for the leader of the peasant rebellion mentioned elsewhere in the files: "I am {CONVERSATION_CHARACTER.LINK}. I have been chosen by the people of {REBEL_TOWN_STRING} to lead them in their just struggle against tyranny."
  • Various lines for a lord celebrating winning a battle with you
  • Two listings for dialogue (with no dialogue under them) for 'AbandonAllyAction' and 'CaptureSettlementAction'
  • Various lines for the enemy demanding to know who you are, while several of these lines are actually in game (despite all of them being commented out in this file) there is a note saying "MOVED TO VOICED LINES"
  • Dialogue for kings accepting peace with you
  • Lines for prisoners thanking you for liberating them
  • Lines for freeing someone from prison AND THEN PUTTING THEM BACK IN
  • Lines for lords answering a call to parley
  • Lines for lords wanting revenge for raiding their village or stealing from them
  • In contrast, lines for saving a lords village
  • Lords thanking you or calling you a dumb **** for giving them a fief
  • Dialogue categories last edited in 2014 (when they restarted development from scratch to build the engine) listed as "Besieging together with NPC"
  • Lines for lords reminiscing with you about old battles
  • Lines for lords gloating that they beat you
  • Lines for lords talking about how they kicked your ass last time when you come for revenge
  • Lines about lords talking about getting their asses beat with you
  • Lines of lords trying to console you after a loss or pulling a Thad and rubbing it in your face
  • Various intros referring to the player as a foreigner to Calradia
  • All the old sexism lines that I managed to reenable just by uncommenting them, sans duels for equal rights
  • Lines for lords being attracted to you
  • Lines for lords commenting on you beating their allies
  • Lines for lords mentioning you letting them go after battle
  • Lines for you having failed missions for a lord
  • Various lines for duels, including references to lords mentioning you killing their friends or enemies in duels
  • Various lines for peasant rebels
  • Lines for lords talking about you running away from them
  • Lines for lords talking about you releasing lords
  • Lines for lords mentioning you getting fiefs
  • Lines for lords talking about why they hate one another
  • Lines for lords congratulating you on your marriage, welcoming you to your family, or calling your wife an idiot
  • Lines for lords *****ing that you gave a fief to a commoner
  • Lines for lords complaining about you eloping
  • Farewells from various people marked as "not added yet"
  • Various dialogue for the player's spouse and family members
  • Now in the world_lore_strings.xml in the SandBox module, numerous lines for lords talking about their kings, their families, or kings of other realms. These are very detailed and seem to be written correctly but crash the game when enabled at the moment. I imagine this is for the 'quick question' menu and will be added soon.
  • Various comments from Rhagaea about the civil war outside of her in game dialogue
  • Brief sentences describing various factions
  • Lines for lords talking about their opinions on various laws based on their culture and their personality. The only lines are for Sturgian lords, and there is only one line per law regardless of personality, they are as follows:
  1. "Blood-price "It is a sad fact of the world that the lives of some are valued more than the lives of others. If laws to fly in the face of reality, this may cause many unforeseen problems. For example, if a lord may be hanged for the wrongful death of a commoner, then men will not fear him, and he will be unable impose justice in his lands." Mercy +1"
  2. "Trial by jury "Juries can be bought. Or they may rule with their hearts not their heads. The application of the law will become random and arbitrary." Mercy +1"
  3. "Urban rights "If it becomes more difficult to impose taxes on the cities, then kings will squeeze the countryside." Mercy +1"
  4. "Serfs "It is a mercy to keep them tethered to the land. For people who are ignorant of the world, freedom is merely the freedom to wander, to be robbed, to fritter away one's money, and ultimately to starve in a ditch." Mercy +1"
  5. "Slaves "It may seem cruel to deny a slave the right to buy his freedom. But many do not know how to make use of their freedoms, and such laws will merely see our cities flooded with desperate penniless men." Mercy +1 "Let the low-born know their place. To give them the right to leave their land will encourage them to be insolent to their betters." Mercy -1"
  6. "Cosmopolitan negative "People should keep to their separate ways. Let not the lion breed with the hyena." ImpEd -1, "Foreigners may live with us for 20 years, but they will never lose their savageness, and they will erode the values we hold sacred." ImpEd +1, "
  7. "Women's inheritance "If women can control their own property, they will become targets for conniving fortune-hunters, or they will become as merchants themselves and lose their natural graces. Better leave such things in the hands of men, who are accustomed to the rougher aspects of the world." HighRegister +1 "That's one good law that the empire has. There are some things that are a man's job, and some things that are a woman's." HighRegister -1"
  • Lines for tavern keepers in conversations.xml in the SandBox module (nothing interesting besides one implying tavern keepers could give you a job)
  • This file also contains all of Warbands dialogue, not commented out
Quality of Life:
  • The following fief related tooltips in concept_strings.xml in SandBox are marked as "TODO" and commented out:
  1. Settlement Prosperity
  2. Settlement Development Speed
  3. Settlement Food Store
  4. Militia
  5. Garrison
  6. Settlement Developments
  7. Governor
  • Similarly, these campaign tooltips are also commented out with TODO:
  1. Skills Roles (this one actually has a tooltip line and no TODO marker: "Skills and perks usually grant benefits according to skill roles"
  2. Party Morale
  3. Party Inventory
  4. Settlement Notables
  5. Taxes
  6. Tariffs
There's enough content here that I decided to split it off to a new list. There's so much (including full dialogue, stats, equipment, friends and enemies) that it's very possible that these will be the companions we see implemented in game later.
  • The following are the companions listed in companion_strings.xml and companions.xml in SandBox:
  1. Petrys, an Imperial scholar that can let you greet new lords by acknowledging their ancestry, getting you an occasional relationship boost
  2. Osarios, a veteran legionnaire, he can help you train the infantry
  3. Senon, an overly honest engineer, speeds up siege construction and lets you build a 'counterweight trebuchet'
  4. Haldea, a matronly older Imperial woman woman who wants to beat the **** out of the men in the Empire until they realize they're being a bunch of pussies and decide to be competent. No really. No ability is listed.
  5. Chara, an Imperial border ranger. Interestingly enough, she is the only companion with her stats and dialogue commented out. No ability listed besides "Scarred" being written twice under her name for some reason.
  6. Boscoric, a former zealot rebel in the Embers and herbalist. Perks are listed as 'herbalism' and 'charisma'
  7. Ewyn, a merchants daughter from Geroia who was taken as a slave by one 'Aldric of Tihr' (one comment also lists an alternate backstory of being kicked out from her family for falling in love with a poor boy which seems counterproductive and less interesting). Perk is 'surgery' and she's listed as wanting to hunt down Aldric. Hilariously enough, she has a third possible backstory listed of "aristocratic maiden left in wake of an army'. Her actual bio seems to be a mix of al three.
  8. Arigun, a former member of a smuggling ring who speaks partially in thieves cant. Listed perk is 'Knows back door into cities on west of map'
  9. Tabur a ****ing straight up aristocrat hedonistic capitalistic fat cat party crasher AND thief who exists purely to party (while not invited) so hard until he ****s the wrong dude's wife. The man is such an absolute unit that he also knows all the back doors into cities (except in the east) from quietly exiting on walks of shame (despite him feeling none)
  10. A companion with no backstory besides 'desert fugitive' named 'Lath'
  11. Sabila, a caravaneer's daughter who lost the caravan through bad business decisions. No perk listed, though there is a line implying she could get you work if you hung around caravans
  12. Urgil, a coalbiter (someone who tells stories around a hearth (from the Old Norse Kolbitar, literally coalbiter, named as such because they'd lean so close to the hearth during stories that they were practically eating the coal, Tolkein is the one who rediscovered the word from Norse sagas). No perk listed, but also listed as being able to get you work around caravans
  13. Yarka, a shieldmaiden who killed her husband after being denied divorce. Her dialogue and stats were eventually used for the random companions, also could get you caravan work
  14. Pol, a smith that is listed as both 'foul-tempered' and 'goodtempered'. Has only two lines of very small dialogue, though he seems nicer than mean. No perk listed, though smithing would be an obvious one
  15. Imulir, a crazy lady who thinks she's under a curse that makes all men fall in love with her. No perk listed besides caravan work again
  16. Ferionn, a professional furry who grew up covering himself in **** and now hangs out at bars covered in dirt and rotting wolf skin and telling people about his favorite fursona and Sonic OC's (he's a Batanian Wolfskin who was too much of a furry even for them). Perks are scouting and pathfinding in woods
  17. Cadugan, professional horse thief and amateur lovable scamp, no perk listed
  18. Surgai, a Khuzait chieftain's son who was taken hostage in the Empire and now wants to modernize the Khuzait. Has almost no dialogue and no perk listed
  19. Ger, a half-man crazy man who believes he is vibrating so quickly that he is randomly moving between reality and the underworld. On a quest to save his mother. No perk listed
  20. Khachin, a former slave pit fighter who was used as an exotic arena Amazon. Going to make an aside here to take note that the next three companions are also all commented out, have no dialogue (besides Dewanos having a line) and no stats (besides Dewanos), however, they're incredibly interesting because they are all from different parts of the Warband world we've never seen before. Namely China, India, and Ethiopia (or at least their equivalents)
  21. Dewanos. Grew up in a monastery in the Calradian equivalent of Ethiopia and is now an onk (Megwazi (Ethiopian) for 'to travel'). His single line of dialogue implies his perk was also herbalism
  22. Lantius, a Mohist (Chinese school of thought) siege engineer. Perk was presumably siege related
  23. Parakrama, a possibly Indian smith. Perk was presumably smithing related
  • In wanderer_strings.xml there are even more companions. These seem to be the randomly generated ones we have now, however while commented out, many of them do not appear in game. I am unsure if this is from a bug or just lack of implementation. The file says that Engineers are to come from the Empire, Serai, Khuzaits, Surgeons are to come from the Empire (female only), Aserai, Vlandia, and Herbalists are to come from Sturgia (female only), Battanians (female only) and Vlandia. They are as follows:
  1. Arrogant Imperial siege engineer
  2. A Cataphracts child who is disgraced for working with merchants
  3. 'The Boar' a former Legionaire (possibly a member of the Legion of the Betrayed)
  4. A robber who has a gang member as a nemesis
  5. A guy who loves killing who doesn't say much about himself
  6. An ex-cultist rebel turned mafioso who has a lord as his nemesis
  7. A female outlaw who is a former assassin. Gang leader nemesis
  8. A guilt-ridden surgeon who had been forced to torture by the Imperial 'Bureau of Barbarian Affairs' (seriously?)
  9. An aristocrat who fled a bad marriage with a lord as nemesis
  10. The angry farmer who is currently in game who murdered his neighbor and his family. A comment says his nemesis is the family of the slain
  11. A woman with a birthmark that made everyone think she was cursed
  12. Shieldmaiden who killed her husband, comment says her nemesis is the husband's family
  13. A man who lost everything trying to marry a woman who turned out to be a con-artist sent by his family to steal his property
  14. 'The Boar (again)' who gloats about being a headhunter
  15. A guy based on Hamlet
  16. A professional veteran Battanian who fought for the Empire
  17. Former stable boy turned horse thief
  18. A Battanian survivalist
  19. A talkative bandit
  20. A barbarian woman who murdered the son of a chief because he tried to rape her
  21. A woman who was accused of being cursed by an old crone
  22. A cow thief
  23. A former Wolfskin with a warrant out for him who claims innocence because he thinks he was literally a ****ing wolf when he did it (I hate these people)
  24. A chatty monk healer (JEREMUS?)
  25. An overly loud Vlandian mercenary
  26. A veteran with PTSD
  27. A serial killer named 'The Shark'
  28. A sailor who fled a dominating guild. Gang leader nemesis
  29. A loner who's father died in a blizzard after they escaped to the wilderness together
  30. Former bandit woman turned bandit hunter for lords with a lord as a nemesis
  31. Smith who murdered a lord for running down a child with his horse
  32. Female bandit who is the daugher of bandits named 'The Black'
  33. An engineer who wants revenge for his father who used to work on chariots until he was killed in riots at the Imperial capital for being a foreigner
  34. Misanthropic nautical surgeon
  35. An Aserai obsessed with his own family tree
  36. 'The Falcon' a chivalrous Aserai soldier who thinks the clans steal all the glory
  37. 'The Swordsman' who fell out with his lord over a woman. Lord as nemesis
  38. 'The Prince' a 'fitiwi' who a guard captain tried to corrupt
  39. 'The Hyena' who is like a furry if furry's instead loved forms of dirt and this dude was a desertkin
  40. A female member of a fallen Aserai clan
  41. A failed merchant
  42. A female alley urchin
  43. A scholar who became an engineer with a backstory based on 'pre-islamic arabia' (by the comment)
  44. A Khuzait siege engineer
  45. 'The Hawk' a Khuzait clan member who accidentally killed the brother of the woman he loved after he refused his betrothal offer of 50 sheep. Rural clan nemesis
  46. A Khuzait orphan
  47. 'Ironeye' a professional Khuzait soldier and infantryman
  48. A Khuzait from a minor clan that was under vassalage to a larger clan (possibly the Khuzait clan itself), who got tired of being treated like a slave and killed one of them
  49. 'The Mad' (marked with REDO) a Khuzait thief with a gang leader nemesis
  50. 'The Grey Falcon' the lone survivor of a hunted steppe clan
  51. An Amazonian gladiator, same as the unique companion above
  52. A single mother's only daughter
  53. Tomboy daughter of a caravan guard
  • The following ones are marked as starting the game in prison:
  1. A former member of the Free Companies who was thrown in prison for a drunken murder
  2. A former member of the Brotherhood of the Woods
  3. A Khuzait horsethief
  • Lines in spspecialcharacters.xml refer to the nemesis' from the companions psecifically, and even seems to assign specific clans for several. Bandit and Minor Faction Nemesis are not added, and the file has notes for a TODO to add the Blacksmiths (see random companions) nemesis and a second Blacksmith not in either of the companion list. The clans / characters mentioned below are, I believe, actually the code for certain characters / families in game, though I haven't checked which. Oddly, several of these nemesis only appear for companions of certain cultures, yet the nemesis' themselves are of a different kingdom entirely. Nemesis' are possibly planned for addition, as one of the randomly generated companions in game right now does reference a lord who she despises, though the loc string is currently broken and shows up something like LORD_NAME. Regardless, those listed are as follows:
  1. Lord Nemesis are: Aserai3
  2. Rural Clan: Sturgia4, Sturgia8
  3. Gang leader: Empire
There are no voice files I see, however there are strings referring to what voice strings *should be added. The opening of the document has the following blurb which should give you an idea of what the voices will be like:*
  • From voice_strings.xml in SandBox:
The voiced lines are divided into 12 voicegroups. This is down from 32, to make things manageable. There will, however, be 32 different actors There are four personas (curt, earnest, ironic, and softspoken) and three social registers (upper, lower, and tribal.)
Each voice group is divided into two, male and female, except tribal, which also has two subdivisions = eastern and northern
"Western_upper" - Used in the Empire and Vlandia, an upper class British accent, as one frequently finds in historical films
"Western_lower" - Used in the Empire and Vlandia, a working class British accent, as one frequently finds in historical films
"Northern" - Used in Sturgia and Battania, a Scandinavian accent, as close to old Norse as we can
"Eastern" - Used by the Aserai and the Khuzaits. For the sake of having a single model, let's base it on a Syrian/Iraqi Arabic accent, but I doubt many will notice if it varies from that a bit. n
We are using 32 voices to represent everyone in the game world - lords, peasants, robbers, stiff stoics, warm matriarchs, sinister plotters, gallant young knights. So, it's important that each voice can be used somewhat modularly.
The lines should not be written for individual characters, thus, but a range of characters. The same set of lines may include phrases that would probably be never used by the same character - ie, depending on the values of the NPCs, they may gloat over the imminent defeat of an enemy express sadness at the tragedy of war; depending on the context they may be boastful or UnderCommand.
There are four basic voice types, might be used for simpler more unified system.
Agreeable means the tone of the voice conveys a desire to avoid conflict
The words might however invite conflict - ie, a threat conveyed in a softspoken, matter-of-fact voice Not agreeable suggests that the tone, while not combatative, has no desire to avoid conflict
Earnest - extrovert, agreeable - These characters present themselves or herself enthusiastically. They are friendly, perhaps overfriendly. Enthusiastic, can be bombastic or boastful. An upperwest_male_earnest could be a gallant knight, or a Colonel Blimp type, depending on how he chooses his words. Some, males in particular, may choose only to be agreeable to social equals and superiors. In women from traditional cultures, this is usually someone acting maternal
Ironic - extrovert, not agreeable - Likes to talk, but can enjoy being provocative, abrasive, or offensive. Voice suggests that the character is always on the edge of cracking a quip.
Marc Anthony in "Rome"
Wellington in "Napoleon"
Softspoken - introvert, agreeable - Calm, friendly, does not use too many words. Can be friendly, shy, or sinister. In women, represents someone coming across as shy and maidenlike. In commoners, comes across as UnderCommand
curt - introvert, not agreeable - Gruff. Words may be nice, but the voice usually suggests disinterest in other people. Suggests the person is easily angered. Male aristocrats, having their own natural authority, can get away with being unexpressive. curt women and commoners often give the impression of being on the edge of an angry outburst.
Hind, wife of Sufyan
Stoic (?)
Main centurion in Rome
(Unreliable/Unctuous/Ingratiating - can be function of the other voices)
Accents might be restricted to British upper class, British working class, Mideastern, northern
4 accents * 4 personalities * 2 Male/Female = 32 voices
first_meeting (common variations - in tavern)
first_meeting_attacking (common variations - attacking)
metbefore (common variations - impolite)
dislike (common variations - dislike nasty, dislike threatening)
under_command (common variations - chivalrous)
  • The same file has what looks like what looks like every line TW intends to voice, an interesting read if you're curious
  • The ability to wait at hideouts--unknown if that means your own--is listed as a menu option in game_menus.xml in SandBox.
  • trait_strings.xml references several blurbs for player traits that currently do not exist anywhere:
You are known for your daring, your willingness to face a fight against tough odds, and your reluctance to back down from a challenge. Generally you are admired for this, also some think caution might be the better part of valor."
Some call you 'cautious,' others 'timid' or 'cowardly.' You are known for backing out of fights. Some despise you for it, some think it makes you easy to intimidate, but some lords will trust you more with men and resources.
You are known for being kind and merciful, particularly to the poor and defeated foes. Most admire this, although some consider it to be weakness."
Mercy, neg:
You are known for being ruthless, for punishing your foes with an iron fist even if innocents are hurt as well. This has its upside, in that many fear to cross you, but they would also turn on you like wolves if you ever show weakness. "
Honor: You are known for sticking to your word and to the unspoken code of your occupation. Both friends and enemies appreciate this reliability, although some may find your inflexility to be infuriating.
You routinely break promises and your unspoken code if it serves a greater purpose.
Generosity: You're loyal to your friends, your kin, and anyone who does you a favor
Calc neg: You act first with your heart, not your head. But in these days, many admire that.
  • The file settlements.xml contains all of the names for the cities and towns, the root origin of their name and what they become in Warband if possible, and sometimes a blurb describing them. The only removed settlement in the file is 'Sunor' which is derived from 'Sonotorea' or in English 'City of the Deliverer', the predecessor of Suno, and an associated village named Surusbec. It's possible this was removed as it was a Vlandian town and they already have plenty
  • The file sp_battle_scenes.xml contains numerous cut battle scenes, around a third of them in total
  • The file animations_animals.xml has animations for rabbits
  • monster_usages.xml contains reference to animations for burning to death
Wow damn, I'm really frustrated that these things are not in the games, especially the most RPish ones like the different activities while waiting in town.
I noticed in the code(Campaign I think?) there is also a function for DeadByLabor for women giving birth. Anyone ever lost their wife like this?

Also there were lists for exSpouses but Callum confirmed there is no divorce in game. So I guess they can die by old age.
Very interesting, thank you for posting. I suspect a lot of these features and others will be added later.
I noticed in the code(Campaign I think?) there is also a function for DeadByLabor for women giving birth. Anyone ever lost their wife like this?

Also there were lists for exSpouses but Callum confirmed there is no divorce in game. So I guess they can die by old age.
Women can die in childbirth. Saw a screenshot.
I came across some of those as well -- I am especially intrigued by the cut political/faction/laws content, as well as the commentary the various characters (esp. Rhagaea) has on the ongoing war.

What I wonder is if these are cut content, or simply planned but unimplemented content?

Some of the content is old -- the information in spclans.xml for instance refers to character backgrounds that have clearly changed from what they were planned to be. So it's unclear to me what the commented out stuff is supposed to represent.
They really should re-add slavery, sexism and racism. Makes the world believable and gives it depth that it currently doesn’t have.
They really should re-add slavery, sexism and racism. Makes the world believable and gives it depth that it currently doesn’t have.
And religion. Unfortunately i think they were simply cut out to not get a +18 rating. But I'm still disappointed.
And religion. Unfortunately i think they were simply cut out to not get a +18 rating. But I'm still disappointed.
Highly doubtful. Sexism was in Warband sans the laws and likely could be readded without any rating addition. There is no ESRB hit for sexism and TW has zero reason to care. Slavery was probably cut along with the slave rebellion minor faction for being too complicated.
The more I find out , the more I play, the more dissapointed I become.
Very interesting, especially the info on the companions.

Stuff like that makes me think they made a bad choice in wanting Bannerlord to be a 'generational' game where your character is supposed to have an heir the necessitates generating lords and companions. Who wants to play in a world with randomly generated NPCs when the custom made ones are so much more interesting. And it will be pretty easy to notice that generic companions use the same set of backstories as well.
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