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It just saddens me greatly that this mod has been abandoned.

You have stated the reason for that was because you wanted to start working on War of the Roses instead.

Seeing as how it has been confirmed that it won't have any modability, what will you do now?

This mod has ENORMOUS potential and is just so. damn. unique. All the way from the period & setting to models(helmets, horses, animations, bows, quivers, armors, clothes, props..) to the fact that the game actually DOES play a lot different from all the other mods.

The game is set in a(highly unique, never before done in MB) period where the importance of armor was at it's peak...It's as if the game KNOWS.

The new mechanics blend in seamlessly. Everyone is highly armored and a mere longsword is practically useless, to be effective you have to rely on blunt maces, warhammers, bills, voulges and halberds to harm your foe, as it were in the period. That in itself is an enormous achievement.

Along with Brytenwalda and AD 1257, this is one of the most unique and enjoyable mods I have come across. I even daresay it has the potential to be far more unique than the two.

It is already mindblowing, but we have yet to see war wagons, culverins, deployable pavises, york/lancaster as separate factions, reworked old armors from vanilla MB, new companions stories,  tournaments etc. etc.

If either Fuwa or Ulrich could respond and announce your further plans, I'd be extremely grateful. :smile:



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Thx for been our dearest and most long living fan, we appreciate greatly ur enthusiasm towards the mod. But sadly I must assure u that the mod is dead and we are not going to resurect it. Further more I consider, that it's the end to modding life of the team, we are bored with that, turning our interests to other aspects of life, instead gaming.

We had our last battle and like gallant knights in shining armor, we are few, we happy few ... and no match for the new era, we are paladins of the glorious past, and its coming to an end ...

Rest in peace "Knights the last battle"  :cry: :cry: :cry:

Gratitudes for all mates who belived and support us, we tried our best in achieving ur likes, but nothing lasts forever. Thx
I understand, and it is indeed sad to hear, however it doesn't have to be the end.

Would you guys be open to handing over the mod development to someone else? I don't have anything in mind, as I don't yet have any modding skills. But you know, just being open to it in general?

I firmly believe that the mod is very near completion, and only needs several adjustments(lancaster & york as separate factions, troop equipment adjustments, names, bandits, stats, few scene props and some old item reworks.)

I cannot thank you enough for this mod, as the "ride" for me has just begun. :wink:

I understand that you need to move on and wish you, Ulrich and the rest of the team all the best in life, with a tiny spark of hope that you may return someday.

Thank you. :smile:


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Sad. I liked this mod and it's period. I find much more joy in the late middle ages than the 1200-1300 period that everyone seems to use. Any chance you will open it up to be carried on by a future possible torch bearer?


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It is very sad to me that this mod is dead. It's the first mod I download when I bought Warband. Someone should continue it.  :cry:


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Who said that the mod is dead ? :grin:
Poco a poco, still working all alone, extreamly needed in team members to finish the mod:

Jean Poton de Xaintrailles armor (well only helmet model)  :oops:

visor view

Nicolas Rolin

Animated windlass crossbow, a pitty without windlass reload animation, cose it doesn't exist:

Add some swiss and burgundian flags:

And my beloved, Maximelian's I - Black band:

The last one, swiss vs burgundian tercios:


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HOLY COW!  :shock:
That's looks cool! By the way Fuwa can I use the armor in this mod? Please.
Also I think there's only light armor in multiplayer mode.


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Sure thing, give it on. Dont forget that I will gladly receive any help in modding
3D visor view?!

Oh my god... :shock:

I don't have any suggestions this very moment, and I'm on my cousin's computer so it's neither the time nor the place for brainstorming.

Rest assured however, there will be plenty. :grin:
Very good mod i'm playing 2.3 on Warband 1.158 and its going very well !!! Any chance to know about a future for this mod ? And too would you make it OSP ? Some other modders can finish it. I didn't understood well, Fuwa said it's dead and then he sends screenshots with new work :eek:; is this work currently in 2.3 ?


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The mod is dead, there is no code, everything was made by hand, if you wish to develop it, there is no borders only your own will and skills. I won't continue it in future, or waist my time on it further more.
Thank you Fuwa for your answer, i'm not yet a veteran modder but maybe a day !!! I think this mod as great potential if you use formations of pikeman, guns and artillery it can be really fun !!! I've made some banners for the mod 1429 especially the "hard" Burgundy one ! I would like to ask you if we can use some of the ressources of Knights The Last battle like if it was OSP with giving credits ? The good thing is that is the 1429 mod team is working almost on the same period and in the same place. So when 1429 will be finish mod maybe (why not? :razz:) we can finish yours cause most of the cities of France are already done, map would be the sames and "all that" it would be like a "brother mod". So just say me YES !!! If no, no :roll: problem i'm just a noob modder cheers !
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