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A question on the matter of freelancer

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I was playing on the SVN build and I enlisted my character into a nobles army (an English army to be precise). I quickly rose up in the ranks and became a sergeant crossbowman but now it tells me that my xp to the next rank is N/A and the next pay/promotion day is March 29 1257. Its been quite a while since that day and I haven't been promoted. Am I stuck as a Sergeant Crossbowman or is there a way to say become a mounted unit?


It depends on your renown. I believe you have to have 100 or maybe 120+ renown to be a mounted unit(noble).


visual bug, u need to get higher lvls and upgrade your skills and weapon efficiencies to get promoted


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You follow the same rules as every soldier you can recruit. As what you enlist(peasant, burger, knight) depends on your renown DrTomas said a few days earlier. In English armies only knights get horses. So you need minimum 120 renown when you enlist. At the moment you are enlisted as peasant.


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good question if it works. I hadn't tried this very much in in last rev. As I re-enlisted at the same lord I get the old rank. I had left as Teutonic Turcopole and as I re-enlisted I get immediately Turcopole again...you can try if this was just a random happening in last version or retry with new update. If you have the needed renown and you will be again in peasant troop tree you can try to join another lord of this faction. Last time I was just in two armies of two different factions enlisted...so I'm not sure  :???:
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