A question about helmet rigging

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I have no idea how this is supposed to work. Long story short I decided to copy and paste some rigging from one of Narfs packs onto a helmet that did not have one. Except, that nerfs helmets are not orientated in the helmet position.

So how the hell do they still appear properly in-game? Whenever I do it, they appear floating say 5 meters in fromt of my character...
itp_attach_armature is a flag used in a helmet’s details in module_items.py

Add it like the other item flags:

["h_round_kettlehat_mail", "Kettle Hat with Mail Coif", [("h_round_kettlehat",0)], itp_merchandise| itp_type_head_armor| itp_attach_armature,0, 360 , weight(1.75)|abundance(100)|head_armor(36)|body_armor(0)|leg_armor(0)|difficulty(7) ,imodbits_plate ,[(ti_on_init_item,[(cur_item_add_mesh, "@o_mail_coif_narf", 0, 0),])]],

You can add it with Morgh's editor if you're not using the modsys.
Thanks, appreciate the help. Now I can finally use that ****ing Great Bascinet (from whatever that OSP is called) without it clipping through 90% of mah armor.
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