A Moment Of Silence for 2 Pila Legionnaires

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Let us all take a moment to remember the glory of the double-pilum Legionnaire, before the corrupt treasury's budget cuts left them with exactly 0 throwing weapons but we could somehow afford to equip green recruits with one. (Like how the Empire can no longer afford crossbows for archers, or bows for cavalry)

Let us remember the way a Legion could break an incoming reckless barbarian charge with a well timed volley.

Let us remember how the glorious warriors of the legion could defend key points with a square of pila (also remember how they could move in a square before inferior training techniques took hold, robbing them of their tactical mobility), and skewering any horse head foolish enough to be within throwing distance. (Horses have since evolved to have spare brains in their torso).

Truly, the Empire has fallen.

Roma Invicta.
When you give your cheapest and weakest units the pila that can kill literally anything, and wonder why your empire is split into three empires.
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