A missing melee class.

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In "many players" modes when on foot I found out that a very effective setup is light armor (10-20), big shield + 1h and good 2h. With such equipment 2h is used when safe like during successful flanking etc and 1h+shield when under fire or outnumbered. The whole shockness of 2h shock troops seems best to be traded for a shield.

Now, as you all know, there is literally no class that gives big shield+viable 2h so such loadout has to be assembled from items lying on the ground. I tend to pick either shock infantry of a given faction or light infantry and go from there. In fact this gives use for the sword that voulgier gets. Instead of dropping it on the ground right after spawning it takes finding a matching shield to increase viability of the class by a lot.

Now I should say "TW plz add" but I know they are so set on shoving this semi realism down our throat that most likely they found out right away that such setup would be good for crowdy modes but it's unrealistic so got disabled intentionally.

That's really ****ed up. Why would I be a solider and go to war with missing equipment trying to pick **** from the ground?
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