A minor spot of trouble.

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My character, Ragna Råhard, is in what the brits might call a pickle.
When the fierds came for Singal, she ignored it. When they came for Sher Quila, she considered helping the D'Shar.
Then they took Ishkoman.

Oh ****.

I quickly signed up with the D'Shar as a merc, only to realize that they were COMPLETELY decimated. Only one lord had over 100 troops.
I am basically fighting all of the fierds alone.

I held the line for quite a while, but my ~130 Huskarls/Bladesmen/D'shar Warriors can't take more than ~200 fierds at once without suffering catastrophic casualties. I stopped them sieging Nal Tar, but any peace seems far off. On the bright side, I'm gaining hoards of renown.

Any advice for a desperate merc?
Bring Archers & Cavalry to the table when it comes to fighting the Fierdsvain in open field battles. Ravenstern Rangers for example can ensure that the berserkers will never reach your infantry line and once they are out of the picture your Cavalry can clean up.

Also avoid using huscarls because they get the morale hit since your are fighting vs the Fierds.

In general you should not care much as a merc if the D'Shar get weakened, as long you gain renown, xp and denars it's all good :smile:

Just protect their last towns at all costs to keep them relevant, a stronger faction will eventually declare war vs the Fierds and you can then recapture lost fiefs.
Most mercs switch sides when things start to go wrong  :wink:

But serious, I believe theres one castle in Dshar territory thats very easy defendable (if only i remembered its name).
Dont renew your contract, let the Fierds grab the castle if they didnt already, countersiege and use it as a base of operations for yer new merc kingdom. Nothing is better in decimating armies then a easy to defend castle.
If I don't hold the line, the fierds will siege up and wipe the D'Shar from the map.
Which means no bladesmen. Which is bad. Though perhaps not as bad as a 7 town fierdsvain.
I really hope the Ravs and Sarleon will stop bickering about Poinsbruk, and come help me chew
Valdis up, as for now, I cannot engage him and win (blasted mercs).

Next time there is a lull in the fighting, I will get myself some Rangers, to put behind my Mele line.
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