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A Mighty Challenge to shake the foundations of Calradia - Act 2

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i will be attending again. Although i suppose it wouldnt be much of a problem with space considering you have a 200+ man server.


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SCGavin said:
I can bring a shield to stop the devs from teamkilling each other. :razz:

make it 4.

( oh like a paintball referee, havy armor, lot's of shielding and a CRAP! face )


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Maybe this time I get the name of the land right. I swear to you guys, it was always Caldaria. Then I slipped into an alternate reality and it changed to Calradia. I'm 100% sure of this.


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Please sign me up at once Sir! The last one was so fun, - especially the nekkid charge  :lol: - I knew it had to happen again.  :grin:
Gimme a date and time and I'll be there if I can make it.

I also suggest a sweepstake on which dev we'll kick first for TK'ing :wink:
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