A little help please with battle orders, something seems to have corrupted.

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Hi, I stopped playing Bannerlord about a year ago, but decided I would have another go, (I am a modded Warband freak).
I went for beta 1.7, and just updated the copy I had already loaded on Steam. I had a few spurious problems, so decided to delete my previous installation, and loaded a fresh copy of 1.7.
All has gone well since, and I am now level 22, and in battles just used 0 for all, 1 for melee, 2 for archers and 3 for cavelry etc., then F1, F2 to position and order the troops, and then F3 for charge with no problems. But today I loaded my save as usual, and in the first battle, it had all gone haywire, and positioning the tropops was a nightmare. I read up and saw the patch that altered the orders, but somehow it had not taken full affect until today? The most important thing is I could find no way to get my troops to charge. I onle had two mods, Improved Garrisons and a utility to export and import my character, so these were removed, and the install verified.
Still no luck, I have learnt some of the new commands which seem at times erratic, but have not been able to instigate a charge.
Do I have a bug or perhaps a corruption in my config file, or have I accidentily hit a key and changed a setting, or is it in my head and I have missed something. I have searched, but can only find a tutorial for the previous release of Bannerlord orders which were no problem.
I have been playing M&B, Warband for years, but at 80 years old I think maybe I should hang up my saddle, so be gentle, I have looked, but accept I might have missed something, though up to level 22 it has gone well and my Kingdom was growing nicely. I am playing Sandbox mode, and as far as I can tell no updates yesterday.
Any advice or tips gratefully received.


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0, f1, f3 should still make everyone charge, and the assigned group (1 2 3 4), f1, f3 to charge them individually. I would start a new game just to check if this problem is present, should be able to tell in the tutorial battle if it's working or not. You could also post a screen shot of what the UI looks like in you current game. Good luck and let us know.


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Check out in the game options for controls, at the end you should find something along the lines "Order GUI" style, which changes from default and legacy. Try switching them up to see if updating changed that.


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Thank you both for your input, but it seems there was a corruption, so I did a total restart after deleting the main files and the configs etc. in the documents folder, and once again it works fine. I have no idea what caused it, but I will backup the documents folder fiiles for Bannerlord and anything else I may need if I have to restart again. I have also moved on to 1.71 just in case it is a 1.70 bug :cool:
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