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Hey, I'm new to the Bannerlord forums, please be kind.

So, I decided a week ago to test using in-game cheats to do a world conquest, I know.. sounds rly boring.
I came across a multitude of different things that I don't think should happen. (and a few ideas)
These are all in version e1.5.7

--Bugs, glitches or that sort of stuff--

(if any of these are already reported and known by the dev team, please let me know)

- In the Arzagos Conspiracy, destroy looters quest, I killed 2 of the looter parties and the third was attacked by AI first, I went to help and I never got the 3/3 needed to finish the quest.
- Conspiracy Hideout boss duel crashes every single time I tested and tried even on safe mode.
- Smaller factions / clans won't die even when without any castles, towns or villages. I fought the Kuzaits for 26 years and half of the time they did not have a single fief.
Same thing with the rebellious City clans.
- Enemy AI never asks for peace, even when losing a war so badly their own fiefs start to rise up against them.
- AI can recruit from enemy villages even when relations are in the negative.
- AI can recruit from nearby villages even if they are not visiting them. (ran by next to one village, didn't stop, pop up of them recruiting)
- AI small spam stacks all on one village all recruiting at the same time.
- Infantry formation showing as loose when selected even when already set to line formation.
- AI can recruit from burned down/looted villages. The player can't.
- Siege AI not using all siege towers ladders, only the middle one.
- Some troop images being broken. (Ghulam, Jawwal Bedouin, Jawwal camel rider and Battanian Skirmisher) the battanian one fixed itself after game reload and broke again after a prox. year of in game time.
- Tournament icon showing two times, one on left, quest icon in middle and another icon on the right.
- Player / town or castle food showing as negative number (-237 days) or absurdly high, example. Settlement's Days Until Food Runs Out 85300, food change was 0.007965088 per day
- AI won't donate troops to garrison if owned by player
- siege attacker AI bunching up as a big group for a selfie (scatter formation). Lost 132 men to a Imperial Militia Archer using catapult and 100 to Imperial Militia Spearman using a catapult.
- Vote winner text says against majority even when getting 60 percent of votes.

-- the things I'm not sure are intended as a gameplay mechanic --

- Player kingdom vassals asking for a war every couple of days even when fighting against 3 factions. (this was after the conspiracy bar/quest was over)
- Enemy clan members can't die in simulations. Only when fighting in the field. (also own clan members)

-- Ideas, suggestions, improvements --

- ransom own vassals back in war.
- assign own clan members or vassals to bandit hunting / patrol.
- trade deals
- alliances, non-aggression pacts made. (gold, influence and other factors needed)
- governor of towns auto assigns new construction projects.
- town construction projects to improve relations with bound villages. (mainly with lots and lots of gold I would assume)
- If faction leader, tell vassals to take enemy lords as prisoners. too many times they let enemy lords go. It was frustrating to fight Kuzaits.
- Ctrl + S = Quicksave
- All enemy lord barters go through Player if faction leader. This was annoying as well to get 12 prisoners and the AI barters them all in a week.
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