A guide to Roleplaying in "Roma Oritur"

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With the release and stable servers now available, and with the focus on RP in the game, I decided to create a basic guide to roleplaying for those unfamiliar with the concept or out of practice.

Let us start with an introduction.
Role-playing at its very basic is creating a fictional character, and taking on that persona. The player - you - become the character that you created.

We begin with the obvious, who shall we play as? The choice is yours, pick where in the world you'd like your character to be from. Decide on an authentic name (Example; Lucius for a Roman). And a look suitable to your characters status.

It is always a good idea to create some form of back-story for your character. Written down or in your mind, so you become familiar to their purpose and personality. Who they are and how they became where they are.

Remember the personality you have built and role-play true to it. A timid Roman goat herder wouldn't pick fights with soldiers. Nor a Greek Hoplite take up arms with the Barbarians.

Once on the server there are some basic unspoken rules that most common to those familiar to role-playing games. We expect everyone to take part in this module to understand it was built to provide the ideal Ancient World role-playing game on the Warband system.

- Q chat is used for speaking in-character (IC), where as T is used for Out of character (OOC) It is also a good alternative to use Q chat but encase your words in brackets. ((Like this)). It is essential to keep IC and OOC separate when playing to not break immersion.

- You can have your character do actions using the popular *Lifts up his mug to his mouth to drink the ale* These RP lines can be used to announce your characters mood or thoughts without outright telling another player.

- When role-playing you do not know a players IC name until you have been told it, therefore when first meeting someone addressing them by their name is incorrect, as your character has no prior knowledge of the person they address.

- Similar to above, if you say for example, "John_Smith attacked our guys, lets go kill him!" This would be a breach of RP rules if they did kill the player, as unless they saw him themselves or were told IC description of the play - They'd have no knowledge of what he/she looked like.

- Act realistic, a civillian wouldn't attack the Emperor. A peasant wouldn't approach the King. Remember who you are and where you are in the roleplay world.

- When using local chat, and interacting with another player. Type your speech realistic to how your character would talk. Be it aggressive, polite or timid. Proper punctuation always helps emmersion. (Example: Get d'hell over 'ere! )

- IMPORTANT! Remember to type your words properly! For example, the following is unacceptable; "Heal me plz" or "k no prob, going 2 Rome".

I hope that helped, good luck guys and have fun!
Now if only all players would actually care about playing the mod this way, we might all even have some actual fun.
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