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Is this a good idea? Should we do more events like this?

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So I was thinking if there is still a player base for this game we could do a event or events if we could come up with more. One I think would be fun is Custers last stand event
1. Theres more Indians than Union troops say 60% or 70% Indians and 40% or 30% Union troops.
2. 1 Flag bearer , 1 Commander , 2 Lieutenants , 2 Sergeants , and the reast are Rankers.
3. 1 Indian Chief , 2 Sub Chiefs , rest are warriors.
4. A Plains map with a few small hills, a few trees and shrubs.
5. There will be 10 min to set up and get into your group you were Assigned/Voluntold  :lol: to and get into your unit under either your sub chief or LT.
6.  Whatever other rules are needed.
Its just a thought but sounds kinda fun just post on here any more ideas or if you think this is a good idea. (I would put up a vote but im not sure how  :lol:) PS: Figured it out.