A good strategy for companions

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For point of comparison, I am well into what I consider end-game.
Day 637
I am level 29.
Playing as a foot archer...heavy morningstar/shield and strong warbow...20str 12agi 16int 15cha
Native (no mods), difficulty rating 134% (all max except lance on auto...I just leave it like that even tho as a foot soldier I have not even used a lance all game.)

Sarranids have been eliminated.
Swadians are down to 2 castles.
Khergits have 1 town and 3 castles.

My kingdom controls 10 towns and a lot of castles.

I have not put a single point into str or agi (or cha, but I never give companions any) for Artimmener, Borcha, or Lezalit (my medic).
They have 26int, 29int, 26int respectively. They have 2 or 3 points in fighting skills.
All my companions are in plate except Borcha because he only has 8str, and Artimmener because I just now realized I never got around to giving him some.
All my companions are level 20 or 21 right now. I don't do anything special to train them, just what they get from fighting bandits for money at the beginning and armies later.

I have 2 points in Prisoner Management.
At this point I don't usually bother taking prisoners.
I am not sure but I think they might slow you down on the world map. I'll have to check that later.

I don't remember what they were when I started mid-game, but obviously lower than now.
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