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A few things i'd like to see added/changed

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I know right now bug fixing is the priority and i'm not here to urge anyone.

That said from the 55 hours i played so far i think i'll take a break. I'm having a blast but i can see the game is missing a lot and i don't want to burn myself out, i'll just wait for when content will be added.


  1. bandits and looters need a "economy". Right now they just spawn randomly and endlessly, they're all over the place, they're a bit too frequent. Maybe my playthrough is bugged but they're so many there isn't a single time that i remember where i didn't have less than 3 parties on screen.​
  2. bandit camps also need to chill, the whole idea is very poorly executed right now, sometimes there's 50 bandits inside a camp and i can't seem to lure them out by killing the ones roaming. Also as soon as i take a camp out another one spawns instantly nearby. I have a city and a castle and there are 2 camps constantly there not matter how many times i clear them.​
  3. smithing: just no i'm sorry, the whole thing is awful except for the UI, that can stay. Remove the stamina, rework the skill tree (you have 2 choices to progress with skills but if you chose the wrong one you simply can't craft materials you'll need later), the discovering system also makes no sense... Just no.​
  4. enemy morale needs a buff, i feel like battles sometimes are too short, even massive ones. 200 vs 200 can last 5 minutes, that's not very fun.​
  5. the skill system is a bit confusing. I get that i have focus points and attribute points to add but even if i put max attribute and focus points in a tree it won't unlock the whole skill chart. Maybe i'm missing something there.​
  6. please revamp the troop commands, it's just awful to have to move with WASD and have to reach for the F keys. It would be cool to have a popup wheel chart where we can just use the mouse.​
Things i'd like to be added (these are personal preferences):

  1. Quests. Like, a TON of them. I won't even say what i think of the current quests, maybe that's best.
  2. I still feel like the multiplayer for some reason has way more content than the single player. Maybe that's me but the single player should be the priority, online players won't stick forever if you don't go on with the content of the game as a whole. Look at how RockstarGames does it, it just makes more sense.
  4. dual wielding?

I won't mention obvious things like new maps etc but i also hope the map will be updated, maybe islands and sea fights?
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