A few suggestions I Have after a good amount of time playing

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Companion Parties / Ai party units Suggestions :
1.Its a bit underwhelming that they can cost so much to build an army , but they don't seem to Earn any gold from the ventures ,don't seem to buy food for their parties either. Fixing this would be great .

2. Be great if we could get them to With more programed options a lot of times they create armies Just rotate in a small area while everything around is being raided .

3.in the recent beta 17.2 I've noticed they will continue to raid a spot in a mass army after being chased by 2 1200 plus armies of the warring faction . would be nice if there was coding to tell them hey this has not worked recently try a new target .

Caravans , workshops , and smithing Suggestions :
1.Caravans could cost a bit less to form they are so fragile and not earning near as much as the cost to start them over the course they run .
2.Workshops I feel definitely could use some more refining and a slight buff .
3.Smithing still is the Best option for easy Gold once you unlock certain Parts and Just needs a better balance to the other 2 options of generating extra Gold.

Trading by hand : would be nice to be able to place a note on the items so we can Note what we bought at and total overall price .

General Units : would be great to Customize Blank slate units ,and or Change gear on current units without use of a mod always feel its better when able to be done in a vanilla game .

Prison would be great for a bit of interaction possibilities or events instead of a waiting game.

More diplomacy options

Better use of the garrisons while not being attack .. meanwhile villages attached are being raided Hint hint .
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