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Sir Servius

Hi, wanted to start a thread where I could put down some questions I have had floating around in my noggin in regards to the modding tools coming out soon. Hoping someone from Taleworlds or someone in the know can answer at least some of the following questions:

  • Will units that "fly" be possible? A lot of mods out there would have overlapping interest in this question and I believe its worth taking seriously. Even "flying" units that use the same ground pathing as standard troops but appear 200 in-engine units above the ground could be sufficient for the purposes of introducing fun gameplay. Ideally though there would be some kind of direct path towards having a unit like a plane be able to be implemented and have it just work within the bounds of the ground and skybox.
  • Will additional equipment slots be possible? Could situational mounts be possible? This kind of ties into the above as a way to introduce air units and ground units without crowding the standard mount pool.
  • As far as weapon modifications are concerned how expansive could this system grow too? Is there any in-engine limits that would stop a modding team from creating a weapon with 300 possible parts?
  • I believe in one of the devblogs the ability to import new animals was apparently in line with unreal/unity as far as support for non standard skeletons and animation. Is this correct? What kind of workflow could one expect when taking an animated asset and trying to bring it into gameplay?
  • Will large ground vehicles be possible? On warband I believe people kind of cheesed tanks into the game by making them an oversized outfit with the actual cannon being a weapon but overall the tank was essential just a slow human wearing a tank suit. Will we have to follow the same jank path to create units like this or will non humanoid units be supported?
  • Are transparent textures supported? Can I have a semi-transparent glowing symbol? Can I have a glass visor on a helmet where you can see the face behind the glass?
  • Are standard emissive textures supported?
  • Can multiple world maps be layered within the same mod? For example, could I have a "Ferry" location in America that you could use to "travel" to the "UK" on a separate full size world map?
  • Will modders have any control over additional information being included in character exportation/importation?(quest progress being my main focus on this question) It would be valuable to modders to have the ability to start a questline in one campaign and once that campaign is finished in the initial release of a mod have it continue once imported into the next campaign in a series.
Hopefully someone can answer these questions above, Ill update this thread with additional questions as well as answers as their sent in.

Thank you for reading.
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