A few newbie (to the mod, not M&B/Warband) questions

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1) Is there any way to re-bind the "cheering" hotkey? I haven't seen an option for it in the standard menu, and since I always use "T" for my action key it can be problematic when I and my soldiers start celebrating every time I mount, dismount, or pick up an item from the battlefield.

2) How much does religion matter? The only companions that I currently have access to are the mercenary ones (I understand that a few nobles become available once the player becomes a lord, but I'm currently flying solo), and not every skill-position has every religion available to it. If I were to recruit/hire say...a mostly Catholic army, but have a few non-Catholic companions, would they be bellyaching and threatening to leave? And would those companions cause morale problems for the rest of my army?

3) What kind of armor are the knights in tournaments wearing? ...'Cause I want some :razz:. The "Senior Knights" that I've fought in a few different bandit parties didn't seem nearly as well armored as the ones in tournaments, even though their gear looked quite similar.

4) Are troop formations bugged? It seems like whenever I order my infantry to form a shield wall, they start sidestepping away from where I told them to hold position, leaving my archers wide open. It's possible that it was either a fluke or I screwed up somehow, though, since I've only had a couple of battles with an actual army so far.
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