A Dozen practical suggestions (after five hundred hours of play)

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1. Add more battle scenes, maybe a randomize terrain feature? Much better now than at release, but still seeing the same maps again and again kills the tactical challenge
2. Add fog of war... AI should discover units by seeing them (e.g. range, LOS, etc.) same as the player rather than have perfect knowledge of every unit-- this means foliage and so forth must block AI line of sight as it does for player though. Start positions should be farther apart also. This change adds the scouting and recon/counter-recon elements to the fight as well as the need to make decisions quickly based on uncertain knowledge about enemy forces and intent; very important parts of a real battle.
3. Make Prob(Death|KO) = 1/5 * Current value
4. Make deaths occur in all battles (AI and simulated) with same chance.
5. Since Companions have a finite life span (one to two years typically due to battle death; maybe five to ten if above suggestion is implemented)--
- Reduce the wages to the same as other similar level soldiers (they are no longer immortals and shouldn't get immortal pay as in warband which made sense)
- Give them better starting skills (since they won't live long enough to get very good at anything otherwise)
6. Create a group that the player controls in all cases even when part of an army for family and companions to prolong their life to some extent
7. Raiding villages, killing innocent villagers, attacking merchants are all criminal acts. Lords that do this should be regarded as criminals and lose traits (and perhaps noble status) and executing them should not result in trait penalties or relation penalties outside of their clan/kingdom. Same for rebel leaders (criminals who should generate a positive relation gain when killed).
8. Would like to see deeper dialogs, especially with companions, maybe even quests for immersion
9. Add some reward for exploration (e.g. unique weapons, armor, unique companions hidden randomly in towns and villages or castles).
10. Increase horse body capsule size to double current size (0.4 to 0.8 I think) and friction coefficients of humans so horses can't slip through ranks so easily
11. Fix spears so they are a formidable weapon; they were the preferred weapon of every civilization during this period for a reason. I do see the programming challenges... spears are effective because of the formation, it is not a one person property. Everyone must work together and brace the spears against a charge. Everyone must move and stay together and advance against infantry.
12. Allow primary character to hand off his kingdom to heir before his death, so player can begin to develop skills on heir while he is young. Former primary character can then become another family member (Dad, Uncle) until his death eventually comes. I'd like to retire and hand off around age 45 to 50 typically in a play through.
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