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A Diary for long term motivation

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Hi there!

I'm playing Bannerlord now for more than 1000h and played Warband before. Always singleplayer, as I'm not the kind of an online Multilplayer. So what I came to realize is, that both games lack a late-game motivation. And they have to. The problem with Sandbox Games is, that they always come to a point, where every thing that could be done, is be done. The Game is repeating itself. To counteract that, of course, you could go online, making it mulitiplayer and let players write their own storys. As I said obove, I myselft am not that kind of a Multiplayer.

So here is my "solution". Let me please literaly write my own story! The System could be keyevents (Big battles, siegegs etc. huge trades, kind deeds, you name it), obiveously all things already mesured somehow by the game. Then you could get an option if you'd like to write your own story. You'd get a simple way to write some text - simple ways to format it, but just the basics. And you'd get the possibilty to choose the way you want to write your story. Like with carvings on a golden sword, a crown, a book, a Tapestry:

To make it a little more interesting, let the commen people call me names.Like "the bald", "the fat", "the wise", "the mercyfull" ... If I want to have a different name, I'd have to spent more influrence. And the way I'm called has a direct imapct on how I'm pictured in my story.

I know, this might not get into the vanilla game (I'd love to have it there though), but maybe some modder has some interest?


I like your suggestion. You reminded me of several CK elements than can help the immersion. The names that people call you can also be tied to your traits (honor, calculating, etc.). Similarly, your enemies can call you the "opposite" of what your friends call you in order to give a sense of right/wrong in the playthrough.

Considering that the game has elements of dynasty play (children) this is something very interesting. You can pass the book to your offspring, that can then continue their story.


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I put pretty much this in the Suggestions (read:Abyss) thread a long time ago. Ill go full Boomer here but the old original Electronic Arts Games like 7 Cities of gold, used to keep track of things you've done and accomplished over the course of your sandbox campaign and give you a pretty satisfying End Game Screen which listed it.

Giving a recap and retelling in a storytelling way of the key battles you fought, when Lords or Bandits of Great Renown were killed and then give a final title for the Player - Emperor Froggyluv the Snarky....depending on your reputation throughout the Land. I would even say give a few very rare titles such as Supreme or whatever for people who were able to dominate the map as well as keep the good will of The People. For players that backstabbed and lied, and practiced treachery give them a suitable final name Lord Froggy The Rat..whatever. it would give some sense of completion to the game and possibly (tho i dont even play this game) make you want to play it again (like banging your head into a wall of nails fun)
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