A couple weeks of play and 700 in-game days later...

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For the love of god can we have the ability to click a button to turn off the baby making?? Maybe there is and I am missing it? I have 4 kids now and would like to not have anymore and potentially have my wife die in child birth on the 5th child we make lol.

I've joined the southern empire as a vassal and own Ortysia, Jalmarys, and a few castles. The game has suddenly gotten dull for me. I can't leave Ortysia/Jalmarys area to go campaigning in the east for the southern empire's wars because if I do and we sporadically go to war with the western empire, I'm going to lose Ortysia or Jalmarys and the castles around there as an army of 1000+ is going to come along and take it. After spending hundreds of in-game days building up those settlements I don't feel like losing them. It would be nice to be able to actually control a party you make so I can park them in that region while I go off on my own. Or, if anything, be able to command the party to patrol a specific region to provide added security. Instead, I pay to have my companion take their party off in the opposite direction in a place I don't need them to go. Sigh.

The time it takes to build up settlements and castles, even with an engineer giving perks is way too slow and just adds to the idea of NOT wanting to lose the settlement because of the time invested. The "owner culture" penalty of -3 to loyalty is way too punishing and difficult to offset. As soon as you start building something you lose the daily perk (which has to be festivities to offset the penalty) and as soon as loyalty drops below 50 you get CRUSHED with another punishing penalty from your building resources (something like -20 for castles) resulting in your time to complete projects doubling or tripling.

I thought I would be able to continue playing the campaign as my son/daughter and eventually grandson/granddaughter (how cool is that for roleplaying), but 700 in-game days in and I am 31 and my kids are 5 years old lol. I am going to lose interest in this game and/or complete global domination long before my kids or grandkids ever get old enough take over my clan. Time needs to be sped up or have an option to change the speed--which I know means you are going to have to adjust experience gains and building times to reflect the shorter seasons/years.

I love the game! It would be nice to see some of these quality of life changes, though.


Your experience with baby making is atypical actually.

Most players are reporting they are not having enough.

I only got 2 on my most recent playthrough.
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