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A Couple of Ideas I had in my Head

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1. Economically, we ought to remove a zero from the Crossbow prices since it solves the wood making workshops from being too op. Speaking of Workshop, we ought to have an option for “realistic” businesses and non-realistic. The former only allows the income to be stored and you must head to the town of the workshop to pick up your dues. The later has a set limit of profit daily, current system but percentage base rather than a set price. Said capital gained ought to be withdrawn since after a certain point as of now, no one can afford your business. You should also reinvest in that capital for increased profit margins, more workers and a greater percentage send directly to your pocket, etc. Also, bring back the option to supply materials and outsource your products manually. Finally, bring back the ability to access local prices for those who don’t want to wander around in town for no reason. Also carts, like an attachable to Cattle, Camels, and Horses in order to get them to pull more weight. And if your character and companions have enough skills, you can convert your caravan into a traveling circus. The ability to buy more property in cities and rent it out would also be nice, along with trading privileges to give your caravans a discount.

2. Combat wise, headshots should be a one-hit, one kill if the target is not wearing a helmet, especially with arrows. Slightly unpopular suggestion, but the base HP ought to be lowered to 75, that way we can mercilessly slaughter unarmed civilians, however higher qualities of armor should provide health bonus or just have higher defense values to compromise. Also, having a really really easy mode with a 25% damage reduction could help for anyone still struggling which seems like a lot. Finally bringing back autoblock as an option would be neat.

3. Tournaments, overall I do like the change to the Tournament layout but there should be a few options and changes. One, if a companion wins the tournament, they ought to have the gear be kept in their inventory/auto equipped if they can do so. Two, there should be a gameplay option on whether or not you want all members of the tournament to bring their armor or leave it at home for a standardized set.

4. Cattle should also be able to carry equipment and the like, they ought to carry much much more than horses. Speaking of animals, there should be an option to have animals also consume food as well, dragging an entire city’s worth of Donkeys/asses around must require a lot of wheat. Sheep could also have value as they’ll drop wool while in your inventory, they, alone with Camels and Cows could also be milked to provide a constant supply of food for your army. Finally, some more animals such as Dogs would be nice for hunting game, ex Boar and Deer. Maybe some more exotic animals as well, mostly thinking about War Elephants really.

5. Work and Crafting. We have Pickaxes, Scythes, and Axes in the game, why not use these tools to collect materials and in turn refine these materials further. I’m talking about changing smithing to craftsmanship and allowing the ability to craft everything really. Ex Grapes into Wine, Wheat into Bread, Salt, and Meat into Salted Meat. You know the drill.

6. Seafaring, we have all these new lakes and rivers in the game but it would be neat if we can traverse them. We should have sea caravans that allow us to bring goods from one city connected to water and others. They should also be hunting groups as well for Sea Monsters aka Whales and fishing as well. An aquatic collection could be another function, as you can scavenge for pretty rocks and pearls laid underwater.

7. Religious/Cultural Unity, to prevent constant snowballing, Religion and or Culture ought to be a factor when a faction takes land that isn’t there’s. This, in turn, hinders prosperity and will trigger uprisings if a large garrison isn’t present. This won’t apply for the Empire factions as their whole goal is to end the civil war.

8. Speaking of Empires, the Calradian Empire should become the name of the winning faction of the civil war. Also if Minor Factions are able to hold onto a Fief, they should be able to proclaim a new kingdom.

9. Add an arena or something where you don’t have to care about morals and the like as hash and slash dozens of slaves before they throw a wild animal at you that’s basically a mini-boss.

10. More cultural and religious differences should come into play, ex cooking recipes, crafting recipes that can only be bought from X factions, animal husbandry, fairs, and events. Etc. There can be more events that aren’t tournaments, ex Best Horse Racer/Horse, have a quality bar on all goods you made so you can sell the best quality around and showcase them in a summer’s fair. A lot more ways to make each town feel more dynamic and unique.
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