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A couple ideas for things I would like to see in Bannerlord

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An option to pay bards to sing about you to boost your renown. For 1k, the bard will sing about you for X number of days, after which your renown will increase by 10 points. (example idea)

A mission reward from lords that offers some type of combat training, reward is xp, sparring partner training for completing a task.

A mission reward from merchants that offers trade secrets or tips on trading, giving trading xp as a reward.

A mission reward from gang leaders that gives roguery xp.

A mission reward from villagers that gives medicine xp for helping sick villagers or horses or whatever...

Tournaments at castles that are more knightly/military in nature, competitors are higher lvl/tier, reward is more renown than a normal tournament.

Castle upgrades that give better training to troops than what is available in cities to give them a cool functionality.

Tutoring for kids, assign someone the job of raising kids, up to X number kids (5?) can be assigned to 1 mentor.

More xp for athletics, less for riding. Doing a grindy play through atm, xp for riding is many times easier to gain then it is for athletics. Not hard to hit 175 riding in an in-game season from start if you work at it, takes many years to reach that in athletics and I was farming countless of looters on foot, tons of tournaments, hide-outs, etc. with same points in both.
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