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I decided to do this so that good pieces of writing and lore information would not die and fall to the bottom of the sub-forum. Note that some of these aren't the full titles of the threads/topics. If you find any other lore bits that aren't here, PM me or post in this thread. This is intended as a resource for up-coming lore writers, or if you want a good read with TEATRC in mind.

If you have any questions regarding EATRC Lore, post a comment in the Universe Expansion & Lore topic, or if you think it requires an entire topic, post one. Thank you.

Post 1495 (Chapter II Onwards):
Note: Most of these extracts are in the TEATRC Lore & Universe Expansion thread, started by jan_boruta.



jan_boruta's Early version of TEATRC's map of the world (contains jan_boruta's map of the TEATRC world)

Boomie's Codified Rules of Lore (MUST READ)

Factions & Races

Merlkir's The Böhmenians

TigerXV's A Brief History of the Xi People

Bunduqdari's Excerpts from the Ormeli Chronicles

Agent Griff's Lives of the Popes

Venitius' The Reign of Iohann I

Boomie's The Grand Ducal House of Rurik-Orla

Nikator's Lore Piece on the races and minor factions that populate/occupy the Hälmar Union

Boomie's Holy Swadian Empire

Tiberius Decimus Maximus' History of the Hälmarian Union Info Gathering (contains jan_boruta's early map of the Hälmar Union.)

Boomie's The Vaegir Tsardom (I think this contains a little Dual Monarchy history)

D'Sparil's Bling Bling Hälmar

D'Sparil's Lore piece on Pope Saldian's Ascension to the Throne, the Expanding of the Lion Throne, the forming of the Brigade of the Radiant Cross, and on the Government and Ranks of the Lion Throne

Toffey's The Karaites

Boomie's Nirdam

Don Doggy's The Highlands

D'Sparil's Lion and the Radiant Cross

Bunduqdari's The Fruits of Sarran

Venitius' A History of the Haelmar Union

mor2's Stuff on the IS

Jon_Shankmaster's Clans of the Adriac Part 1
Jon_Shankmaster's Clans of the Adriac Part 2

toonknight's South Asian-based land to the South-East of the Khergit Khanate.

toonknight's Map of Arkanay and the Arkanian Minor Kingdoms
toonknight's The Land of Arkanay & The War of the Pale Elephants
toonknight's The Fall of Rattankorn


Venitius' The Battle of the Hyrmadon River (contains battle map of the Battle of the Hyrmadon River)
Venitius' The Hälmarian-Laurian Wars (contains Hälmar-Narva-Nord and Loeher RULING family trees (i.e. no Juan Bautista Loeher))

Note that the above two pieces are outdated by a new one: (not linked yet.)

Venitius' The First Lion Throne-Swadian Wars: The Battle of Etrosq

Tiberius Decimus Maximus' Roar of the Lion

Venitius' Ambush Near Astraknan

Venitius' Standing Order of the Hälmarian Expeditionary Force

Agent Griff's Thoughts and Stratagems on the Wisdom of pursuing War against the Ormeli

Agent Griff's Response to the work of Captain Gottfried, Captain of Marienburg

Venitius' Battle of Bielomor

Eliphas' Observations on the Imperial State

Eliphas' Operation Iron Sword

Venitius' Siege of Fort Fundin, OR The Second Battle of the Rieksvar River

Venitius' The Bermianese Wars: Battle of Ardensfjord, south-west Bermia, 1398.
Venitius' The Bermianese Wars: Battle of Ravenhearth, central Bermian, 1427.
Venitius' Rickardson's Charge, during the Battle of Zena, 1462.

Don Doggy's The Great Highland War
Don Doggy's Battle of Therling Forest

Boomie's Battle of Makahiya
Boomie's Raid on Mylesia (Unfinished)

Relating to Certain Units, Weapons of War, Important People & War songs/poems.

Boomie's A report on the document of the Holy Swadian war party “Peasants at War” lead by a man known as Sergeant Hershey

Bunduqdari's War Song of the Janissary Corps

Selothi's The men of Gunther-Piedmont? (not really lore, but contains some stuff on the men of Gunther-Piedmont)

Agent Griff's Litany of Filaharn at War

Agent Griff's Ride of the Hackapells PART I
Agent Griff's Ride of the Hackapells PART II

Boomie's On the Hussars, Husaria and their aspects PART I
Boomie's On the Hussars, Husaria and their aspects PART II

Wraithwain's Daily Routines of the Brigade of the Radiant Cross
Wraithwain's Daily Morning Prayers for Brigadiers

Le Capitan's The Czarny Choragiew of Lubnie

Venitius' Militia Ordinances of 1400

toonknight's Profile of Lord Colonel and Brevet Brigadier Fitzeron Rickardson

Venitius' Profile of Brigadier and Brevet Major General Björn Harnstaag

Venitius' Freisingberger March

Tiberius Decimus Maximus' Recruitment and Training of the Brigadier Legions of the Radiant Cross

FuryFire's The Vindication

toonknight's All Hail Kaiserreich!

Some Random Argument involving the First, Second and Third Devas by D'Sparil

Boomie's The Jade Throne

D'Sparil's Zalera is a fracking arsehole.

Bunduqdari's Inventor Ulrich's master plan
Venitius' On the Use of Battle Wagons

On the use of Mechanical Aids for Combat and Engineering purposes in war

D'Sparil's Random Ramblings of Mondo

Boomie's The Gray Brotherhood

D'Sparil's Decapitation by the Hackapells

Feragorn's The Madcap Adventures of Aelffrid Hershey, Lunatic Lord of Mirth and Master of Merriment

Venitius' Haelmar goes to war!

Bunduqdari's The Padishah's Effort for A Dream in Waiting

akuaku's Vilhjalmr the ginger

Jon_Shankmaster's Rebirth of the Legions

D'Sparil's Some Random Letter from Amazagil, Fifth Deva of Filaharn.
D'Sparil on the Devas of Filaharn

Journals, Stories, Diaries, Dispatches, Messages, Reports.

fifer71's Excerpt from the journal of Imperial State recruit Leo Kessler

Scyrius's Urgent message from the Third Patrol of Mourne

Venitius's Report to the Field Marshal Sir Otto Harhengothus

Le Capitan's Urgent dispatch by courier to Tsar Feodor the Great, our saviour and lord of the east- PART I
Le Capitan's Urgent dispatch by courier to Tsar Feodor the Great, our saviour and lord of the east- PART II
Le Capitan's Urgent dispatch by courier to Tsar Feodor the Great, our saviour and lord of the east- PART III

Boomie's Maikel
Boomie's Maikel PART II
Boomie's Maikel PART III
Boomie's Maikel PART IV

teh.frickin.pope's Journal of Renos Ovrin

Le Captain's Entry in the journal of the Nirdam Ezekiel Dizyana
Le Captain's Entry in the journal of the Nirdam Ezekiel Dizyana PART II

Le Capitan's Ezekiel

Aurus's From the journal of Gliorot the Toothcracker, Raider Captain

Le Capitan's Ibrahim(actually this text could have various different names, but note the erm,violence.)

Emperor Milton's Logbook of Commander Estoban Cortez, of Her Majesties Royal Fleet OR Logbook of a Laurian Commander, found dead in a longboat on the Eastern Laurian shores

Corvid's The Laurian Merchant

Bunduqdari's Symmachus the Retired and the End of the World(Prologue & Chapters I-IV)
Bunduqdari's Symmachus the Retired and the End of the World (Chapters V-VII)
D'Sparil's Mondo's Scar

Tigershark's Journal of Vladd the Traitor

Toffey's A Laurian Story

Corndawg's The Story of an Ellisian Spearman, Part I
Corndawg's The Story of an Ellisian Spearman, Part II
Corndawg's The Story of an Ellisian Spearman, Part III
Corndawg's The Story of an Ellisian Spearman, Part IV
Corndawg's The Story of an Ellisian Spearman, Part V

Toonknight's Diary of General Erik Lampresch of Hälmar Union before he bound for Calradia

Boomie's The Fate of Nirdam

Toffey's Changes

Corndawg's Documents from Swadian historian Jeffrey Hershey

Furyfire's The Plot

Il Condottiero's Of the Hope of Swadia

Dtay08's Captains Log: Day 1 Battle against a Laurian assault.

Boomie's Julia
Boomie's The Death of Julia

Corndawg's The Rebellion (This is militaristic, but it's more like a story.)

Bunduqdari'sFrom the Memoirs of Faysal (Based on a story narrated during the Crusades)

Feragorn's Excerpts from the Battle Log of Reichsingenieur Ulrich von Liechtenstein

Venitius' To the Freiherr von Stoffen
Venitius' To the Holy Swadian Ambassador to the Imperial State

Furyfire's The Black Hand

Venitius' Haelmarian Hagglings
Venitius' Imperial Intentions

Venitius' The Rebellion (Not at all associated with the lore of the same name (though temporary) by Corndawg.)

FuryFire's A Night in the Life of a Death Squad

Venitius' The Traitor

Venitius' The Road

FuryFire's Stuff on the Gray Brotherhood concerning some ambush? which V can't be bothered to give a name to at the mo; unfinished.

Toffey's The Old Man and the Slave

tigershark's Meeting the Tsar

tigershark's A Strelets' day's work

Boomie's Lickers vs Highlanders

Jon Shankmaster's Drunken Rabble 46, Excerpt from Journal of Boris, Trader and Entrepreneur

Captured Joe's Landser Gotthard and the Winged Hussars

Gamma_Radiation's ??? (no idea what to call it.)

Captured Joe's Small Border Skirmish
^^ Pt. 2

Feragorn's He said I can name it what I will so I will.ehgyrhbbgruehbgruebgvbgrtbgrebg

Sir Gawain's Erhardt der Landsknecht

Venitius' Unfinished Stuff on some rebellion in thar IS.

mor2's Thing on Carl von Zebenhauser.

Boombaye's I March for Kaiser and State

Stoical's The Highland March

Bunduqdari's The Early Life of Alaric Wildermann, Son of Mischief

angrytigerp's Journal of Gustav Octavius, General of the Holy Swadian Empire

A_Mustang's Twenty-Eight Rifles
A_Mustang's Into the fight
A_Mustang's Twenty-two Sacks
A_Mustang's The Cross's Glare, A Mare, and a few Lost Flowers


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Vienna Campaign
That great battle between the Swadians and the Filaharnists.

Fall of Vienna Series
FuryFire's Fall of Vienna
FuryFire's Fall of Vienna: Episode II
FuryFire's Fall of Vienna: Volume II
FuryFire's Fall of Vienna: Book I Volume III

FuryFire's Fall of Vienna: Book II

Venitius' Clearing the Streets of Vienna
Venitius' Flames of Death
Venitius' Unnamed Siege of Vienna Piece 'cos I can't think of a title right now

Venitius' The Meeting (unfinished)

Venitius' Jaeger Banter

Tiberius Decimus Maximus' Divinity's War - First Chapter
TDM's Divinity's War - Second Chapter

tigershark's The Last Symphony


Venitius' A Treatise on Hälmarian Cheeses and Teas.
Venitius' Battle of the Cheeses

Bunduqdari's The Cheese Controversy

FuryFire's Cheese Raid

Tiberius Decimus Maximus' The Holy City of the Lion Throne (contains jan_boruta's map of the TEATRC world)

D'Sparil's The Martyr of Lerna

toonknight's Historical Archive Program for TEATRC (Contains Bunduqdari's map of the TEATRC world (not official I believe (Bunduqdari's map I mean)))

Le Captain's Excerpt taken from a sermon by a Vaegir priest during the pogroms in Odoiev

Jackamo's Various Quotes by Judge Magister Gavros Amphion of the Lion Throne

Le Captain's Hear the new laws

Venitius' The Hälmarian Invasion of the New World, 1512.

Boomie's The King of Zenislev

FuryFire's  Khara-Khita, Mylesia and Ptia (has disrepancies)

Random Cr*p
Jokes and other random stuph. - Note that this is NOT lore. Especially the second one.
Some Random Poem by Bunduqdari
Some frankly, frightening and stupid rubbish by Toffey

suitineV's random ramblings about an EATRC RTS
Venitius' The LT Gets Owned on Bermian (Random Conquest)
Venitius' Bermian (Random Conquest)

Pre 1495 (Basically for Chapter I): (The codices contain strategies. Some of these are rather outdated, but some can work. These are mainly just for your entertainment. Also some of the stuff here may be outdated)

toonknight's Imperial State Codex

toonknight's Knight Rebellion Part I (fiction)

toonknight's Knight Rebellion Part II (fiction)

toonknight's Knight Rebellion Timeline (I presume that some of the stuff here is Alternate Universe, so I think the dates are not to be relied on for lore, unless you want to write in this universe)

toonknight's Holy Swadian Empire Codex

toonknight's Founding of the Dual Monarchy (apparently "not how D'Sparil invisioned it")

toonknight's Narradam War

Note that those below are either not finished or dead (Dead, basically, except for the new one).

1x1General1x1's Unification of the Highlands (NOT FINISHED)

Tiberius Decimus Maximus' The Battle of Valour's Forge, circa May 12th, 1494

A Small Bit of Lore by Feragorn


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1391 - Battle of Lubnie
1392 - Second Battle of Braclaw

1410? - The Duchies of Upper and Lower Lorraine (Swadia Ulterior) split from the Holy Swadian Empire during the Swadian Civil War.

1427 - Unification of the North Obello states of Nord-Berthe and the Kingdom of Haelmar under Margaret of Haelmar to form the Haelmar Union.

1440? - Saldian becomes Pope and Lion Throne expansionism goes on overdrive.

1462 - The Battle of Zena. The Haelmar Union begins to exert its influence over Eastern Bermian as the Haelmarian Armed Forces rearm in secret.

1475? - The Kingdom of Laurian under Imelda starts to annex Bermian after the efforts of her ancestors are stymied by Bermianese and Haelmarian resistance.

1490 - Chapter I
- Brigade of the Radiant Cross is sent to aid Ellis.
- The Kingdom of Lauria invades Swadia Citerior and captures Nibelheim.

1495 - Chapter II
- Death of King Leiss.
- Collapse of the Dual Monarchy.
- Foundation of the Tsardom of Vaegirs.
- Imperial State launches the Kurfurst Ulrick, the first half-ironclad.
- Ormelis start to emerge as the dominant power in the Calradian Steppes.
- Fall of Ellis.
- Nikephoros is burnt at the Stake.
- Deaths of Prince Maximilian and Empress Adelheid of the Holy Swadian Empire.
- The Lion Throne takes over the former Ellisian lands.
- The Grand Ducal House of Rurik-Orla is formally established as the Grand Duchy attempts to fill the power vacuum in the east of the former Dual Monarchy.

1496 - Johann IV Eirik becomes King of Haelmar.

1497 - Haelmar invades the Eridanian Republic and forces a dictated peace on them.

1500 - Chapter III
- Arrival of the HEF.
- Construction of the Aurora Cannon starts.
- Hengest the Elder becomes one of the candidates for the Marshalship after Harhengothus' Pyrrhic Victory at Etrosq.
- The Grand Duchy becomes more involved in Calradian affairs.
- The Laurian Armada loses dominance of the Southern Obello to the Kaiserliche Marine and the Haelmarian Navy.

1501 - Fulburg-Magdeburg completes the first Battle Wagon prototypes and On The Use of Battle Wagons And the Halting of Their Development is sent to the Emperor.

1503 - The Gray Brotherhood attempts to sabotage the Aurora Cannon but fails epicly.

- Hengest the Elder becomes Field Marshal
- First Major deployment of the Swadian Battle Wagons in a charge near Grunwalder Castle with relative success.

1505? - Chapter IV, Siege of Vienna

1512 - The Haelmar Union becomes the second Calradian nation to settle in the New World.

All dates and events are liable to changing. Please place your comments in the Timeline discussion topic here if you have any questions or problems. That topic will have the most recent changes to the timeline so this should be rock solid stuff. It isn't at the moment though.


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I'd like to thank you for even including my crappy incomplete lore expansion, hopefully I'll get to feeling like writing again. Although, if anyone would like to do some of there own continuation of the story I started I wouldn't mind it. If I like it enough I'll add it into the story.


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Venitius, time for an update of the compilation perhaps?  :wink: Some new pieces of text have been posted


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When I'm finished with the entire story I'll compile it all into one post for you.


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I'm having some trouble finding out what Filaharn is. Can someone point me in the right direction?


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Filaharn is the patron/only/chief deity of the Filaharnist Faith, in a way resembling the Christian God, with the Radiant Cross as his symbol. The Lion Throne and part of the late Ellis Empire worship Filaharn. One piece of note is that Ellis survived because of its Emperor converting to Filaharnism, effectively becoming a client of the Lion Throne, which used to be a simple backwater, and Ellis the world power. The loss of the Swadian provinces to rebellion effectively crippled the Ellis Empire, along with many Ellisian-Swadian Wars, and so the dedicated and cunning Saldian enlarged the 3-province strong Lion Throne to a much larger empire, causing Nikephoros to submit to the Pope.

Sorry for droning on, but there's only short extracts and all that, most of the lore consists of stories.
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Is there any info about the clans in the Highlands other than that about the unification of the highlands? I was thinking about writing about them. Alltough I would dismiss the dates given in the piece about the unification of the clans.


Venitius, it's been over a month since you updated this. You're slipping.  :razz: