A case for the noble nature of "Sir" Jocelyn

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I find it perplexing (and teeth-grindingly frustrating to be honest) that 'Sir' Jocelyn is considered a commoner by the PoP team. Not fair. Not just. Unjust in fact.
To become a Knight one has to complete a gruelling trial of combat by arms, a fast, abstaining of all sustenance but clear water, and culminating in an overnight vigil, before said squire is raised to the rank of noble Knight, recognized by all and asunder as a noble.
Yet not for poor Sir Jocelyn, who is deemed common.
In more mockery of his noble nature, Ansen, the self declared "son of a merchant" is deemed a noble. Truly this is a cruel and unjust twist of fate by the gods of Pendor (read, development team).
This is such a frustrating mismatch. It is basically impossible to grant Jocelyn a fief, as he will have the usual -2 relation for every fief handed to another Lord. Yet other Lords' relation loss is blunted by their relationships (friends, family) where they have a + relation effect when a relation is awarded a fief. No such luck for Jocelyn, the only "friend" he gets is that stuck up deposed Valkerry 'unhappy as can be'. And she hates other's success too, so he will lose relation with you every time she gets her metal knickers in a twist. Which is often, as we have all experienced.
In no short time, I found to my utter disbelief that my fiend Sir Jocelyn, my comrade in arms, my battle brother,...was now my "sworn enemy". Oh gods of Pendor, I curse thee for thy unjust nature. The cod even defected from my empire (owning all but 1 fief...), so this unjust treatment of him has surely addled his wits as well. R.I.P. "Sir" Jocelyn, the gods are crazy.

This must be a programming error. It must be.
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