A bug that has existed since 1 year ago(Captain mode)

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Rabble, Conscript perk (captain mode),exempt damagetaken actually is-50%not -5%,taleworlds Write wrong,value is 0.5 not 0.05
The value of the corresponding skirmish mode is correct(0.15),That's why he's been around for so long
And it has existed for more than a year. I often hear my friends complain khuzait infantry strong.Now we know why.

In fact, this type of error has occurred(remember there was a time heavy infantry dont have shield? )
It fully shows that those responsible for updating cannot understand their configuration files(bad team communication)

I hope taleworlds working personnel after seeing this post he can also fix the bug that crashes when there are 8+ players 1side
This is very important for the captain mode.pls

Welcome to my captain server,name:EU_Captain_VATmode_7v7_v1.1.4
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No, just update the description to be accurate plz. Rabble is meant to be the only playable class in Captain.
While we're here, take the damn default shield off of Rabble plz.
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