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A Big Thank You to the Devs

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I just wanted to take a moment amidst all the bug reports, reviews, and critiques everyone is making about Bannerlord to thank the Devs. While Bannerlord may not be in it's the best to state at the moment, and while it sometimes feels like our questions go unanswered by Taleworlds, I know Taleworlds is hard at work making Bannerlord into the best version of itself that it can be. Even though the game is Early Access, missing features, and bugging in more ways than one, Taleworlds has been working tirelessly to stomp out these bugs with daily patches, all of which are bugs and exploits I have seen brought up on this very forum. They are listening, they are working, and they are doing a great job to deliver this game we have all waited for so long to enjoy. So before you write your next post about how your disappointed, underwhelmed, drowning in bugs, worried about DLC, cost, progression, etc. Take a moment to thank Taleworlds for all they have done so far to deliver and will continue to deliver for this game.

Thank you Taleworlds!
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