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When we create a new character, we all start out in the same place regardless of our cultural selection: The training fields near Poros. If you are like me and enjoy multiple playthroughs with different characters, you may find yourself thinking "this all feels way too familiar" and you would be right. In addition to this repetitive and standardized new begining, we only learn about the history and cultures of Calradia through a very unnatural and immersion-breaking way by chasing down and speaking to 10 different lords across the entire map. But what if I told you there was a better way to go about character creation and lore-building?

My suggestion: Unique Starting Locations, Cutscenes, and Introduction Quests

Starting Locations: When you start a new game and select your culture, your character will spawn inside of their respective factions territory. There is already a very popular mod that exists that achieves this functionality, however Native Bannerlord simply throws you into the training fields regardless of your cultural selection, resulting in each playthrough feeling the exact same as the last. My aim with this first suggestion is to add more variety and differentiate your playthroughs.

Possible Locations:

Empire: Training Fields outside Poros
Aserai: Next to the city of Razih
Battania: Near the mountains of Marunath
Vlandia: Inside the city of Galend
Sturgia: Inside the city of Balgard
Khuzait: Next to the city of Makeb

Cutscenes: After your character spawns into your factions cultural territory, a short 30 second cutscene will begin playing that briefly explains the history of your faction, it's traditions, and who the faction leader(s) is while the camera pans over the land that your faction calls home. You can use the dialogue that already exists from the main quest when you go to speak to each of the 10 lords, simply convert it into a voiceover. If you are familiar with any of the Total War franchise games, the cutscene would function very similarly to the cutscenes within those games at the start of a new playthrough.


Introduction Quests: After the cutscene ends you will recieve a notification indicating that the faction leader has a special task for you. These tasks will be unique for each faction. Keep in mind that the player is not required to actually join the faction and can still choose to become a member of any faction that he or she wants and is not locked into anything, but will recieve a reputation bonus with the faction leader upon completing the quest, making it easier to join later if they choose to.

Possible Quests:

Empire: Call to Arms
Description: The player will be prompted that all citizens of the Empire must acquire a full set of Imperial armor and an Imperial weapon and rally to defend the rights of the true Emperor (You will get to choose between the 3 leaders, speaking to any of them with a full set of any imperial armor and any imperial weapon will complete the quest and earn reputation with Rhaegea, Garios, or Lucon.)

Aserai: Caravan Trouble
Description: Sultan Unqid has put out a missive asking that the player investigate the recent reports of trading Caravans going missing along the eastern edge of the Aserai lands. The player will locate the site of the most recent Caravan ambush and will fight a battle against a group of bandits who were responsible for the attacks on the traders. After the player has defeated the bandits they will return to Unqid and receive their reward, as well as a reputation bonus.

Battania: Looming Threat
Description: Due to the recent raids on Battanian lands, Caladog requests that the player help to fortify 3 villages along the eastern border. The player will need to gather a total of 30 wood (10 for each village) and will need to hand deliver it to each village head man. On the 3rd village the player will encounter a small group of Sea Raiders, after defeating them in battle the player will return to Caladog for his/her reward.

Vlandia: A Feast fit for a King
Description: King Derthert is throwing a feast with all his lords gathered in attendance, and they need several different items to feed all his guests. The player must gather 10 Butter, 20 Grain, 1 Cow, and 1 Hog and bring them to Galend. After the player delivers these items they will be able to attend the feast as an honored guest and will recieve a reward and reputation with Derthert. There will be a custom scene depicting all the lords sitting at a table and feasting alongside the player.

Sturgia: Spoils of War
Description: Prince Ragnvad calls all true warriors to raid Battanian lands and take their loot for themselves. The player will be prompted to attack a specific Battanian village that is indicated on the map. This village will have only a handful of defenders to allow the player to raid the village at a low level with minimal support. After successfully raiding the village and returning to Prince Ragnvad with the plunder, he will reward the player and the player will gain reputation. A special exception will be made so that raiding this village will not cause the player to be at war with Battania.

Khuzait: Off to the races
Description: Monchug Khan will put forth a challenge to all Khuzait riders, a grand horse-race is to be held in his honor. The player will arrive at the specified location on the map and will enter a custom made scene similar to the horse-track that exists in the training fields by Poros. The player will enter a race against 3 other contestants with riding skills and horses that are identical to the players. This custom scene will have obstacles for the player to navigate through on horse back and he must defeat the other 3 riders by beating them to the finish line. If the player fails, he/she will be allowed to try again until successful. Once the player has successfully won the race, he/she will return to Monchug Khan and recieve a War Horse as a reward and a reputation boost.

These were just ideas that I came up with in about an hour of consideration, I can only imagine the level of quality a professional team of writers can come up with to refine this idea and implement it into Bannerlord.

Let me know what you liked or didn't like about this suggestion in the comments.
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I agree with Ling those ideas will give better story and role play experience
Quests that supports the story will be good too so we'll dive into Calradia more


Neat ideas, but yes it would be nice to bring back that old Warband "you are Khurgit so you start in Khurgit lands" reality. It made your choices directly influence how you started out. It was also nice to get a quest the moment you step onto the field as well not to mention you started out with a group trying to kill you!
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