A balance of the economy

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No doubt smithing will get a severe nerf in the future for how much you can make currently from it. Completely emptying a town's coffers with one javelin is.. something.

Personally, I think we shouldn't be limited on how many workshops we can own (exactly like warband). Keep the current limit directly tied to clans, but allow us to go past that limit if we have relations with notables in that town. Also, increase the amount that these shops give, and move the perk for refunds from destroyed caravans more closer to the beginning.

I think tournaments lose their purpose once you've reached a point (especially currently with javelin's and smithing being broken in monetary value). I think a way to keep tournaments relevant is to make legendary items only accessible through tournaments once a clan has reached Tier 4+. And leave smithy crafting to a maximum of Master craft, instead of the current Legendary.

Bannerlord doesn't necessarily need warband's monetary system of making denars hand over fist with thousands of troops garrisoned. However, barely being able to expand at T4-T5 while having maximum shops/caravans (with proper trading companions running them) and being barely able to stay above financial ruin (without smithing abuse), is .. very bad. Considering that other clans that're similar level have no issues and are far larger.
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