A 1866 for Warband *That Works*: A Story of Bugs and Promise


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Firstoff, I can take absolutely no credit. I am not a modder, and outside of some unspeakably crude strategies to try and get incompatible mods to work I could not code or mod to save my life (at last yet). This wonderful mod was made by its' team, and the method I used was copied wholesale from Swyter, and is something you can find and replicate using the following link.


If I bring anything of value to this discussion, it is the news of this, and my own observations..

Secondly: I have managed to get 1866 to work on my Steam Warband using the methods described by Swyter and a simple copy of the module folder.

And It Works.

I imagine that this probably isn't the first time somebody has said this or even used this method; I didn't have time to pawn through the forum to check. But in the off chance that nobody has, let me make this clear. These findings were found after a very brief time (a couple minutes)

It Is A Hot Mess. But It Works.

Here is a quick, By-Absolutely-No-Means-Comprehensive list of bugs that I noticed in my brief play-through. I have screencaps of several of them (to prove not only there is a problem, but that I am not lying my rear off), and can get more.

1. A long, ugly line of red notices crawling up the left. Most likely detailing missing info and other assets the game can't find. I did not screencap this, because I imagine anybody interested in using it will be looking at it way too frequently before it will get fixed (if it will get fixed; more on that later).

2. Next to no hats in the outfitter.

3. You cannot place the big rifle and pistol ammo packs in your inventory, even if you can buy them.

4. Generic Mercenary soldiers (Gunslingers, Os Scouts, etc) in the Saloon look spastic; they are standing in some incredibly odd postures and lapse back into it whenever you're not talking to them. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=360940959

5. Spawn locations in the saloon look..... somewhat troubled. In most cases this is not a problem, but I feel it worth mentioning. Here's what was by far the worst case I encountered. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=360938219

6. The wonderful NPC reactions and movements of Normal 1866 when in saloons and towns are gone.

7. Tull looks like it was hit by the Kaiser's gas warfare specialists. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=360939596

8. The "Tull Welcoming Commission" is out in force to "greet" you immediately rather than as intended. Those of you who know what I mean will know what I mean, and those of you who haven't can find out. I *really Wish* I screencapped this, but it surprised me so bad I didn't have a chance. I probably will try again soon.

9.  Damage notifications often do not show up at all; for instance against the straw heads in the side alley of San Cas.

10. When participating in the gunslinger circle, there is no bell and the enemy does not respect it; they open fire almost immediately. (But fortunately you are not penalized for hitting them).

11. It uses default/Native Warband's menu; meaning that in addition to looking at the fine Nords on the menu Quick Battles do not work.

12. When trying to "Exit to Windows", the game crashes. Notably the only time I have seen this module do so, and not a big issue for the obvious reasons, but worth mentioning.

I can only imagine there are more; mine was a dang cursory look after all.

So, What *Does* work then, you might ask?

Almost Everything Else.

Yes, you heard me right. Virtually everything else *That I Saw* was functional, and even working as intended. Including:

1. The non-mercenary saloon NPCs.

2. The Companions (right down to dialogue and equipment).

3. The weapons (especially the guns).

4. The little things like Tull's telescope.

5. Jack "The Serpent."

6. A Crash free Game.

And I could go on.

But the long and short of it is that you can get this mod working on Warband. From my (very inexperienced) point of view, it looks like most of the problems with doing so are relatively minor (ie: things pertaining to what's in the mod rather than "OMG Crash to Desktop"). And thus could be fixed, likely by even non-developer members of the community.

Do not quote me on that; I do not know. But i feel it is worth bringing up.

I will *Probably continue to play this on the original M&B* for now, because of the problems in it (especially the quick battles). But I also believe it is quite possible that this can be fixed. For a new generation of players.

Happy Holidays to All, and Best of Luck.
PS: I have no idea how to upload a file as big as the module folder, but I will do so if there is demand for it and somebody tells me the how and where. That said, it is still Very Easy to get the result I did by just using the default download as applied up there.