96th Rifles Regiment

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We are a mount and blade Napoleonic wars rifles regiment, dedicated to training Riflemen to the best of their ability in combat based on the tactics and skills of riflemen of the Napoleonic era.

All our members are part time, our officers have a vast amount of experience and skill. We operate on an availability basis, with members attending training if and when they can. (However we prefer members to attend as much as possible to get more experience :smile: )

We train as often as we can each week and we support other regiments in events where possible. Training we cover includes sharpshooting, cavalry defense, formations, discipline, melee combat and blocking, storming buildings, and so much more.

We are part of the IG brigade of the third (Iron) Division, we do events as part of the division and line battles, supporting the other regiments, providing sniper support, harassing the enemy as much as possible, picking off officers and higher ranks, and we also infiltrate behind enemy lines and cause as much havoc as possible.

If you are interested in joining a rifles regiment, like to shoot and want to become a great rifleman join the 96th Rifles and gain a great amount of experience.

Contact Brigadier miller if you wish to join us- add Coolmanbirchy on steam.
If you cannot find him then contact any of the senior officers shown below on steam:

Colonel Davis- 96th_Rifles_Rigger
Lieutenant colonel Spartan- Spartan Skill
Lieutenant colonel Nicky- Nicovich

96th Rifles- Shoot first, aim true.
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