90th Perthshire Regiment of foot

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Welcome to our little corner of the internet!
Here's a little F.A.Q before we delve into any mass amounts of text.  :lol:

  • What is the 90th?
Without causing an existential crisis, we're a gaming community, with a variety of players playing a variety of games; primarily focused on Napoleonic wars (The DLC for M&B Warband)

  • What do you actually do?
We're an active regiment inside of the aforementioned DLC we regularly attend events (Standard Linebattles Sieges, and Conquests)

  • Contacting us:
Half the time that a regiment forum page is viewed is usually just to get in contact.
Teamspeak address:
Officer's Steam Pages:

Colonel Viktor

Second in Command
Lieutenant Colonel Slade

Administrative Jobs
Zeebzo- Steam Announcements
Smeg - Rosters
Flans - Event Roster/Signups (Outbound)
Rookie - Teamspeak Rule Enforcer

Open Jobs
- Head of Recruitment
- Forum Representative

Major - Flans

Captain - Borst
Captain - Zeebzo

Lieutenant - Peachy (Inactive)

(2nd) Lieutenant - Jarza

Ensign - Greaves (Inactive)

Non-Comissioned Officers

Company Sergeant Major - Aiel (Inactive)

Sergeant Major- Smeg

Colour Sergeant - Pliskin

Sergeant - Ultimate Hobo
Sergeant - (IRL Lieutenant) OG Tony
Sergeant - Pompowiec

Corporal - Scotty
Corporal - ToastyEngineer (Inactive)

Rank and File

Lance Corporal - YuriY
Lance Corporal - Boomer (Inactive)
Lance Corporal - Apollo (Inactive)
Lance Corporal - Burninglord

Private First Class - Crumpets II

Private - Holy_McSwag

Recruit - Depravity
Recruit - Drone_2
Cpt Lenin

Lt Mjagg

Sgt Jonny
Cpl Camroon
LCpl Vawtunanes

Pfc Justin
Pfc Jerry
Pfc Walker
Pfc Sven
Pvt Reaper
Pvt Sharpe
Pvt Shogun
Pvt TheGuy

History (In NW)​

The 90th was created in October 2011, by Myself.
When it was first created the 90th was within a army group named "His Majesty Army" Abbreviated as HM and represented in the original 90th ingame tags:
Approximately  March-February the 90th split from the HM after it wanted to merge into an american gaming community, and for a short period was known by the ingame tags:
After a short period I, formed a army corps with the 13th SLI and 3rd Royal Artillery in early 2012 (Named 10th Commonwealth Division), this caused another change in the 90th Tags.
to CWD_90th_Perth_Rank_Name.
This followed on into the release of Napoleonic Wars (The DLC)
There is a interview dated 25th of April which stands to the correct time period about the Napoleonic Wars/The 90th. Article
It was also mentioned by Taleworlds itself here

The next big change came when the CWD disbanded, when the 90th formed another army group with the 43rd (Named the 2nd Coalition)
This again resulted in a tag change to 90th_Perth_Rank_Name [which it has remained since]

Sadly however this didn't last either, and within a year the 90th was staying with the 4e Regiment d'Grenadiers who was led by my original Colonel (Austin 2ndNHS from MM)

We then stayed with the 15th Regiment of foot for 2-3 months.

For roughly three to four months, the 90th stayed with a Teamspeak owner named "Thomas" however we eventually moved on to stay in a private team-speak hosted by Althalus,
Since January of 2015 the 90th remains active in Napoleonic Wars and as a general group of gamers.

History (In Real Life)​


Caulaincourt said:
Ah highlanders... The beasts of the hills who occasionally come down with their raging fury.
Ah, French Generals/Diplomats.....
(In all seriousness thanks)
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