86th "Royal County Down" Regiment of Foot *Recruiting*

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Description: We the 86th "Royal County Down" Regiment of Foot is a new regiment which is looking for new members each day!
Why should you join? You should join because we are a new friendly active regiment who just want to have fun playing some NW and kicking some ass!
What's your schedule? We got a line battle six times a week and a siege every Wednesday!
What do we ask of you? We ask that you attend atleast one line battle with us!
How do I sign up? Add me on Steam: The Russian Crumpet
Hello my name is Brendan and I live in Co. Cork. I bought the Mount and Blade Collection yesterday and I think it is one of the best games I have played in a while. I would like to play Napoleonic wars in a group because  feel I could learn a lot more about the game in a group and that playing in a group would be a lot more enjoyable. So should I add you on steam?
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