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i came up with the idea for regiment theme songs now everyone uses them  :grin:
hopefully the 25th will have as many people as you some day  :shock:


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Oh and by the way some really good videos make sure to watch them!  :mrgreen:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpuVK1jwMIA
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VpsKrs1yww
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsGEwN3huAw



Reposting the AAR from our linebattle as the EmpDragoons yesterday.


The Record Keeper said:
Reflections on Warmaneuvers against the IL Linesters

-: General description :-
First of all I've probably misheard the name of the regiment we fought and for this I would like to offer my apologies.

This was our first "pure" cavalry linebattle. We had 10 attending members and our opponents had 15(?). They kindly rotated their active players to keep the battle even.

The result was a loss at 6-4.

The norm during this linebattle was that Cpt Andreas ordered single column and we searched out our foes. They on the other hand normally formed line abreast and charged us in the flank as we did not want to meet them in a head on charge.

There was however exceptions to our tactic.

First round we split into two columns which caused some confusion among our foes but we ended up losing this first round.

The other round that differed was the 5th round when we formed line abreast and fired into the advancing cavalry. The outcome of the particular round I believe was a victory but this was not due to the volley as it did not kill any enemy cavalry. It was noted during the game that saving your fire until one has been dehorsed or only a few enemies remain was better then to try to volley charging cavalry.

Our enemies commanders joined our chat after the battle and commended us on our actions, stating the it was a enjoyable match and that they were thankful that we tried to keep our regiment in a ordered formation and that it was appearant that we had a plan with our actions as a regiment. We were invited to act as a support regiment should they need us in a future linebattle.

-: Command and control :-

The formation used was not either complex nor new to us, thus the commands worked fine. However upon contact with the enemy much of the order disappeared and some confusion presented itself. Only once was there any attempts to directly command the units after initial contact this happened as some dishorsed members of the rallied around the trumpeter. There were instances where spontaneous and deliberate cooperation occurred but this was done with no more then two members and mostly "on the ground".

-: Maneuvers :-

The two columns attack was good in theory and initially but the follow up action was lacking. The decision to stay in a single column for the remaining rounds were the correct one considering the cavalry skill of our member.

-: Warskills :-

Mounted battle was generally lacking in the regiments display. This was mainly due to inexperience among the members. There was many "swing / misses" (eg incorrect distancing from the intended targets) when fighting from horseback. There was also two instances of "friendly cuts" in the chaos. Situational awareness was not present either and there was frequent collisions amoung our members.

Our foes had an tactic were they jumped while charging and this generally resulted in no damage to either them or our lads but it got them out of some sticky situations and my personal guess is that most of us were not prepared to handle that kind of tactic.

To summarise the warskills we were, hands down, outskilled on horseback.

However when our lads were dishorsed we handled infantry-infantry battles great and also infantry-cavalry was acceptional. 

-: Conduct :-

No disorderly conduct on the TS or chat and the there was respect towards our foes even during battle.

-: Communications :-

With the exception of the trumpet sometimes impairing the clarity of the commands there was no disruption to our communications.

-: Summery Observations :-

  • We need to train situational awareness while on horseback.
  • We need to train fighting from horseback both Cav>Cav and Cav>Inf.
  • The Scissors worked good, but the follow up attacks and reforming of the regiment was problematic.
  • Dehorsed members need to seek out each other near suitable geographical objects as soon as possible after being dehorsed.
  • We need a tactic to ensure teamwork even during chaotic melees
  • We need a modus operandi regarding which way one should "break" when approaching each other
  • When fighting cavalry one should save his musket rounds for either times were he is dehorsed or when chasing after enemy cavalry ("runners").
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