793AD Persistent Sagas v1.0 BÉTA Download

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Hello Raiders,

We've now released our public béta.
Expect bugs / balance issues and in the worst case crashes.



If you want to help us bring this to a non-béta faster, please report all and any bugs on this board or our forum : www.persistent-sagas.com​

What is Persistent Sagas?

Persistent Sagas is a mod for mount and blade warband similar to persistent world. The time is set at the start of the viking age. we aim to create a certain hardship, giving you nearly nothing at the start, leaving all options open for you to develop your own wealth and rank within fixed, historically correct factions (No more COOKIEMONSTER LANNIMARTELLS KINGPIRE).

You will be able to grow from serf to lord, over a period of hard work and write your own history. Fighting will be a privilege because weapons are expensive tools and thus reserved for those who are worthy. Classes themselves will cost you a small fortune in order to make you think twice before you make a choice in your Saga. You will have to work for personal gain, yet also for communal gain, because the better your faction gets, the better you get. Roleplay will not be enforced by rules, but in a way by hardship of the mod.
Serfs will be able to obtain lower class gear, tools and weapons in order to defend their turf while they grow.​

Will you fall into the unknown or become part of the saga?

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