7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

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Congrats NIN3 thank you for all your hard work on this project. The next update sure looks promising! The new scenes look awesome as well. Pendaric and Urikskalaar look most interesting to me! (Although I would prefer to play battle mode on them ?) But good luck on your future endeavors and happy to hear you will still be creating scenes in the future ?
Reading your posts made me always renew my hope for the games future
Thanks for all your efforts and care about the communitys concerns
Alles Gute in der Heimat!
I'm definitely gonna have to see these changes first hand, though I can tell there are already some problems with the balance changes proposed

Peasant Levy: I see that TaleWorlds still insists on being adamant about being all "4 t3h m33mz l0l d!$ g@3m iz t3h r0xx0rz". Even with the buffs, I think the farming tools will remain as useless as they are. I will at least commend the effort in trying to adjust the pickaxe perk to be on par with the Hammer and Improved Armor, at least.

Sharpshooter: Why do i still fully expect this class to be a boss battle at best, and an invulnerability cheat at worst? Sure, the increased gold 180 costs in casual modes will make him harder to afford, but he'll still one-hit bodyshot most things in Skirmish and win more melee engagements than he should. I still think that they should make his default melee weapon the Cavalry Sword, with a faster sword being bundled with the Improved Armor perk.

Recruit: Nice to see that you guys still insist that the Imperial Peasant should need to 5v1 his enemies to death in order to make his wimpy weapons worth something... in a game that's balanced around 6v6 skirmishes. At this point, I'm convinced that the Recruit being terrible is a case of TaleWorlds intentionally imbalancing their game, since the dev team refuses to make him a worthwhile pick for late joiners, be it through equipment buffs or giving him enough numbers to make his wimpy weapons actually a threat.

Hunter: I'm still fairly certain that the Sturgian Sword is a downgrade from the Raider Axe. I still wonder if a blunt weapon should be introduced to compensate for the ranged weapon downgrade.

Warrior: Proposed changes definitely look to make him look a lot more playable than before, though I still question the wisdom of keeping the 174 Reach spear when the shortest spear available for horsemen clocks at 194

Ultimately, i'm hoping that the changes to archery will actually make Bannerlord's multiplayer a medieval game, since I could play literally anything else if i wanna play a shooter, especially if you juxtapose Bannerlord's archer spam with the recent Mobile Suit Gundam games announced for Steam. If i wanna play a shooter, i'd rather be in the cockpit of a DOM. If I wanna play a medieval multiplayer game, Taleworlds damn well better deliver one if they don't want their players to support the other guys.
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@NIN3 You are my favorite dev I've had the pleasure of interacting with. Thanks for dropping this massive info bomb, and I wish you luck in whatever endeavor you take up next. Much love from NA, and I'll see you around in game!
Thanks @NIN3 , the effort and dedication you've put in has not gone unrecognized, and this community has a lot of gratitude and appreciation for you. Good luck on the future, I wish you a ton of happiness and success moving forward. Cheers.
@NIN3 Goodbye you were one of the best developers I know that actually cared about the community, but more importantly you were cool. You did your best on this game and I hope you relax and your buddy that succeeds you takes after you. @badbuckle welcome to the community and feel free to talk to us!

Leaving Taleworlds​

As mentioned above, this is my last week at Taleworlds.

Thanks for everything!
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